Saturday, December 19, 2015

Make Nukes Great Again

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Each person is going to have realign their thinking as they have the illusion that America is alive, when she is dead. Americans are not free, but hostage now to an Obama World War IV.

That hostage crisis of the Obama regime is complete and unbreakable. It is a reality that each person is going to have to come to the reality of what will take place, and that is the entire power grid is going to go down from EMP weapons. Your era  of computers, cell phones and expecting fresh food is going to come to an end.

After the Reagan years, America and Russia had almost two decades of close working relationships, but now the reality is the Obama regime has so disrupted the balance, that Vladimir Putin with his General Staff are conducting nuclear intrusions into America by air and sea.

The Obama response is to send nuclear marine and air craft to challenge the Chinese communists, with having Turkey shoot down Russians and murder them.

Every month there has been an escalation in tensions, building toward a most humiliating defeat in the Eurasian theaters for America, where retreat will be the only option, and with that the world will forever change, as the Eurasians will not focus upon Taiwan or Saudi Arabia, but instead look upon Alaska and Texas as annexation points.

Yet the focus on this is Trump spokeschic, Katrina Pierson, reminding FOX that "what good are nuclear weapons, if you are afraid to use them".

The reality is, we are discussing using nuclear weapons now, and that is a product of the Obama regime. I return to the reverse speech examples by David John Oates, where Jeb Bush and Barack Obama were both speaking about scorched earth for Europe. The issue is not that Donald Trump's aide has espoused a philosophy on nuclear weapons, but that the entire Obama Clinton Bush culture has moved the world to such an event.

The first thing which does require nuking is the Jeb Bush campaign, to end it, because if the elite believe they can steal this election for their candidate, there will be an across the board uprising in America.

“He just doesn’t have it and he’s not a good enough politician to fake it. He’s also suffering from eight years of Barack Obama faking it and voters getting wise. Most everyone sees the weakness, the phoniness, the sense of entitlement and that just won’t stand up to voter sentiment this election cycle. People are pissed. Ironically, so is Jeb Bush. He’s angry at everything and everyone right now. Despondent, depressed, and angry at the world. He is having a very difficult time grasping the reality of someone like Donald Trump at the top of the polls and seeing himself in single-digits. Jeb isn’t his brother. Jeb is a cry-baby and that part of his character is really coming through the last few months as he’s struggled to get anyone to pay attention to his version of things. People want tough and that’s something Jeb Bush has never been.”
The second advent is to indict and imprison Hillary Rodham Clinton for the criminal enterprise she is.

When Miss Puerto Rico has it mirror image in answering the Muslim lovers, that we are Christians first and last, it is a reality that the silent majority is growing and are in the process fighting back, as they recognize the immense genocidal danger all of us are in.

We inhabit a world now in a free fire zone, of invaders Jesuit Latin and Asian Islam, all led by the Imam of the White House (Dr. Patricia Doyle quote), and terrorists are designed to impregnate a New World Order.

Mr. Trump does need to be more complete in a nuclear policy, which starts with condemning the foreign policy and domestic policy of the Obama regime which has erupted conversations even dealing with nuclear warfare.
The Lame Cherry advocates neutron bombs as response to terror attacks in America. The Lame Cherry is also open to microwave frying of entire terror enclaves, as much as thermobaric bombs to suck the life out of terror enclaves, for when a terrorists is spawned to attack America, their families are guilty for not dealing with the problem and should face deportation and rescinding of American rights, and their home communities should receive a nuclear form response, including microwave rays.

The Lame Cherry is fully aware that the "not used weapon" is more threatening than the used weapon. I though have completed a White Paper on dealing with all Islam and their adherents, and there must be included in this the Rescindica Motum, or the Motion to Rescind terror enablers, such as Michael Moore. Legally, the people of America should seize this anarchist's assets, remove his citizenship and deport him to his Muslim lands, where he can generate as much attention as he desires, before the Muslims stone him to death for being an infidel.

This is what must be understood in this closing Age of Obama. Obama has sown the seeds of nuclear war. Civility is not something which is going to save you. The conversation is going to have to be generated and progressed as this blog is accomplishing to move the thought process beyond the Mockingbird of the cartel, enslaving you to nuclear war and your death, so the elite will emerge from their bunkers to rule a population of robots and tumor growing humans.

We are in an age where the things being espoused about nuclear weapons, are being espoused by terrorists and by Russia and Europe. The discussion appears, and the use follows.
It is best to lance this in the elimination of the source, along with Russia and China agreeing.

The world is now a place dead, and it is fighting for life, and will utilize all weapons of mass destruction. What the Obama regime has started, will not be walked back. This is no man's land and the cartel wants World War IV to cover their crimes under Obama.

We are here now, and it is a position in which we can not be saved out of it, but only survive through it. I return to the Lame Cherry Doctrine of America must embark upon a crash program of building individual survival shelters, and be required to stock them, in a government program to move the Trump economy out of the Obama super depression.

America must then produce oil to feed Eurasia, so when the Great Eurasian War appears, America will be viewed as to valuable to attack. There must be a shining city on a hill, untouched to help rebuild the world. That is the lesson which the world must understand.
Once America is secure from warfare and invasion, is an asset in oil production, this will alleviate a great deal of the tensions.

America can then work with Vladimir Putin as Mr. Trump has advocated, to rebuild the buffer zones in the Slavic lands being improved through American technology and Russian energy, the dismantling of Islam as it is, and assisting Mr. Trump to be Asian statesman in dealing with China over their infringement of Russian lands and Chinese movements into their Asian neighbor's territories.

This is a process for adults, not for Bush or Clinton intrigue as that is what birthed Obama and has brought us to WMD World War IV which we are fully in.

Nuff said