Saturday, December 19, 2015

Ted Read

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It seems that Rush Limbaugh's, Mark Levin's and Homo Hannity's, most principled man, in Canadian Born usurper to the US Presidency, Ted Cruz, is a politician after all........that would be translated as Ted Cruz lies.

Perhaps lies is a little Ted Cruz is a liar, who deceives people, and will say anything to the person he is talking to, to get what he wants.

On invaders to America, the New York Times found these memos from Ted Cruz when he was trying to make George W. Bush straddle the criminal crossbar in what to do with invaders to America.

America is stronger with the many immigrants who come here to make a new life and participate in the American dream,”

“But, at the same time, we need to remember that many of those coming here are coming to feed their families, to have a chance at a better life.”

“One of the reasons I was so eager to help Bush is the way he has described himself, as a compassionate conservative. That’s how I have always conceived of my own political views.”

“Family members of resident aliens to obtain tourist visas while they are waiting to rejoin their families permanently. I think it’s only fair, and I think it’s the right thing to do,”

I have never supported legalization, and I do not intend to support legalization,” 

Ted Cruz

That of course makes it perfectly clear in Ted Cruz admired George W. Bush lying to Americans when Ted Cruz was writing the lies for George W. Bush to get elected in 2000 AD in the year of our Lord.

But then there is this little problem which TL discovered.........

Angry Conservatives Turn on Ted Cruz for Giving Toys to Kids

Yes, that Ted Barton, the one who ... It really got interesting though when Ted Cruz and Glenn Beck made a trip to ... Not only did he hand out toys, but Ted Cruz and ...

You do remember Glenn Beck right? The Mormon who wanted to balkanize the GOP and is best buds with Ted Cruz......same Beck who sent out his stooge at The Blaze to call all Trump voters deranged pond scum?

It seems though once running for President, that Ted Cruz had a different present for Mexicans.

Ted Cruz Pledges to Secure U.S. Border With Land Mines

Republican Senator Ted Cruz announced his bid for the White House today at Liberty University, ... is to mine the 1,989 mile long border between the U.S. and Mexico.

This is sort of confusing in the inconvenient  truths of Ted Cruz. First he wants to get Mexican slave labor in a kinder and gentler Bush, and now he wants to get rid of Mexicans...........then he was handing out toys to Mexicans..........and now he wants to blow Mexican kids up on the border with mines.

It is sort of hard to keep this Gay Olde Party positions straight.

One day you have Jeb Bush saying Reagan is road kill and the next when Bush is in trouble, he is posting photos of Reagan with Mama Bush and Jeb looking on.

One day you have Ben Carson saying he is against Obama and the next he is bragging up Al Sharpton.

One day you got Chris Christie saying how Republican he is, and the day before he is holding hands with Obama.

Ted Cruz has proven he is a person who does not value the United States Constitution when it comes to the issue of only Native Born Americans can be President of these United States, not babies popping out of women married to foreigners in Canada, as Ted Cruz is.

I have mentioned that every last detail of Ted Cruz has been sanitized. The only reason the New York Times has found the "Bush documents" is because the Times signed off on this to have a Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton showdown in election theft. What we do know for certain is, that Birtha Ted Cruz, uses people, ingratiates himself to powerful people, and when they have fulfilled their Cruz purpose, he moves on and stabs the people in the back.

Ted Cruz was anti Tea Party in 2000 and when the Tea Party became a political force, Ted Cruz then attached himself to the second tier, waiting around behind Sarah Palin, waiting for her to fall.


That should sound familiar to Cruz's tact which he confessed to in waiting around for Donald Trump to be destroyed, so Ted Cruz would inherit those voters again too.

Do you see the patterns in Ted Cruz in betrayal and waiting around for Americans to be destroyed by the elite?  Cruz is the heritage of the Havana Assassin lurking in the alley.

Then there is the satan sign which Ted Cruz flashed at a rally in Nebraska, where a shocked Sarah Palin looked on in wondering what the hell Cruz was doing. Every person knows that sign is a double meaning and careful Ted Cruz would not be flashing it as it is virile on the internet in being satanic.

So what is Ted Cruz?

He lied about his birth status. He usurped Saran Palin. He is trying to usurp Donald Trump and he expect to usurp the American Presidency, if his lies continue to be believed.

Look, you got Big Koch liars in Viagra Limbaugh, Big Jew Levin and Homo Hannity all giving character references for Ted Cruz, when the Bush family hates this guy for betraying them, the Rockefeller family will not have him speak at the CFR for betraying them..........and yet this Ted Cruz who has betrayed thee most powerful and dangerous people in still standing.

Ask yourself who does Ted Cruz really answer to, because this guy is as arisen as Birther Obama and taking the same track.

Nuff said