Monday, December 21, 2015

Solving Miss Universe

No More Awarding Latins For Showing Up

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

What have these beauty pageants been around for now like, 5000 years? I mean you add up Burt Parks, Robert Conrad and who knows what else in all these white guys, and they never fucked up putting the crown on the wrong breasts, because let's face it, women do not look the same to white men, but apparently to black men, they can't tell the difference.

I mean look at Barack Hussein Obama in what he was married  to in Michelle. Look at what Bill Cosby was drugging and raping. No white man who was getting all the pageant pussy they could handle, would ever get married, in bed, or put the wrong crown on a woman in mistaking her for a guy or jail bait or .....well an Asian Asian for an American Asian.

No Breasts Should Get In the Way Of Beauty

I have a solution in this in both Miss Columbia and Miss Philippines are not universe quality. So let's go back to 2013 and give it to 3rd runner up in another Philippines skirt, Ariella Arida.

                    Ariella Arida
Beauty should get crowns for beauty, and not like Obama getting peace prizes for making war. There has been too much of this, and the only commonalities is black males making mistakes with all females.

I say ban blacks from women and getting near beauty pageants. Steve Harvey is genetically inferior, so what else could you expect. It is like expecting Obama to not end up genociding the planet, when that is all one can expect as the scientific evidence indicates.

Only let white men judge beauty pageants, and that about solves it. For President stuff, I would put blacks in the White House on an hour by hour basis, with a white guy in the batter's box to take the controls.

There is no reason to put women through situations like this. Making Universe out of sub par chicks is just not right. So let's have higher standards like the old days, without all of this affirmative action bullshit. That is the only way to solve things.

You do  realize none of this happened when Donald Trump was running these pageants?