Tuesday, December 22, 2015


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I read a hunting and trapping story once, which took place in the wilds of Canada. It was a story of the mighty grizzly, who all think is the lord of the forest, but this story revealed which predator is the one all fear.
It was about a mama grizzly and a cub, being harassed by a pair of wolves. The person watching this event, was fascinated, because the wolves at one point gave the sow an opening to run, and she did for her life.
The cub stood their in absolute shock as it never dreamed it's mother would betray it like that. In that moment though, with a bawl, the wolves murdered that cub as that is what predators are.

I am reminded of that story when I think of the November surprise, of the well crafted book by former President George H. W. Bush, which was released to buoy up his son Jeb's presidential run.
As a parent, any one can understand a father doing this, but HW never once did this for George in any election. In reality, when George W. Bush began his political career, his old man sent him to talk to the former democratic governor of Texas.
George was thinking this was going to be some grand political insight in how to win, but the old democratic friend of HW simply said, "Boy you are going to lose", and that was the conversation.

George W. Bush has always been in denial as he revealed in his memoir Decision Points, in making excuses for his old man's silence in W's campaigns and administrations. It never occurred to George W. Bush, that his old man was the first person to sabotage and ruin his political future via democrat, and it was done deliberately for only reasons which would make sense to George H. W. Bush, because George H. W. Bush is a man who not only eats his own young, but he abandons them to be eaten by other predators.

That is what is particularily bothersome to me in the betrayal of HW Bush in releasing this memoir not of his own failings, but releasing a railing diatribe against George W. Bush's Presidency, all for Jeb's run at the White House.
It is a political smear, which sounds like a Barack Hussein Obama talking point, and it now makes one come to an understanding, that the insider information which democrats have been using to ruing Republicans, has been coming from George H. W. Bush.

For those who think this is far fetched, I remind them of the facts of this. The patriarch of this group was the bag man for the cartel financiers in Prescott Bush, an eastern patrician liberal. I have featured the picture of Prescott Bush patting Richard Nixon on the head like a dog. That is the kind of power the Bush family was involved with.
George H. W. Bush has always been a liberal, pushing Planned Parenthood to condoms. There is a memo in J. Edgar Hoover's notes, which reveals that after the John Kennedy assassination, he briefed two CIA assets, and one of them was named George Bush.

George H. W. Bush was a CIA asset from the very beginning of his rise to power. It is why he rose to power. I do not want people to conclude the Bush family is this all powerful behind the scenes throne of power, but they are instead more one of the useful families who are utilized to shape the political landscape, for the chosen ones to run for office and be installed.

In Decision Points, George W. Bush records that his old man was mentioned to be the Vice President of not just Ronald Reagan, but this started long before 1980, in George H. W. Bush was mentioned as Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford's running mate. That is supreme political power and connections, and it makes it a bit clear how this no name Congressman of not any standing, ended up as Ambassador to China in picking that station, and as CIA Director.

We know for a fact that during the Reagan years, George H. W. Bush, was running the entire intelligence operations once William Casey died of brain cancer, early in that Administration.
The entire Iran Contra and the whispered coup against Reagan in his removal, was part of George W. Bush's operation to install himself as President through impeachment or political removal.

The Lame Cherry is going to provide here a matter anti matter exclusive which is  going to explain something about the Ronald Reagan assassination in what was really taking place there.

President Reagan was disrupting the cartel's insider fortunes into the Soviet Union, as much as endangering the completion of what is now the Obama Marxist Feudalism of America. An assassination protocol was issued from the Kremlin, which failed in the attempts upon Ronald Reagan and John Paul II, who were behind bringing down the Soviet Empire.

The day Ronald Reagan was shot, reporters confirmed they heard a shots coming from behind them in the high rise which Reagan had just exited. For the first time ever, it is revealed here, that the shooter behind was firing a semi auto 22 rifle. She missed, and I do mean SHE. She got off one shot, and after that the angle was wrong and Reagan disappeared.
This was a two part operation in all the evidence was to lead back to George H. W. Bush. The Hinkleys were family friends of the Bush family. The Iranian communists were tied in as scapegoats, as DC journalist Jack Anderson reported and then dropped the story.

