Thursday, December 10, 2015

Patriot Heinz Wechardt

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The following quote is from a German Patriot, Heinz Wechardt, who served with his family in German and European military before and during World War II.

As often is the case, it does require someone from the outside to point out the facts lost in the forest.

While the Jewish question seemed solved, or at least dormant, in Germany and most of western Europe, real trouble began across the Atlantic. After the disastrous defeat of the more civilized half of this country by ruthless Yankeeism, the North soon found that the fleeing blacks of the South were essentially useless for cheap labor in a feverishly expanding
industry driven by mercantile materialism.

The search for easy profit led to the laying of a cuckoo's egg of such size that after it is fully hatched may yet lead to the final destruction of this country. I am referring to the massive introduction of the "huddled masses and refuse" (Emma Lazarus' desecrating inscription at the foot of the Statue of Liberty). Thereafter this country was never the same.

These masses were a totally different breed from the docile, now "liberated" slaves of the South. Mostly the large numbers of eastern Jews with their inborn "smartness" quickly worked themselves out of the sweatshops and low-paying industrial jobs and became independent businessmen.

Their ruthless and unconscionable business methods, possibly a necessity for survival in Russian and Polish ghettos, were permitted to develop without restrictions in a country where unlimited personal liberty was sanctified. This lack of restrictions on personal behavior culminated in the appearance of such financial "geniuses" (I am quoting the Wall Street Journal) as Milken, Boesky, Steinberg and Levine.

In Europe Heinz Weichardt had this assessment.

In Europe, meanwhile, the political influence of the Jewish banking dynasties became so strong that a Mrs. Rothschild could state, "My sons can decide if there will be war or not." After the death of Queen Victoria, under the rule of the already somewhat degenerate playboy, Edward, this influence would become all-pervasive.

The simultaneous growth of German industrial might under the wise political guidance of Bismarck was of course unacceptable to British self-esteem and the thought that the competition on the world markets could be met with a bit more of hard labor and diligence or by reducing the length of the extended weekends to which English upper classes had become accustomed, was simply too horrible to be contemplated.

When the Germans committed the unspeakable crime of becoming financially nearly independent from the international banking system and began to build a high-seas fleet to assure access to their modest colonial possessions, this was the last straw and something had to be done to put them down for good.

It is important to note, that this is confirming that there was a financier syndicate of Ashkenaz families who rose to power, and their "politics" of feudalism, made a target of Germany, for daring to have it's own banking structure.

Both of these joined at the Ashkenaz Asians, rose to power in finance, and then overthrew the Anglo Americans, and the complete focus was easy profits. The easiest profit of all was banking war monopolies and the looting of Germany.

Nuff said.