Saturday, December 19, 2015

To Die to Defend

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The DailyBeast, yes that liberal left wing slant posted a condemnation to Republican Presidential candidates, focused expressly on Donald Trump..........written by Nancy A. Youssef.

Youssef must be Christian Protestant Norwegian eh?

It was a series of quotes which just brings me to the conclusion, that the best remedy for America is to continue to have these Jebcaver or Clintcunters in office, declaring war on Russia and China, and all of this military ilk can simply be obliterated like all the Obama enclaves in America, because these shit for brains are not Americans, and have no conception what their oath is in defending America and the Constitution.

Spend enough time with a service member, and the topic of Trump comes up, always unsolicited. It is far less political than it sounds. Trump’s attack plans for the so-called Islamic State widely known as ISIS—his call to ban Muslims from the United States, his suggestions that cutting off the flow of information through the Internet can protect the homeland—many said, are an affront to the values they vowed to die to defend.

First, I do not know what the Muslim Princess Youseff is writing about in the "so called" ISIS, as if it does not exist in reality, raping children, running dope and shipping oil it steals from Iraq into Turkey.  ISIS exists and it is called that, because that is what it is an Islamic Dope State running on Obama stolen oil.

Second, the values for these uniform wearers are to protect and defend the Constitution, meaning America and her people. That means destroying ISIS which apparently these uniform wearers are in favor of, which makes these uniform wearers traitors.
The same issue is, Donald Trump did not call for a ban on Muslims in America, much to my regret. He instead called for a suspension of importing terrorists until those in charge could figure out who the terrorists were.

For the record, many Presidents did ban foreigners from entering America. FDR banned Jews, which is a religious group who were persecuted in World War II, from entering these United States.

These military types are all shit for brains as a group in this Obama age. They are a danger to America, and if they have concluded they can not serve under President Donald Trump, then I beg that they do resign from the military and run to some place they think they can hide, as I pray that Donald Trump appoints a real JAG who investigates and prosecutes every last one of these political minders, these sodomites, and these murderers who Obama has had employed since DAY ONE in drone assassinating Muslims who will not join the Obama Islamic State and protecting the terrorists who will.

The German SS was guilty for following orders from a corrupt regime, and by God these uniform wearers who are bitching about Trump while propping up this usurper Obama are just as guilty.

It is odd that when Lt. Col. Terry Lakin was made a political prisoner at Leavenworth for following the American Constitution, but none of these uniform wearers did a damn thing. No they stood with this foreign agent Obama, and now are violating military codes in politicizing the 2016 electoral process...........without having a problem with criminal traitor Hillary Clinton or Socialist Bernie Sanders.

My hope is every single one of these ilk faces Court Martial, like the entire Obama regime faces the People's Courts.

Benedict Arnold was not dealt justice, but may the Spirit of General Washington be avenged on all of these political ilk at the Pentagon.

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