Monday, December 21, 2015


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Viking asked me about toothache, so I do not have time to tell a story of dentist things of a few years ago.  Something like that will come later.

I looked on Earth Clinic and the three main things were clove, activated charcoal and apple cider vinegar.

Now that I have those remedies I will blather on about something else. when I get tooth pain, like I have in my second tooth front, it is from an allergic reaction. Fluid builds up in my joints or in those connective tissues, and that is what causes the hurt. Before I got a handle on the poisons in my intestine, Lord God did that one wisdom tooth hurt. I still remember Emma the doe as a kid jumping up and hitting me in the mouth and breaking off a jagged ridge on a wisdom tooth that felt like someone whacked me on the head with a hammer.
I wrote how the thing eventually broke to the nub as I am phobic about dentists, and how the gal had to put this gum device onto the root and rock it out. She did a bang up job as I will not do root canal from cost and if something betrays me, it gets hung on my wall by the roots.

May the healing of Christ come into you and to guide you in what to do. May the Holy Ghost remedy this pain for it is bound and gone, in Jesus Name Amen and Amen

I was having a horrible time with a cracked tooth, the pain was awful! IB Profin would only numb the pain for a short time. I tried peroxide, garlic and a few other things and nothing helped. Finally, I tried 2 tablespoons of ACV with the mother in a glass of warm water. Let me tell you, after the first two sips the pain started to go away! I'm on the second day of the vinegar and water 3 times a day and the pain is pretty much gone! I am amazed! I'm going to keep doing it but gradually reducing it until I get to 1 tablespoon in water 2 times a day.

I can attest to the charcoal for tooth pain, too! Had a scale 9 pain one night before I could get to a dentist. Excruciating. Saw this method and happened to have one cap - making a paste - the swelling in my gums subsided after about an hour, pain to tolerable 5. It really pulls the toxins out!