Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Learning to love Terrorism

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have a great deal of admiration for Tim Rifat. I detest the mistreatment he has endured in having been inflicted upon him.
For those who do not know who Tim Rifat is, they are missing one of the most effective psychic warfare lords. He is much like Tom Baker, portraying Dr. Who, keeping antagonists away with a deadly "jelly baby" candy.

That might not make a great deal of sense to readers as most things here, but I am telling you that Tim Rifat is about the business in making Donald Trump President.

I will explain how the genius of Tim Rifat works in remote viewing and matrix manipulation as it is what everyone of you is manipulated with by the cartel daily to your destruction.

Mr. Rifat hates Europe and Europeans being he is in London, and does not appreciate those pig ejaculators either (reference to David Cameron ejaculating into a pig's mouth during Saturnalia rites)..........

Where was I?

So Tim Rifat has an affinity for dirty bombs. He talks about them all the time, and by talking about such things, it appeals to those zealots who become aware of a dirty bomb is the answer to their problems in making war, such as Muslims, and it is an interesting thing if one keeps telling people what they desire, that those prayers begin coming true.

All of you are matrix wave machines. Activate you, and things become reality which are spoken of.

Not that long ago, Tim Rifat detested Donald Trump. Donald Trump though now has become a favorite of Tim Rifat, but it is not Donald Trump, but each of you that Tim Rifat is petting, because there is not enough of a power curve with these shiftless image Obama terror Muslims to set of dirty bombs in Europe, to bring about the radioactive liberation of Europe.
In other words, you just can not bring about dirty bomb Europe with Muslims as they do not have the erection for it.

OK now that you get that part, we come back to Mr. Rifat, who has decided that utilizing the Donald Trump power curve, he can achieve the dirty bomb of Europe to cleanse Europe from the cartel.
The essence is, as the San Bernadino Muslim mass murder of Americans, produced a hard 10% voting addition to Mr. Trump's election, that a dirty bomb in Europe will elect Donald Trump as President of America.

Now you are weighing this in, this sounds like something you agree with already, and you agree to it, in wanting Donald Trump as President, so it quasi begins building a secondary pulse wave............Muslims want to strike infidel Europe..........Americans want Donald Trump to save them..........and voila Tim Rifat gets his dirty bomb, and everyone wins, except the globalists behind your genocide.

I have weighed this in too much terror might not help Donald Trump, but a nice salting of terror, really adds that nice Trump flavor to the election process.
Review your recent history in Paris burned and the secondary flame hit San Bernadino surprised image Obama. Get dirty bombs into Europe and a secondary spike should erupt in America.

I deal only with the dirty bomb horizon point, and not the other points of radioactive offensive Islamic weaponry, and I post this for you to be aware in watching this live fire exercise to whether it will generate.

What I really care about in this study is the reality, can this secondary flame be directed to specific American cities.  I contemplate this in future tense, in would a dirty bomb in New York City protect it from nuclear bombs in a future tense which the seers predicted?
What would a second generating event in a dirty bomb create if it were in California, considering the weather fronts...........would anyone care in the east, would anyone care if it were in Denver or Kansas City in flyover country?
Would a close proximity fuse in upwind of New York in a city in Pennsylvania or New Jersey be enough to generate adequate response in the Tim Rifat scenario.

This is the fascinating side of psychic warfare......would most people cheer with Islam if DC was struck, considering Americans hate their politicians in malevolent numbers now?

You are now aware of something in the pulse. It is an event being charged and therefore instead of this swirling stagnant event which does not vanish, it may become the event to defeat Hillary Clinton and elect Donald Trump.

Tim Rifat's live fire experiments are unique and they have a history of generating, as in his cobalt hybrid nuclear devices which Vladimir Putin was bouncing on his knee.

One can probably understand why Tim Rifat mentions the British keep trying to assassinate him, as he uses their programmes against them.

There are now thousands of little Fyed Farook and Tashfeen Malik minds in Europe and America, being charged in this, like lunatics spiked by the full moon.

It may be in current trending in a dirty bomb being found in may spike in America that chemicals generate and biologicals are found. We shall witness how this charge affects and effects in the next cycle.

Nuff said