Saturday, December 26, 2015

Putin Tea Cakes

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

We pray for President Vladimir Putin to become the Cyrus protector of Christians east and west from the anti Christ and then to join with Donald Trump to crush the beast, as the greater America and Russia are more degraded the European Empire is.
I do not know if this is possible or if I should meddle, but I do know the Biblical outcome of 6 billion dead or more, is something of a waste. To my doctrine, placing strong moral Christians into power, against an anti Christ system, where they will put the moral harness on their degenerate peoples is the best solution in finding God's Mercy.
I believe Mrs. Donald Trump is the best laison for all of this in being European to bridge the American Russian gap. I believe in prayers that Vladimir Putin will save lives and protect Christians, and I also believe if successful, that God will not be displeased in this, for I do not move to make peace, but to make effective war on resident evil.

This is part of my examination of wars past, present and future, to make victors out of vanquished. I embark now upon the Great Eurasian War which is a future tense war. In this war, Russia is defeated, after Europe is scorched, and a defeated Russia joins to defeat China.
All sorts of bad things happen in this war, which is nuclear and biological and things America getting invaded like Alaska or nuked when America carries out attacks against Russia.

I make mention of this in the brilliant Tim Rifat's terms, but in the Lame Cherry popular girl way. One does not generate events, but one instead when blessed, is able to steer horrid events to the best possible outcome. It is my intention to steer this for the best scenario for Good people as they are too much made Mutton in expecting salvation from their princes. They need a master to decide things for them, so this mistress of the Lord is setting things in motion to protect the flock and to gain a more favorable outcome for the birdies of Europe and other such things not vaporized in North America, providing of course it is Israelite Christian of the Lost 10 Tribes dominant, subjected to God.

Now with that said, here is what the new time line is being moved to become.

In the seer's vision, it is 3 prong attack into Europe as Scandinavia, Prague and Italy in the south, all coming out of Asia. Main point is a few enclaves remain in Europe as the Russians drive back NATO in 3 weeks.

This Blood in the Rhine offensive is checked by an American scorched earth utilizing a hybrid human pesticide. Somewhere in this, is about Russian retaliation using nuclear missiles off their subs on America and New York City vaporized to start a great deal of this.
I do not care about liberal population centers, but fall out might harm moral people and of course there are the nice songbirds in city parks......that of course should be something to be protected as 1 finch is worth 6 billion liberals already going to hell, and bringing about this war.

So the key to this all appears to be neutralizing the enclaves. Eliminate the enclaves and Russia owns Europe quickly, and that means no scorched earth of nukes for America, and the anti Christ gets not the full measure to massacre martyrs.

The quicker the Russians take Europe, the happier Mr. Putin is, and the happier Mr. Putin is, the less likely he will be to launch nuclear missiles on America, as he will desire to savour victory.

I advocate a Putin Trump working relationship, with then negates Chicoms turding Alaska for oil.  It may save too many lives, but I am of teh belief that Jesus can work things out.....after all is that Wormwood to crop the culls.

So in this reality, Mr. Putin and the Russian Staff preposition agents and things that go boom in the enclaves were NATO is forced and ........well it will be bridges and things that if they are blown to keep the Russians from getting in.......maybe they can be blown before NATO gets in, and being cut off, they are captured and more life is saved.

Still is that Prague thing being obliterated, but one front at a time.....always is that blather about Neutral Zone Slavic know higher moral things, better than UN and NATO and the Vatican for peace NATO there and no obliterated Prague. Russian tanks just rolling through.

Let's sing.......

Roll on big mama
I like the way you feel........

All the words I know so time to wrap this up.