Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Trump Rex Magnus

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Donald Trump once again expanded his Presidential margin in winning this last Trump Debate in 2015. The most interesting part was what the Trump Debate exposed, and that is the fact that the two Latins, in Burito Rubio and Taco Cruz, were vying to be the Vice President of Donald Trump.

The chiselers were in the undercard, and were designed to take the shots at Donald Trump again, like Carly Fiorina rode to the first act, but there is just no fuel in trying to slice meat off of Teflon Don.

The polls state it all, in a field of 3000 Jebcavers, Donald Trump just by showing up garners 50% of the Drudge vote internet group....actual numbers are higher as the Grams and Gramps are all wowed by Donald Trump and will be voting for him.

Total Votes: 67,086

So what do we glean from the above, beside the reality that Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are trying to be Tonto to the Kimosabe?

People want Tacos rather than Buritos as baby faced Rubio is the latest thrill until the Lame Cherry by God's Grace blunts his peak. Just because the people want something, does not mean that Donald Trump wants it. Awhile back Rubio was the trender in the matrix.........he would fit as a Cabana Boy for President Trump. I am still progressing Governor Martinez of New Mexico.....skirty vote and all.

No one wants to be bashed in the face by the rock of Kasich. No one wants to be treated by DNR Carson. No one wants George W. Bush's low energy little brother. No one wants that ugly Fiorina. No one wants that donut easter Christie.
That Christie thing needs to be addressed, as he was move to the upper tier, as he is supposed to replace Jeb Bush.......the elite decided this........problem is no one wants the Obama hugger no more than the Obama White guy in Jeb.

That leaves Rubio, Paul and Cruz........Cruz is getting the flitter bunch who pick a new candidate every week as is Paul. Rubio has tanked......as will Rubio.

Pressure will now form on Iowa to get their heads out of their pompous  asses, so New Hampshire does not have to save America again from Iowans with shit for brains. I do not know if they will get it right without substantial humiliation.........as they pick creatures like Rick Santorum....yeah lower deck Rick.

Donald Trump simply did not have to make a mistake, be Presidential and he did not. That makes Donald Trump the winner, as he will continue to expand his margin where it matters, and that is on the stage he stars outside of these million man debates.

TL keeps saying Jeff Sessions is the logical GOP choice and I agree completely. I would park his ass in the South and in the Conservative West, and have him bring them home in babysitting them. Senator Sessions would be the bonafides for Conservative the way Dick Cheney and Dan Quayle did for Bush I and Bush II.

I am simply ready for Donald  Trump to be declared President for Christmas and Obama outlawed. That would please me and the American Majority. We are in the final lead ups to World War IV.  I state this, that WW IV started as this writer stated when Vladimir Putin used Polonium to off a Russian national in London.
The world really needs a President Trump to work a deal with President Putin, and get these Obama ejaculators from Cameron to Netanyahu back on the reservation.

OK that is enough explanation of Donald Trump Wins the last Trump Debate of 2015.