Saturday, December 26, 2015


From the desk of the Tiger Lily.

Those of you who voted for Mormon Romney and that bastard in the House who just forged your shackles even stronger should get down off your moral high horses and on your marrow bones, begging God for forgiveness that you voted for those Godless traitors.  Lame Cherry warned you, and you refused to listen.  Your pathetic excuses of the "anyone is better than Obama" vote are utter lies-- Ryan has proved to the world how he would have "governed" at one seat away from the highest power in the land, and if you think Romney didn't know how rotten Ryan is, or isn't even worse himself, then you really should stop thinking as you have no Inspiration or Direction from the Holy Ghost and start using your mouth to convince as many people to vote for Trump as you can, and maybe that will partially make up for your idiocy and for your part in this.

One wonders if the beard makes Ryan hearken back to the good ol' days of being biggest Brown-Noser ever.  (And who wouldn't be proud of that title?)  Maybe it saves him time and money in stowing the donut leftovers of all his committee meetings for later.  Maybe the hair hides all traces of excrement.  Maybe his bush appeals to his masters more... now Ryan won't have to brown-bag it as no one enjoys lifeless eyes staring up at them after the sweets of a comatose sugar overload of Muchelle and Barack's chocolate candy.

Look, Paul Ryan is just a corporate tool in conservative's clothing, who is helping the other traitors loot the American corpse as much as they can before dumping the remains into Trump's lap, providing the primaries are not stolen from Trump like the 2012 election cycle from any chance we had at preventing this travesty.  As you can see, that ingrained mentality from high school is one of the reasons Ryan is so perfect for what he has done, as he does not care about making a stand or doing the right thing, but about going along to get along since "we have a divided government" as his hands are tied.  Yeah, divided as in 2/3 of it was handed to the Republicans in hope they would stop the last 1/3 and they are pretending they are being held hostage while stuffing as many bribes in their pockets as they can instead of doing their job.

Stop listening to the lies.  Stop looking for a polished candidate who "says" all the right things and start looking for a candidate who DOES the right thing, or in Trump's case, for the man who does what he says he will do in both saying AND doing the right thing for the American people.  Every other candidate on that stage is a stooge for these people you claim you want to stop.  They are bought and paid for by someone.  They have done dirty deals, both in the public and private sector (and yes, I am including Ben Carson being bought by Big Pharma, Herman Cain and his Jack-n-Jill clique, as well as Carly Fiorina and her Middle Eastern money).  These people are liars, and they are lying to you just like Paul Ryan did.  Ted Cruz has already proven he is a smarmy opportunistic weasel and should have been kicked out of the race on his ineligible Canadian ass long ago, Rand Paul is for kicking Americans to the curb in replacing them with illegals and has said nothing about abolishing the illegally-enforced 16th Amendment (which a truly purist Constitutionalist would do), and so on and so forth.  All the rest of the candidates but Trump have shown their anti-American colors long ago.

People say Trump is in it for himself, which is partially true.  His mentality though of being the best is good for America, and will benefit you.  Donald Trump wants "Best President Ever" as an epitaph, meaning he will do the absolute most he can for the absolute best good of ALL the American people, specifically what is left of the middle-class and the poor, not merely for the richest 1% who have bought every other candidate in the race.  He wants to make America the biggest superpower ever in making America great again, not just what it was but somehow if he can by God's Grace resurrect the corpse of the American Virgin, if he can accomplish it from the ruins and shambles this country has become in reconciling her to her Christ, then I say God Save America and God Bless Donald Trump to be His Instrument for His Honor and Glory, in Jesus' Name Amen and Amen.