Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Other White Meat

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is a frozen chicken legs not about tits up Birther Hussein in the frozen section of the Magnum PI freezer section. Inquiry says Jarrett moved the body, and is why they purchased the Magnum PI compound in Hawaii, as there is a freezer in the garage there, and at the bottom is Birther Hussein, and he has a load of steak.....literally 300 pounds of fillet that cadaver is buried in.
Marty Nesbitt was suggested to buy it for this storage.

...and yes the freezer is locked.

This though is about the chicken taking over this house. His legs are sort of not right colored yet, but he sleeps in a box on the deep freeze, gets down to his box to get fed in, and then decides where he is going to eat, poop and sleep during the day.
I really do not know he is around much, except when he starts talking in contentment in making happy sounds.

He loves tomatoes, as I had some rotting ones from the garden saved, and he helped himself to them, and was quite pleased.

Baby Belle and Baby Daisy are doing well, after the frost we had. They are sleeping in the old barn now and when I leave the door open to pitch hay to them, they come out for a run and things.
That is the next step in money for a place, means a hay bale of their very own, to save my back  and get them on full feed. God gets that big ticket out of the way and things should be better, as then it will be some equipment for cutting hay and growing some oats for them.
I still get pissed at my dad, for wasting his life.  Those years people could get by on nothing, as everything was pretty with this Obama inflation, these retard farmers are all speculating in they all want gold for broken old shit. I think things will bite here in a few years, but I need to get things done now and not be waiting around.

The ponies are doing good as are the few cows. Have been feeding corn leaf bales as is cheaper, but in the cold they need more and will have to switch.....probably get some mineral block so the babies inside them are strong.
Neighbor said the rancher a few miles over was feeding his calves to coyotes last year and preferred to not repeat that.........I was chasing a damned owl at 5 AM this morning as he woke me up from sleep. Not about to allow that predator to eat my bunnies, kitties or poultry. He is a wild SOB and flies off to the neighbors.

If the weather straightens out, will see about jewelry for some predators. Mom is under the weather at the moment, so am nursing her. Just need some calm  around here for about a 1000 years after Jesus comes back.

That seems about it for the report, except I report I hate snow and that has not changed. I am ready for spring, and the days to be 15 hours and the nights 60 degrees. Someday I think I will run an ad on Craigslist when I get a place for people to get rid of farm animals they don't want to see end up dead or just have had enough of.....up to a point, as I am not going to take stuff that should be put down, but perhaps one day I will get a llama, as never had one of those spitters before, and they hate coyotes with a passion.

Oh I wanted to mention to Kate that I did make several Trump things for Cafe Press, but for some reason, they were all removed. So much for political free speech, but I did try.

Well better close the barn gate as it does not hold wind with it open.