Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Debtor Detainee

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have a sincere question to the Obama voter and the GOP voters, all voters in fact, and it is simply this, "Did you run up that 19 trillion dollar Obama debt which Paul Ryan just passed in the 2016 looting of the US Treasury or was it the liars, frauds and traitors who are supposed to be working for you?"

Of course it is not any of you, because you are the mob, left and right, who are being exploited, ignored and held up in gun free zones to be shot, by people funded by the Obama regime in terror oil.

Most of you though are going to shrug after being furious, and say what can we do?

If we take up guns, we will get shot, if we bitch about it, we will be mocked and ignored.

What if in this Scrooge Season of Charles Dickens I have something which you can start in the sparks of each of you, and it is this.

What happens if you go bankrupt? They take all your things and make your children pay for it right?

What happened long ago when people had debt in London England? Why they threw the poor into debtors prison while the rich went off to some plantation to suck more money off of the natives.

So why not have a solution which makes Ryan, Obama, Reid, Pelosi, their children, all be responsible for that debt, just as you are perpetually.

It all starts my children and my brats in you speaking about this. Bringing in up in conversations in saying, "Why don't we have Debtors Sentence" in America and this world?"

People will ask you what this is, and you would tell them, in the opposite party you are talking to, "Well you know Obama and Muchelle ran up this debt, and are responsible like the GOP, so lets bring them before People's Tribunals and put them into Debtors Sentence, where they are awarded by lottery to be Indentured Debtors to whatever American family gets them.
They would be made to work like in road crews, like prisoners, and with Donald Trump exporting all the Mexican slave labor, these rich criminals would then take their places in the shovel force.

You would be asked, "Well how would this help me?"

You would say, "You see, Paul Ryan or Lurch Obama, would be sent out to work for that warden, as that is what each of you would be. They would be forced to work, because they eat as Rush Limbaugh harps about, and bring home that paycheck."
Think of your having 30,000 dollars extra a year.......make a pretty good deal right?

Care for them, would be like a dog in the old days. A mat on the floor, you could chain them up at night on a leash, and I figure feed them dog or cat food......they could get better feed if they worked harder in giving them an incentive.

Some might ask, about runaways, but that is solved too, in you just RFID tag them, and if they run away, they get brought back.....they get flogged on every street corner, and if they do it again, you just ship them Across River, in dumping them into Mexico where the Mexicans could get the work out of them.
Mexicans are real bastards and I figure this would be a great penalty phase reminder to keep Muchelle Obama hauling those 50 pound bundles of shitty undies at the Old Folks Home while she does laundry.

This would be humane, as these rich could of course buy themselves out of debt, or someone else could buy them out. Why not make it like a Carbon Tax, in say General Electric could trade Debtor Shares on the stock market, and you could sell your indentured debtee to some conglomerate who would then be able to get them to work.......in jobs of course that Americans would not take, and of course there would be a fee that would go into a general fund for poor people, to get the wages into their pockets, and not be any of this Nazi or Marxist huge profit schemes.

I would add to this, that people could discipline these debtors with sticks not bigger than their finger or with riding crops......and if they assaulted their wardens they could be shot on sight......I would though advocate in green resource use, that this be something left to the hospitals so organs could be harvested for helping people who needed transplants.

If you can not remember all of the above, you can tailor this to your thoughts and needs for the conversation, because what you have a responsibility for as the mob is to start making it a common understanding that the rich people are responsible for this criminal debt, and all of their assets will be seized, as well as their persons, and the Debtor Detainee will become the thought of the land.
Once a people starts thinking this way, then these situations start scaring the hell out of the elite and more important a  bloody revolution might not be necessary, because in months this might appear in the States where this becomes a Amendment to the Constitution, and then it is enforced by People's Committees of Enforcement and People's Courts, and on an indictment the mob can go haul..........John Thune out of bed at 3 AM with the family, to start paying back everything which this criminal regime stole from Americans.

You have to start talking about these advanced ideas, backed in historical fact of what the rich did to your foreparents. It is time for a reckoning on these feudal criminals, and fair is fair, as they all play golf together as all you do is pick turds for brunch. You have to talk though, to bring this to the mob mind, so it starts thinking this way, and stops thinking it is helpless to do nothing. Start demanding things which seem out of bounds and liberate yourselves. Stop attacking each other as you have been conditioned, and start speaking political solutions which are proven in history and what you are now enslaved to.

Would you not like having some richtard like Mark Zuckerberg on a chain in your dog kennel, whipping his white ass to get him to run to work at the shit scooping factory, and running his ass home with that check, so you could buy your children or grandchildren a nice smart phone from Amazon, because they deserve it as reparations from all of this Nation Rapist Rapine by the elites, robbing you while getting 5 million dollar a year jobs, you paying for their health care, and sitting in million dollar mansions on vacation at Christmas.

So talk you sheep and stop bleating. Talk and come up with your own ideas to build upon to save yourselves. This elite sold you into slavery like they sold your parents to servitude. It is time to turn the tables.

Mob of the world unite!!! Take back what is yours and do this under Donald Trump legally or these elite are going to assassinate Donald Trump and be right back at forging new chains for your genocide.
Unite!!! and become a people and not a herd. Unite!!! and take your Justice!!!