Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Embarrassment of being Cherry

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am moved to post this as I did not want the writer to think I was upset with them, because I do understand the questions people have about me and how they conclude things about me. I view each of you as family and you can and do tell me things about me and about you, in personal conversations in what you think, because that is what families do.

I do become embarrassed and am uncomfortable when people say nice things about me. I learned that there is always some person out there to say something mean, so I put up a shield in hearing the good things.......I figure it this way, if I figure I am a dolt in need of improvement and that all this is God's genius, then I am never going to succumb to the delusion of being more than I am. God always makes fools out of the wise, so it is just better for me to be humble and figure each day is built upon a failure and I better do better.

Now i am so embarrassed about being wrong (again) about your gender. I am so sorry lc. I love your blog, your wisdom, your wit ...it's not any of my business whether you are a guy or a gal. I like what you say. I also am raised southern to the core and we bend over backwards to be polite and i just didn't want to keep saying "she" about lc and insult you if you were a "he". To be honest, your writing  seems " female" but then, you write about the nano seconds before being blown up in iraq ( to say nothing about the mindboggling knowledge you have about ammo)and me, internetness, computerless, hanging by a thread on a "smartphone" figures i must just be the last person to find out you are a guy. then maybe not. I gotta tell you, like i told tl, you possess knowledge on SO MANY  topics! i feel like what was i doing for 16 years in a classroom? I mean, you are beyond intelligent and if i may say this: unlike geniuses, you know the conversion -you can talk 4 types of nuclear attack one minute and the next you're giving us advice on the best hens to have in the chicken coop. If there was such a thing as a smart stick, then you got the giant redwood variety. I would never want to be disrespectful of either one's privacy or feelings which is the only reason i was trying to be correct in which pronoun to use when referring to you. I'm  rambling, because i hate to have offended you (maybe i didn't ), anyway I'm still thankful, now sorry, and i guess clueless. Please say hi to tl. I bet if i had paid more attention to my classes instead of boys, i wouldn't have to buy a vowel. Warm regards, sandy

Warm regards received and returned. I am though certain that numbers of boys matured to better men, in having the attention of girls in school as it groomed their egos to not have to prove things. Each of us accomplishes a great deal in just being ourselves.

I did want to share this though in I received good news today in I had filled out the paperwork for a waiver for Obamacare and I did receive it. If people are in bad financial situations, those exemptions are there, and most people are going to qualify for one, with the documentation. I help Mom out financially as she is in the Super Depression poverty too. No one should be paying this fine by the regime if they qualify, so take your exemptions as Rush Limbaugh is taking millions of dollars in deductions and you are paying for those kid books he is selling.

I do plan on suggesting to TL that TL prints up the parts about how wonderful I am. TL will probably say we do not have printer and that I should focus on the parts about passing along greetings to TL.

Anyway, I do think Sandy is fortunate as she has a window seat to sit in. TL insists when we are rich that our home will have such a place, as TL had one in the bedroom as a child and liked looking at stars at night from that vantage point.

I am excited as tomorrow I get to eat 3 day old rolls with TL for dinner. Family can call me about whatever they want as they are always respectful and I know that.