Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The ISIS Shields

Children Shields are the New Commodity for all American Allies in the Mideast
Jew, Marxist and Muslim

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Leftist Seymour Hersh has published more information confirming exactly what the Lame Cherry stated was ANALGATE in everything from Benghazi to Syria. I am not here to state that, but am instead interested in rebuking the Hersh propaganda again that 'this poor ole Obama had a renegade Pentagon sabotaging his Syrian policy".

For the record, there is not President who does not have some minder from the other political wing leaking information.

With Hersh the bad boys again are the Pentagon, this time on their own...........with Gordon Duff it was John McCain as the ringleader....in all these white guys being too much for that tan skin Obama to deal with.

OK, I will ask one question then in all of this............

Sec. of Defense Chuck Hagel said he was good to go in taking out Syria with the Pentagon........but the White House stopped them.

Someone has been calling off all the US airstrikes in Syria and Iraq against ISIS.........the Pentagon does not want to promote ISIS, so why would it be calling off attacks.......someone was not, and when it is not the Pentagon, that means it was the White House.

This is bullshit propaganda coming out of the White House minders in giving cover to Obama, and blaming the people it is being fed to, the most perfect person to be the bad guy. Hersh dislikes the Pentagon and Duff hates John McCain, and you will recall Webster Tarpley had the same Hersh sources feeding him what he wanted to hear in "Obama is innocent and it is the Pentagon's fault".

The Obama regime has from Day One engaged in one of the most effective racist propaganda operations using BATFE and Justice, from Rod Blagojevich, Hutatree, George Zimmerman, Ferguson Missouri.......and they have been doing the same propaganda in these Muslims they are dope dealing and terror managing with. Cover is what they create, and just like Khadaffi, they lured him in and cut him off at the knees, so the regime came in bribing the Pentagon to become a drone assassin operation, and now the regime is blaming the fags at the Pentagon for the very policies which Obama implemented.

You remember the Afghanistan policy of "terrorists have to shoot at your first"?

Remember that fucktard Jeb Bush, blurting out that Obama set the standards so high that America could not fight ISIS? Well besides blowing up Docs without Borders hospitals which were terror hubs.......there is a not released Obama White Paper I am revealing here exclusively which states that ALL US SORTIES must be 100% combatants and if any civilians are within bomb distance the strikes are called off.
Understand that is how image Obama gives cover to ISIS for oil transport and opium transport into Turkey. It is a subtle policy shift in which  the military will face court martial for any civilian dead, so they just stop the bombing and instead fly assassination cover in protecting ISIS, as those are the only targets approved.

When Lyndon Johnson and Robert McNamara were handpicking targets in Vietnam, it is nothing to what the Obama regime is doing...........but it is not image Obama or that neuroprick Ash Carter at Defense.......no just like the Navy SEALS were set up to be murdered in silencing them about killing the bin Laden actor.......the operational targets are coming in a direct pipeline out of GENEL OIL, which is the Rothschilds oil operation looting oil in Iraq and Syria.
That is the way it works, the opium and oil shipments are sent in to Obama Intelligence with no shoot orders,  and tagged as "civilian" or "operative" shipments, and the military is being told to stand down, in their drone wire feeds as those are "friendlies".

It explains a little bit in how the Obama regime was bitching that Russia was blasting all "friendly" targets. Well they are friendly to the cartel in dope and oil shipments.

Call this another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter..........you are missing the story in this again.......and what is it, now 4 years since I broke this story and Seymour Hersh living in luxury compared to my dung heap is now writing a story which was settled long ago, and spreading more propaganda protecting that international criminal regime, the image Obama mafia.

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