This was a blackmail operation, if Reagan died, HW was President, and all the leads went directly to him, as it was his CIA group which coordinated this with Armand Hammer, the American communist tycoon. This is what became the nefarious Iran Contra, as Bush 41 was blackmailed into doing things, or he was going to be fingered in this assassination, just as he had fringe connections with every American coup from John Kennedy, to Richard Nixon, to Ronald Reagan, and now his own son in George W. Bush.

The Lame Cherry has focused on this nefarious world for some time in the George H. W. Bush group as at times it is a reality that the Bush family seems absolutely vacuous as to the realities of this world of the shadows. Jeb Bush runs an absolutely moron campaign. George W. does the best he can with a shattered America, and his old man comes along and trashes him to help Jeb out politically. That is what this has always been about as W has recorded and was confirmed by Maureen Dowd in Bush World, in Jeb Bush was the golden child, the chosen one, from the start. Everything the Bush family has been engaged in, has been putting Jeb in the White House.

George H. W. Bush in the Iran Contra years, set up the infamous Sub Operational Groups. You might know this by Alex Jones Shadow Government. What the SOG's are, are simply self funded, self directed feudal fiefdoms which engage in destroying people and doing the work to grease the skids for a more easy herding of people to where the cartel demands people be in the gulag.

HW for no better term, has been the Bohemian Grover enforcer. He has been afforded wide ranging operational status, because the golden calf in this has been Jeb Bush running for President, and the Grove signed off on this, as they did Birther Hussein and as they did Hillary Clinton.

I have pondered here often about who was really behind the smearing of Dan Quayle who was HW's Vice President, but it came from within the Bush41 White House. If you listen to the smears HW leveled at his son George, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, you will notice the same type of verbiage. Dan Quayle the Conservative was 41's choice, which got him elected, but he was a bit too good looking, too smart and too popular, which HW did not count on.
HW did not want a contender for his son Jeb, as it would have thrown the time line off, and installed another Reagan Conservative into power, which would have negated Jeb's liberalism. So the whispering started against Dan Quayle, and soon enough George W. was asking his old man to dump Dan Quayle, but Bush41 would not do that as he knew it would infuriate Conservatives who would abandon the ticket.

So HW was brought down by a competitor Rockefeller child in Bill Clinton, in another intelligence operation, and from the shadows of the SOG's, Bush41 began his nefarious plotting to get Jeb Bush into the White House.

HW never dreamed his drunken, hot headed George W, ever would have amounted to anything, in beating the unbeatable Ann Richards of Texas for Govenor, and then taking on Al Gore. It fell to the mix though as George W. won his Governor's race in Texas while Jeb lost in Florida.
That threw everything off in the time line, as Jeb was supposed to be President in 2000 and this has been an antgonistic and backstabbing feature of the Jeb and HW conversations ever since, as HW's boy Jeb was supposed to have had all of this glory, and George W. blew it all for Jeb.

You hear this in Jeb and HW, trashing George W's governance. Saying Iraq was a mistake, stooping to liberal talking points that W was a puppet of the neo cons, in one of the most horrid betrayals of a child in public ever, and it was all for Jeb's sake.
Think about this compassionately for a moment in could you imagine growing up in a family where there was a golden child, favored and praised, and you were always thought of as shit for brains, and you actually put it together, and became Governor and President, but when you win your election, your old man is not happy for your, but upset that your sibling lost.
Think what that had to be like and then think of your being smeared for 16 years as a wimp, a dufus and a bungler, and your dad writes a book stating that you are, just so it will help your sibling win an election.
Thnk of that betrayal in what you or what George W. Bush has to be feeling at this time. He has to be shocked as that bear cub being left to be torn apart by wolves.

George H. W. Bush has proven he is thee most cut throat political bastard on the planet.

