Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Disaster with Your Name on It

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This is an article which each of you should print up and save, read, and distribute, because it is a reality that each of you is going to have to face, and it is your suffering and death, due to a natural disaster, terrorism or war.

No one knows how they are going to react, how their community will react, or how their nation will react when a disaster takes place or a series that overwhelms the system.

I am going to give my personal experience in a catastrophic disaster, and compare that with other disasters which are diverse in 9 11 in New York, Katrina in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, and an unnamed and unknown cyclone blizzard which wiped out South Dakota. The last event you know nothing of, even though it took place in the same year as Katrina, because no one gives a damn about white people in a disaster.

I start this out with my personal experience in a winter of intense cold, blizzards, records snows and death of my neighbor's baby, as she was so stressed by the weather, the child died inside of her. That is real weather and it affects animals and people alike.
My community was not prepared for this disaster. We had literally 20 feet drifts coming up our driveway. The drifts were packed in hard as concrete. There was nothing that could move in this.
The state government did nothing. Our county government did nothing. I phoned our democratic senator and got a 20 minute whine fest about his having to buy a snowblower. I wanted to tell this moron that at least he had the money for a snowblower and a tractor.
No one was doing anything. Our township board was filled with complete assholes. One told a neighbor to move to town, another smarted off to me about low funds and other shit.

Tempers were extremely high in our community, but I was not going to get beat by these do nothing imbeciles. Mom took it upon herself to phone the local Emergency Management head in the county next to ours, and I started dialing the board of supervisors for roads. It was only then that things started to make headway.
Our Supervisor had gotten a call from the EM head in the next county, and he could not have been more responsive and understanding. I state this in when you face a disaster, you are going to have 8 out of 10 people being nothing but assholes taking paychecks, but some of these people will respond, and you are going to have to keep talking diplomatically until you find someone who will listen.

Once by God's Grace we got the people in power, over these pompous local politicians engaged, immediately things started getting done. I noted the ass who smared off to me, standing on the road watching as our road was being cleared. He had gotten chewed out and made to do his job.
It was horrid as the winter continued to April, but in this period once things got moving, there were bulldozers, cats, payloaders and massive snowblowers arriving, all with state and federal money which got the roads cleared out finally. Granted most roads looked like snow tunnels, and I literally like most people about went crazy in all the stress of this, as we were in a crystal gulag, but although lots of things died, including people, we made it through a horrid natural disaster.......but it was not FEMA, the federal government, the state was a few people in the counties who undertook the massive job to save the population here.

That is what you have to comprehend in this. You need people in jobs who do not have their heads up their asses either. When our township  board overturned as the paycheck gatherers did not want to work, the next group tried to save money in leaving snow on the road. I knew this was a mistake as now melts and softens roads.  The people who gravitated toward the positions all lived on improved roads, and had no experience in what the real world was when spring arrived, the roads were all torn up and had to  be rebuilt, costing more money.

So you can see on a local county level, how bad things can get, and how long it takes to undo a disaster.

Now progress this out to 9 11 in New York City with Republican George Pataki and Rudy Guilliani. In that you, saw a population respond perfectly, morally and effectively. It was immediate and there was complete coordination between local and state, with the federal government under George W. Bush assisting in the entire process, for the best outcome of a horrid terror attack.

Move this out now to hurricane Katrina in Governors Haley Barbour of Mississippi, Bob Riley of Alabama and Kathleen Blanco of Louisiana.
In effect, Mississippi was literally obliterated in parts, compared to the flooding of New Orleans. The reality is though, that in this President Bush, prepositioned FEMA supplies before the event, and literally prodded Governor Blanco to get Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans to order a mandatory evacuation of the city, even though it was too late.

In the aftermath, Barbour and Riley, praised FEMA, and you never saw any whining or lawlessness in Mississippi and Alabama, as there was leadership and coordindation.

Louisiana though was what everyone remembers in Katrina as it was a disaster which most of you are going to face.
Mayor Ray Nagin was a democrat who was overwhelmed. He was not up to taking command in preventing a disaster in the Big Easy, in there was not any planning, nor was there any guidance from Govenor Blanco, another democrat.
Nagin tried to manage the unmanageable, but was overwhelmed.

I include from the memoirs of George W. Bush his experience with Louisiana. Bush43 had been in San Diego for a memorial, and flew back to check on Louisiana. There was supposed to be a fly by with the Louisiana leadership, but instead there was a demand for a "private meeting" on Air Force One.
What followed is a reality which you are going to have to face.

Mayor Nagin had a meltdown on camera before the meeting, as he had not showered in 4 days and not been fed. He later apologized to President Bush for ranting at the federal government.

To this nattering screamfest on Air Force One, Bush43 finally yelled out, "WHO IS IN CHARGE OF NEW ORLEANS?"
All went silent, and it was shifted to Governor Blanco, who immediately rejected the federal offer of managing the situtation which was out of control.
To this Rep. Bobby Jindahl a Congressman was complaining about the lack of the federal response.
To this President Bush had to literally tell democratic Senator Mary Landrieu to "be quiet" as this woman was crying, emotionally ranting about nothing, and just completely out of control.

Nothing was accomplished as Bush43 kept trying to get Blanco to let in federal troops to restore order, but she refused as her people suffered and died. The police started looting stores and it was nothing like the order of 4 hurricanes in Florida when Jeb Bush was Governor and coordinating with his brother who was President.

After days of this, and constant stonewalling by Blanco, President Bush43 finally put in command a general to command the federal response, and to report to Governor Blanco. It was almost a week, and finally order was restored, but it reveals how absolutely the system will betray people in a disaster when a parish is in disorder, the state refuses to coordinate with the federal system, and the federal which thinks it's emergency plans will work and do not work.

