Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Ted Cruz Exposed

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have had it with Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and Homo Hannity, the gay tweeO, acting like high school bitches ganging up on Donald Trump over Ted Cruz hanging around as the political ghoul to inherit Donald Trump's and Ben Carson's voters, as Cruz deems these voting blocks will naturally go to him, as he has lied enough and their having no brains, they of course will vote Cruz in goosestepping lock march.

Let me be perfectly clear in this in answering Homo Hannity in his "Donald Trump made a mistake" in going after Ted Cruz.......Limbaugh has said the same thing........and Mark Levin has been threatening Mr. Trump, because little Taco Scented Ted stuffed with Canadian Bacon can not handle White Man Donald Trump.

Ted Cruz is a broadcast bully like Limbaugh, Levin and Hannity. Every time he has been challenged in "debate" he has had the mute button, in either from the media giving him his performance in one question, or in protesters who are not that bright, but in an entire room of Cruz supporters.
Cruz is not that functional of a great debator, and as Hannity chimed in today in Cruz Greatness, Ted of course has A, B, C, D, E points which he will nail Donald Trump with in Mr.  Trump challenges him............

Bullshit I say, because Ted Cruz's numbers are fixed. The 'Rise in his Polling' are that jack off mob in any political wing of a party, who are drawn for a week to any new toy to ejaculate over. They did it for Walker, Fiorina, Carson, Rubio, and this week it is Ted Cruz. Those numbers are not solid and no one is making that point.

Furthermore, there are hard numbers for Donald Trump and Ben Carson. Mr. Trumps are in the high 40's, Carson's are high single digits. The point is the millstone around any one's neck in a debate is Ted Cruz, because if Cruz lays one hand on Donald Trump or Ben Carson, those people who are not going to vote for this Taco with a side of Canadian Bacon.....and  gee whiz they never will, because if they were interested in this fraud manipulator, they would already have voted for him.....as if you forgot, Ted Cruz was at Liberty University at a COMMAND PERFORMANCE.
Yes my children, Ted Cruz had his spike in being the first candidate to announce, and when people looked at this lightweight, they fled him..........except of course the children at Liberty University who were FINED if they did not attend this captive audience speech.

I simply have had it with the gay tweeO of Limbaugh, Hannity and Levin, protecting little Ted's pussy from being violated as Cruz is not man enough to stand on any stage or political platform. Ted Cruz is backed by WALL STREET or more precisely TEXAS STREET. He is funded by billionaires and is an illusion as much as Rick Santorum, another Jesuit inspired minder to keep the herd from seeking liberty from the open gate.

There will the Lord Willing follow an expose' on Ted Cruz by the Lame Cherry in exclusive matter anti matter. I will infrom you why this Canadian order of Bacon is what it is, and the fact is Ted Cruz is the GOP version of Barack Hussein Obama. A Birther who is just as smarmy and just as connected to the most nefarious cannibals upon this planet.

Do not forget that when the chips were down, it was Ted Cruz who voted for Obamatrade.

The last major vote Ted Cruz cast was backing Barack Hussein Obama.

Now you ask yourself what you do not have to ask, in why is Big Koch Limbaugh, Levin and Hannity against for Ted Cruz.......who is against ethanol in Iowa, because Big Koch owns the ethanol production in America, and Cruz is protecting it for his multi billionaire masters.

Donald Trump was exactly correct to challenge Ted Cruz, and call him a maniac in the Senate, because Ted Cruz never had any intention of shutting down the government, stopping Obama or making a last stand fillibuster in his Green Eggs and Ham, but was sent in to deceive Tea Party patriots, and to tarnish the Tea Party movement by Ted Cruz surrendering after a few hours or surrendering his vote for Obama economic genocide of Americans.

A maniac is someone suffering from a MANIA. Ted Cruz is a MANIC. He has an irrational mood disorder which prompts him to action. He has an obsessive compulsion to act out no matter the losses or costs to the people he claims he is seeking to help. With Ted Cruz, there is one person in this world he is helping and that is Ted Cruz.
Ted Cruz does not give a damn about the US Constitution, or this Canadian born squatter would not be running for President.

There was absolutely no mistake in Donal Trump challenging Ted Cruz, and Cruz proved what a weakling he is and a manipulator in his girly response of an MTV video playing "She's a Maniac". The reason being is Donald Trump has the GOP base, because he stood up for them while Ted Cruz was leading them over the cliff to defeat, and Donald Trump protects the GOP base as family, and not as some political group to destroy like Jeb Bush tries or Ted Cruz tries to manipulate.
Donald Trump is exposing Ted Cruz for his mania, is appealing to the wider democratic base who loathe this hanger on in knowing what he is. The fact is that Ted Cruz anywhere near the nomination is going to bring a chorus of liberal cat calls about  the GOP after Birther Obama who was no good for America, so how can Ted Cruz be anything American wants, when American, Hillary Clinton is the obvious choice.

Ted Cruz is a disaster and there is no bigger sign of it, than Big Koch Limbaugh, Big Jew Levin and Big Homo Hannity all backing Ted Cruz for the elite. Ted Cruz anywhere near the nomination is going to make the GOP a 4th rank party in 2016 in votes cast.

Nuff said