Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Vespasian Solution

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The fact is, that in several centuries of Crusades, Creative Regime, Bribes, Civilization and Democracies, all have proven absolute failures in dealing with Islam, as Islam is a ideology of their existence and all outsiders dead.

It is psychological insanity, to keep fighting Islam or to keep attempting to civilize it, when greater minds than Lindsey Graham and Barack Obama have failed, where these two methods of fighting and bribery, have only brought about worse afflictions on the west in mass Muslim rape in Sweden, to mass murder attacks in Paris and America.

It is in that, that one must search history for a method which was established that did solve a like problem.

The answer to modern Islam which is ancient Islam lays at the genius of the military General and Emperor of the Roman Empire in Vespasian, hence this is the Vespasian Solution.

What Rome was faced with as a peaceful people was a religious insurrection of absolute murderous terrorism. Rome had attempted to placate these people in Jerusalem with their own kings, their own religious leaders, their own Jewish senate, their right to refuse worship of the Emperor and their own nation.

None of this mattered though, as this religious mob festered revolution and revolt at every turn of a few years. The Romans did not understand how religion could so ingrain itself into  a people, that it controlled them to the extent of national suicide.
All are aware of the greatest example of this Jewish nation in revolt and intrigue in the murder of Jesus of Nazareth, in "one man dying for an entire Jewish nation in revolt".

Thirty years after Jesus was murdered and rose from the dead, His Prophecy concerning the end of Jerusalem began. It was in that period that the Sicarii, or the curved knife assassins had begun a revolt against Rome again.
Emperor Nero had dispatched his greatest General after a series of political and military disasters in Vespasian to deal with the Jewish problem.

Vespasian subdued greater Palestine, but when before Jerusalem, news reached him that Nero was dead. What followed was a series of overthrown emperors, until the legions of Vespasian decided their General should be Emperor, and with that, Vespasian was Emperor.

The new Emperor intrused his son Titus, to the dealing the final solution to the Jews, and it was to liberate them from the ideology which was turning them into a nation of state terrorists.

From the spring of 70 AD in the year of our Lord, Titus moved with the legions to subdue Palestine.  There was not going to be any surrender of Jerusalem as the Jews were fighting among themselves, and Rome meant to forever end this terror realm in their empire.
By September of that year, Jerusalem was in ruin and 1 million Jews were dead from the war, and the survivor were sent off to slavery in mines in Egypt.

The basis of this policy is explained in this quote from historian Nelson Beecher Keyes.

"Following the plan in vogue quite generally throughout the empire, Vespasian decided that Jews could not henceforth be allowed to administer their internal affairs themselves.

Actually it was hard for the secular minded Romans to understand people who were so religiously dominated that their spiritual beliefs  colored their whole lives, thoughts and actions. The Jew, taught from childhood to believe the was indeed one of God's elect, and a member of a chosen people, could also be taught that government, except of his own choosing, was a burdensome and insufferable yoke. It had taken several generations of Roman overlords to realize fully just what unbridled Jewish "zeal" could do.

But now that the menace was understood, the Emperor Vespasian issued a decree to terminate it - and for all time if possible. His edict was thus a most harsh one. All outward marks and tokens of the Jews as a separate and distinct people were to be erased as completely as possible. Jerusalem - their Holy City - together with the Temple - the House of their invisible God - were laid to ruins. The high priesthood abolished. So, to, was the once potent Sanheddrin. And, lest the religious center be moved to Egypt and revived there, a Jewish temple which had been in use for some time there was closed.
The Temple tax of a half shkel imposed upon every Israelite twney years of age or older, irrespective of where he lived (Matt. 17:24), was now to be paid for the upkeep of the principle shrine of the Roman Jupiter on the Capitoline  Hill in Rome.

And in the manner in which Samaria had been treated by Assyrians centuries before, a colony of Roman veterans was brougt in and settled in the vicinity of the demolished Jerusalem. Other Jewish centers in Palestine were reorganized, and great efforts were expended in Romanizing the province."

The Jews did continue to be a problem in their rising up during the Parthian War in murdering over half a million westerners, but when that situation was met with the same kind of slaughter the Jews had unleashed, this broke the Jewish terror network.

As one can find all through history, that the Vespasian Solution worked. The Jewish elders in the 1930's after calling for German Genocide, were instead then selling their poor folk to the German war machine, and using the propaganda later to gain their nation which Vespasian had ended. In that, the world has witnessed then the Jewish network of terror invoked to protect their national interests.

Vespasian is proof positive, that when one shatters an ideology, scatters the remnant, infuses it as this same Jewish, Jesuit, Islamic Aristocracy is now flooding Mexicans and Muslims into the West in the exact same Empire  methods to wipe out Israelites as the Assyrians and Romans engaged in, and  takes away their identity in cleansing the minds of the dogma breeding terrorism, that peace will evolve.

The methods employed to deal with Islam have centuries of failure, and bloodshed condemning these failures of 'love thy Muslim and punish the Muslim'. It is in the Vespasian Solution that all religious centers of Islam must be abolished, all of their 5 daily brainwashing prayers banished, all korans obliterated, Islam outlawed, and the entire populations in part displaced to new work locations in the 3rd world, and infused with non Islamic 3rd world peoples such as Mandurans as China has a surplus population for resettlement.

Great building projects could be unleashed to develop these desert lands in Arabia and jungle lands in Indonesia. A complete transformation in peaceful productivity could be the harvest of this Vespasian Solution.

For the timid, the world can wait for a New York City to be vaporized by nuclear weapons, or there can be an entire bastard race created in Sweden from Muslim rape, to more French cities doused with blood in these Mutton populations, to enact the Vespasian Solution to end Islamic terror, or instead the next 5 trillion which the world is wasting on fighting Islam to more death, can be put into place demolishing the source of Islam and creating Mandarin colonies all throughout former Islamic lands.

It is going to be far more humane to save Muslim lives by demolishing their terror culture wiht bulldozers, rather than vaporizing them in a nuclear response. If Vespasian had simply understood what necessary measures he had been moved to before the war, the 1 million Jewish lives would have been saved.

Islam has revealed it is not Protestantism in peace. Jewry when kept in check, without the elders in Ashkenaz finance causing havoc around the globe, can be a religion on a leash and made peaceful. The same situation can be created in Islam, but Islam must be dismantled, scattered, dilluted and secularized, with full secular authority to obliterate all free radicals.
The biggest deliberate mistake was the cartel and Obama regime for profits in Islamic oil and dope to remove the Nationalist strong men from Islam in Libya and Yemen. Egypt regained structure when the Obama community organized Islam was rid of by the military.

What is required in Islam is the secular foreign rule of it to obliterate it's terrorism with the dilluting of it's dogma by ending it.

The results are coming in WMD Islam as the Western elite cuddles Islam dollars and attempts to pet good terrorists while bankrupting itself on endless murder of bad terrorists. The adult would embark upon the Vespasian Solution. The Romans after 100 years of Jewish terrorism, finally concluded the correct policy. The Americans being led around by Ashkenaz finance have not learned, but instead with their technology have created oil terror states and their own national assassins.

The adult diplomatic answer is the Vespasian Solution. George W. Bush's democracy led to voting terrorism and the Birther Hussein Obama community organized Islam led to Marxist terrorism inside the West.

Shatter Islam at it's source, in the hearts and minds of Islam. Make them so vanquished as the American Indian terrorists were, that they will never rise again to overt slaughter......exactly as Emperor Vespasian gave his gift to the world in ending Jewish terrorism in 70 AD in the year of our Lord.