Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Heart of Bush

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am moved to quantify something in all the opposition to the head Jebcaver in Jeb Bush, that I did vote George W. Bush, and would do so again, as no matter the Soros propaganda, George W. Bush was a good President for America.
President Bush had a bad hand dealt him, in he inherited the Clinton/Gore deep recession which 9 11 would have brought the world into a global depression as was intended if not for his 1 trillion dollars in spending to create a housing bubble, which was effectively burst with Soros led speculators again in commodities in driving up food and oil prices, and by the cartel leading a world collapse to install the foreign agent Birther Hussein Obama.

George Bush held off the globalist implosion of America, but was defeated by the Nancy Pelosi forces which brought America to the Obama Abyss.

George W. Bush can best be understood as a paradigm shift in reality. He is at heart which comes spilling out, a west Texan, with all of that dust and dufus, of those peoples, who can put enough wisdom into one sentence to explain life in something like, "Book smart, Street stupid".

He is a product of having to grow up too fast in the death of his sister from cancer, and becoming the man of the family, because George sr. was away on business too often. To this he rebelled in the 1960's life of not settling in to anything, while Jeb was back home nursing with the other boys.
He drank too much, is an addictive personality, whether it is studying history or running. When he decided he was going to quit boozing, he did it and never looked back.

So the "stupid" you see often and awkwardness is George Bush Texas, a kind of stupid that all rural areas are, in they can run circles around the intellectual elite. That is where George Bush's detractors have made a huge mistake in if you bother to read what George W. Bush writes, it is stunning as he sounds like a completely different man.
He is in many ways like John Adams, of that patrician east coast rearing of which both his parents were bred from, from his mother who is related to President Franklin Pierce and her father was the head of McCalls, to Prescott Bush, whose religious background was that stuffy coastal elite, in being both reserved in the brilliance, and genius on finding a way through situations, in staunchly adhering to the moral position at all costs to themselves.

George W. Bush shows Texan, but inside his mind, he is New England patrician, so what one gets are that western sage wisdom communicating with people, while his mind is processing an intellectual reasoning which does not appear unless, he writes it down.

Terri Schaivo, the invalid from Florida, is the tale of George and Jeb Bush. George Bush with the GOP Congress passed legislation to protect her and paid a heavy political price, while Jeb Bush feigned support and let this invalid be dehydrated to death.
Jeb Bush is an intellectual first, whose reserved passions came out in seeking sexual identity in hot blooded Mexicans. George Bush is a human heart first in seeking to comfort his grieving Mother over the death of his sister, and manifesting the salve of partying in order to deal with a childhood he sacrificed for the good of another person in Barbara Bush.

As I stated, George W. Bush is easy forensically to dissect. His persona has been clouded by detractors, but he is not Jeb Bush in any form. Jeb Bush believes like Hillary Clinton he should be President by dynastic destiny, George W. Bush believed he had to be President to fix the mistakes his dad left undone, just like when HW was not around to fix his mother, after their daughter and sister died of cancer.

That is what the reality is. I do not condone the Bakerites and Rovians destroying the Conservatives under HW and W, all to clear the field for lackluster Jeb Bush. I will not forget what Jeb Bush did to Terri Shiavo. I will not forget that when the race was in the balance, that Jeb Bush chose to kill of Reagan, embrace Obama, go on a hate fest against the GOP base, to bend over for Mexicans and Sodomites in he did not need the Tea Party, in an ignorant miscalculation, and I will never forget this little brother of President George W. Bush, upset that George stepped up and became Governor of Texas, and then President, as Jeb had this all planned out, without any boozer George in the way..........and it is beyond reproach when Jeb Bush threw his brother under the bus on Iraq to gain votes with liberals, instead of supporting his brother........and then had to publish pictures of he and Ronald Reagan, and have George W. Bush go out and fundraise for little miscalculating brother, Jeb.

Jeb Bush is a smarmy quasi intellectual. He has always been a pretender. George W. Bush was forced into Andover Academy as a child, then Yale and onto Harvard, pushing him beyond his limits, while Jeb Bush was a product of Texas college which reached into Mexico, instead of America.

I do not know how history will write the legacy of George W. Bush. I would hope it would be fair. All men fail, but it is what kind of failure you continue on as, with being blamed for all the sins of the world. Some men like Judas betray Jesus and hang themselves, some like Paul are knocked down blind, and give their lives for a higher ideal which the world will never reach.

The fairest assessment the Lame Cherry can give, and I believe it is at the heart of the Jeb Bush run, and it is because Jeb Bush is no George W. Bush, that so many are filled with revulsion about him, and not because of any Bush legacy. The one group which never left George W. Bush ever, were the Conservatives, and that is the group which Jeb and HW first targeted to humiliate and destroy for their intellectual patricians in their Ameriphobia.

George W. Bush is being treated unfairly and it is doing his legacy absolutely no good, in the incompetent anti American campaign of Jeb Bush, as James Ellis Bush has skewed the memory of who President and Governor George W. Bush were.
George W. Bush has always had to go it alone. He was the only Reagan child in the Bush midsts. He was the only believer. His wife, Laura, was the best person in the world for all George W. Bush was born for, but his twin daughters in their liberalism were more dabs out of the caviar tin from Red Square.

I wrote this, not so much for the revelations which are the forensic psychology of George W. Bush in this Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, because such things are private, but they do require recording and saying, to set the record straight from the skew of the propagandists who care nothing for the Truth in thinking inflicting on George W. Bush is going to end their self torture for being birthed.

It is why I will never vote for Jeb Bush. I do not trust that man and I never will. I was there in the fires and he betrayed us over Terri Shiavo, and when Birther Obama arrived, Jeb Bush was the first to kick Reagan to road kill, and the first things he did for a Presidential run was to attack Americans and then throw his own brother, President George W. Bush, under the bus.

In Americanism, that is not American. That is loathsomeness that foreigners engage in, in stabbing people who made you in the back for your own ascendancy. George W. Bush was someone that I could find something in to trust. Jeb Bush is someone that I can find nothing in to ever trust.

If Jeb Bush cared anything about President Bush 41 and President Bush 43, and any future Bush Presidency in those children, he would withdraw, as he has destroyed any semblance of a majority of Americans ever voting for him or that family again, and tainting the legacy of the Bush Presidencies, for the good they did for America and the world.

Nuff said