Friday, December 25, 2015

To the Protectors of Christians, East and West


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The image of Obama is the holocaust which keeps on giving. I actually rejoice in this in witnessing at time the Prophets were shown, but could not understand.

I find it fascinating that the mason Albert Pike, predicted by his demonic guide, that there would be 3 world wars, and the last would be generated in an Islamic Christian clash by the Ashkenaz elders.

Pike's Amazing Predictions Of Three World Wars - Rense

Albert Pike received a vision ... This letter graphically outlined plans for three world wars that were seen as ... obliged to defend themselves against the world ...

None of us are going to have to be theorizing or postulating opinions when this will take place, because by the evidence, we are in the throws of this which will erupt into the Great Tribulation.


Islamic State allows taking organs of living non-Muslims...

This will mean world war.

RISE: China establishes rival to World Bank...

Anything that rivals and puts pressure on already depressed and imploding economies, will cause world war. Money was the cause of instigating three world wars, and money will be the cause of the fourth.
(I will explain again, that the 7 Years War, known as the French and Indian War in America, was the first global war. In reality, "World War I", was known as the "Great European War" when it was fought, and only had a name change when the "Second" was manifested. So to be correct, there have already been 3 world wars, and a fourth is manifesting.)

So the insanity of Paul Ryan cutting out the vital organs from the American corpse in his madness for Obama spending is but a measure of how this is generating out of control.

There is no reason to fear though, as the anti Christ is going to have to produce a false peace, the Temple has to be rebuilt, so you have a few years to either become more depraved or more Holy. The signs are all there though, and while I have not inquired, it appears that "they" are going to so leave an empty shell for Donald Trump to deal with and juggle in  trying to keep America together, that it will pin the yanks down, so all this other mischief takes place.
I am though all for a Putin Trump policy of Russia knocking the hell out of terrorists and America offering full support, and keeping out of world war.

Let us hope that in God's Grace, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, become the protectors of Christians, East and West.