Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Obama Terrorists

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry is being proven right in the cover up the San Bernadino mass shooting, all in the body language of image Obama going "turtle".

Whenever someone hunches over and ducks their head, they are guilty of what they are lying about, and there is a natural shame reaction. image Obama speaking on the shootings, was lying about not having the information that this is a terror event, and that the regime via NSA knows damn sick what happened here in an Islamic State event on US soil......again.
I told you that the Obama 300 million in terror credit card donations to the 2008 ACORN campaign, laundered by Penny Pritzker, and paid for by you in a TARP bailout, that these Caliph forward bases were to be reinforced by the new Syrian African waves of Obama imported terrorists.

The blood is on image Obama's hands.

Donald Trump has been vindicated in warning of the threat of all of these invaders from Mexican mafia to the Obama Muslim mafia.

Let us quote Lame Cherry as image Obama is still trying to go after Americans guns in this Obama GUILT event.

"There is yet to be any gun which can murder any American in the United States, when the Muslims are locked up where they should be in the Mideast."

- Lame Cherry

The only regret which image Barack Hussein Obama has, is this Redlins terror cell, struck too early. The entire agenda is  to wait until hundreds of thousands more are imported by the Obama regime.......via UPS apparently, as that terror shipping operation did not bother to respond to a press inquiry from the Lame Cherry.

There are points in this too in Jeff Rense was wondering why the assault rifles, were being called "long guns" which is not normal in the media. The reason is, there is an Obama shift as California has "banned assault rifles", so this moves onto the next phase of taking all rifles and shotguns from Americans. That explains that.

The terrorists are learning, to not stay in the building, but to flee. They though have not figured out to splurge on soft point ammunition, instead of the FULL METAL JACKET or JACKETED BULLETS, as they do not destroy tissue, and that is why these terrorists have not gotten high body counts. They are operating on the cheap in getting surplus military ammo, which is not designed to kill people.
As stated, these terrorists like all Obama voters are morons.

As we have not heard of the voting affiliation, it is evident that these Farooks were Obama voting liberals.

Now let us return to something which none of you have observed, as you were all deliberately terrorized by the Obama regime and the Brown regime of California in this event.

Jeff Rense thought it was stupid for the terrorists to be driving around in their SUV afterwards. You have to understand the police state protocols, which were featured here in the Boston Blow Job. If you have forgotten the protocols, it is the police state knows exactly who the terrorists are, and then it implements passive herding.....such as drive bys of the home or using marked cars to appear, in order to flush the terrorists being hunted.

Once this takes place, then the 'spray and pray' takes place, as one Californian noted in his home was being fired upon by the police as they were shooting at the terrorists. This is extremely dangerous, and if you bother to contemplate this, in why not keep terrorists in their home, cordone off the block, and then seige it out, instead of driving terror trucks at high speeds chasing SUV's and then having gun fights in neighborhoods? It is because the police state, especially California has a policy to have car chases and gun battles in public, to shock and awe the people into compliance. It is why Larry Potts for the Clinton regime was burning babies at Wacco, blowing up Oklahoma City and blasting the brains out of mothers in their homes at Ruby Ridge.

That is why California subsidizes helicopter coverage, instead of FAA shutting it down. They want Chris Dorner with his driver's license surviving a burning building the cops torched, all to remind the public that they are next. The terrorists imported by Obama murder you on one side and the cop state blazes away at you in terrorizing you to hide under your beds.

If you bother to listen to the audio of the "gun fight" between the California cops and the Obama terrorists, you would have heard to a trained ear the "snap snap snap" of low caliber pistols in the 40 Smith and Wesson issue. The type that Naps Napolitano bought for Obama in over a billion rounds to shoot Americans with when you try to rise up.

Look hard at the photos of the terrorist SUV. Jeff Rense mentioned the vehicle was shredded, but you missed the big story of the windshield was repeatedly and it was not shot out. The police bullets were not penetrating.
This entire cop state of Jerry Brown's California was designed to make people react as Jeff Rense did in consternation in seeing it was ghastly, but it did not make sense. It makes perfect sense if you are following police protocols in only firing light handgun ammo at a heavy SUV.
Eventually some dolt is going to bolt from the vehicle in bring stung by debris, and in that spray of bullets with body armour, a luck shot is going to brain the terrorist. That is why you saw that pool of blood reported by the press.........Farook was head shot, and he was meant to be headshot by the curb barrier, laying there like Fahrenheit 451's enemy of the state, so  all the peering little poltroons at home, would see what happens when you do not obey image Obama or Jerry Brown.

What is that? You are getting it now, in the terrorists are used to terrify you, and the Obama regime uses the slaughter of the terrorists to terrify you more into submission.

Yes now you are learning what turtle Obama's cop state operates as and what is really taking place in this expanded Obama state operation to terrorize you.

I will repeat this. If Obama, Clinton, Jeb Bush did not have their terrorist invaders in America, they could not get guns, and could not be shooting up Americans. The problem is not Americans nor guns. The problem is these imports and invaders who are as unbalanced today, as the group of eastern Europeans assassinating people and blowing things up in President's McKinley and Teddy Roosevelt are historical examples as to why you do not allow this stuff into your nation, unless you are the cartel looking to cause terror and anarchy.

This should be a bit of insight so now all of you can go off and play, having been pulled out of the Obama abyss, so you can understand what is going on, as your emotions have you blind again to what is being done to you by the cop state for that secular Islamist, image Obama.

This is the Obama regimes crime, just like the murder of Russians in Syria.

Donald Trump has been crucified for months championing all Americans, in trying to protect you from this terrorism by Islam and the Obama state. There must be a deportation of all Muslim and their residency ended, and every mosque dismantled.

San Bernadino is a terror event. These are Muslim terrorists. The blood is on the Obama regime's hands. This is the Obama legacy........terrorists imported to America.

........and the Lame Cherry broke all of these headlines first hours after the mass shooting. I told you these terrorists were in touch in with IS, and that is why ISIS was congratulating their 3 lions in public.

Now ask yourself why is the NSA NOT WATCHING terrorists, but it has Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook terrorizing you and reporting your every American and German keystroke?

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