Now compare New York, to the Mississippi - Alabama vs New Orleans management, to South Dakota in their cyclonic blizzard.

Small parts of each of the above states were damaged by terrorists and hurricane, but in the Katrina year, South Dakota faced a storm that started out with freezing rain, turned to ice coating things 3 inches thick, and then two feet of snow, all in hurricane force winds, followed by Arctic cold of 20 below zero.

This storm snapped massive electric powerlines and poles across an area larger than Katrina. Literally one half of South Dakota had been wiped out, with buildings collapsing and old women sitting by candles in 20 below weather to not freeze to death.

Into was Governor Mike Rounds of South Dakota,  now United States Senator. It was his leadership which began the process, along with community owned Rural Electric Power Associations, which began a process of getting electricity back on, communities digging out, and checking on each other, house to house on a county and township level.
Rounds often ran into his own people who were acting like Governor Blanco, and he would chew their asses in public, and that got things moving. It required that, along with community elected power boards working around the clock.
It was not perfect as there is always the Blanco effect in all disasters in some person in a warm office and warm home, not giving a damn that the power went off again at 10 oclock at night, and smarting off that the crews are all in and will not be back out until the next morning, but in South Dakota one saw a response which was both executive led and cooperative initiated to fix half of a State.

One might ask where was FEMA in this? The records indicate that FEMA appeared 3 days after this disaster, and their representative flew over the state. FEMA never set foot on the ground in South Dakota. All that state received was a fly over and later disater money from the federal government.

It is important to examine all of this in disasters, as the questions beg in the reality that all of you are going to have to face. Say you are in West Virginia and Virginia gets hit too. You know the elite in Virginia will get the disaster relief and those hill people will get to fend for themselves as South Dakota did.

Expand this out on New Orleans. What the hell is a state like Colorado going to be like with masses of Mexican invaders as we have seen what New Orleans was as much as LA was with black rioters?
What happens in Minneapolis Minnesota when 500,000 foreigners are rioting in a disaster, and a democrat like Mark Dayton is helping only sodomites and liberal areas? Do not forget the legacy of the Obama response. GOP Gulf states were disaster areas with his oil gusher and as Mark Halperin said on Charlie Rose, Obama doesn't care about GOP States as they didn't vote for him.
There have been tornadoes and the massive Obama instigated floods in North and South Dakota which wiped out people's homes in his "river wilding" project and there was no immediate or effective FEMA response.

What happens when your democrats decide your GOP areas are something to be thinned out as political competition, as this has been the case. What happened to New Orleans when a democratic governor in Blanco shut down the federal response to create a problem for George W. Bush which the liberal press would use to crucify him the press did his old man in hurricane Andrew in Florida, so Bill Clinton could use it as an issue.

I have warned you before, that you have got to have some supplies, the ability to keep warm in cold weather, some fuel in case you have to leave, and someplace to go, as the last thing you want is to be stuck in the Superdome being raped and murdered, as you are awash with shit as the sewers have quit in the human refuse.

You probably have forgotten how all the caring communities in America took in New Orleans refugees, and soon found they got damned criminals who were dealing dope, raping, robbing and murdering what better way to cleanse state of problems then for Blanco to deport all her criminals and welfare trash, just like Fidel Castro did Cubans.

I desire each of you to be aware of the reality, as until you exist through a disaster, you have no idea how bad it can be, and how astonished you are going to be, in people in power not doing their jobs as they sit in comfort, and someone trying to make a political issue of what you are suffering, so  they can exploit it for greater national power.

For every Rudy Guilliani, there is a Governor Blanco, and from my experience as well as what the nation witnessed in New Orleans, it only takes one bitch or bastard to shut down the work of dozens of other people trying to help in the resonse.

The Great Tribulation is coming as much as other upheavals before it, across America and throughout the world. What do you think a invader shit hole like California is going to be like in a major earthquake? Things like that will affect the entire overpopulated region of Washington, Oregon, Nevada and Arizona. All of this is precarious and history proves that some peoples turn into animals, and others of an ethnic mix as New York in correct leadership arise to a community acting civil and lawfully.

You are going to have to protect and fend for yourselves, and then somehow figure out who is going to do their jobs, as there are dozens of rotten people who will not be doing their job, and then you will run into a mob who decides they like things for free and an authority telling you that you are wrong.

I recall getting an email from my democratic Senator's office when I asked about getting old 20 pound propane tanks filled, as you have forgotten that they were outlawed, as the industry did not want people recycling those little expensive propane cylinders. The response I got was that nothing would be filled in this emergency, and that I could drive 50 miles to get it filled.
I could not get out of my driveway.

I am telling you again to have your supplies, as nothing hurts having a pile of emergency stuff sitting in a basement or garage corner for an emergency. Because if you trust in your government to rescue and save you, it is not going to happen, and if it does, there are going to be costs and rules which follow that will make you a criminal as in the real world, things just do not work out according to FEMA guidelines.

I believe that millions of people will die if the West has to face a series of disasters, as no one has any sense in how to survive. I almost died in my disaster as a week of 20 below temperatures had my internal temperature simply go cold. God was good in the power came back on, on the day I was about finished. I well remember putting a space heater on me, a sleeping bag propped up behind me to trap the heat, and I laid there baking for 3 hours until I got warm again.

I leave this analysis at that. I would that Donald Trump would as President would initiate the disaster plan I put forward to get the economy going again, in every American home having a shelter built and stocked, as a national policy in preparedness. The best security for America is Americans with their own shelter, supplies and kept warm and dry. Sixty days would allow the nation to get on track again, and it would allow for the Blanco factors to be weeded out.

Emergency management is not working. It only works on local sections, with correct leadership. If it is numerous events, it is overwhelmed, and it can be negated by these treacherous paycheck gatherers who will not do the job they are paid for.

Nuff said