I am going to return you to another point in history where a democrat in Arizona, named Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head with rubber bullets by another Manchurian. Return to that story featured here, in how the Bush family was trashing Sarah Palin before this, and Mrs. Palin was about to be the Conservative nominee and would have defeated Birther Hussein Obama.
What inquiry points to in this is, that the Bush sub operational group, initiated the rubber bullets. This SOG was to intimidate Sarah Palin from running for President which it did as she  ran for her life knowing she was next, as the rubber bullet message intended.
The Obama regime though got wind of this event, and were ready to exploit it, in they linked it directly to Sarah Palin which started a firestorm, and left the whispering remains of the Bush family in all of this to be blamed, exactly as with the Reagan assassination.
That is why the Bush family disappeared after the Giffords event, as they were caught red handed in this and set up to take the fall if they progressed on it.

It is all nasty in the most evil form, but this Bush SOG has been wiping out Conservatives like Larry Craig in Idaho, George Alan of Virginia who would have been President now, Sarah Palin who thought she had the Grove's backing, but was told if she continued she would be shot so he hid at FOX where Roger Ahles was monitoring her, and has been setting up these buffoon strawmen like John McCain and Mitt Romney, all to come to the center stage to fall down so Jeb can be the nominee in 2016.

That is what is behind the Balkanization of the GOP in the primaries so low energy Jeb can win. They did not count on Donald Trump in baffling their operation, and it is why one witnesses his endless parade of assets like Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson fraud polls, Marco Rubio, appearing as the new flavor, in an attempt to unseat Donald Trump.
I have stated before that the e voter program of Andrew Riera of Spain who was assassinated, is based on a gambling program, and it can only could flip 10% of the election, as in 10 million votes, as was accomplished for Obama. The Bush and Clinton groups have to keep it close, for that reason as the public would revolt. That is not to say that "protocol" has not been rectified, but it has to be such a diluted field that no one gets a huge margin, because if Trump's real numbers did appear in the high 70's, there is not in any way to steal this from him for anyone.

The Bush Sub Operational Group is just one of several groups which are making America into a Pyongyang insanity where we see unemployment at 5% when 80% of the American native work force is unemployed. It is all a fiction and the release of George H. W's book  trashing his own son for the golden sun, is but a Mockingbird propaganda red rocket that everyone can look upon with disgust in witnessing something they can not even deny, in how this system has been working against you for a generation.

I honestly feel pity for George W. Bush. That man was a fill in father and husband for the Bush family as HW was never around. To pull himself up by his drunken bootstraps, become a success, and then be betrayed not by just his brother Jeb, but his old man, is something no person should ever have to go through. It is the reality though of exactly the reptilian nature of George H. W. Bush. It is not just a pyschopath, but it is conditioning where a human has not any humanity in caring about their own child. It is pure animalism.
To fixate on one child in Jeb, to the detriment of the of the other children from George to Doro, might relate to the death of the first Bush daughter from cancer, but there are no excuses in this, as HW in competition with George W. as Jeb is, provides no right to hate the one son to the extent of politically assassinating him, to annoit the other in his blood for the Presidency.

I have concluded that the vast majority of the upheaval in America has a direct link to the HW SOG, in it was his operations ruining the GOP for Jeb, and other large scale events were other competitors framing HW for crimes for blackmail later.
I have concluded that George W. Bush, had absolutely no comprehension of the depths the HW minders were bringing his ruin, and ruining the GOP Conservatives for Jeb's ascention to power.
I have concluded that George H. W. Bush is one of the active evils of this world, with carte blanche to carry out operations which have harmed and led to the deaths of hundreds of millions of people.

What it comes down to is the conclusion, I do not want this evil man, nor his buffoon Jeb, nor the backstabbers in waiting from Carson, Cruz, Rubio or Fiorina anywhere near power, no more than I want the Obama Clinton SOG's anywhere near power ever again.

HW did it to his own children. What the hell have they been doing to you is in your history and what they will do to you is only going to be worse as HW Bush went after his own son in politicide.

Nuff said.