Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A Different Choice of Cruz

the baby girls one day for votes and the wife's hoochie the next

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am going to treat the supporters of Ted Cruz here as adults, and I will be honest as I always am in writing insights, because the supporters of Ted Cruz are Patriots and I desire for them to in time, vote for Donald Trump, as in order to keep this election from being stolen, and to give Mr. Trump such a Reagan type, massive mob vote to terrify the elites, so that all of us, right and left can take back America from these criminal billionaire feudal caste.

What I am asking for the Ted Cruz voters to do is to weigh all of this out on the one issue which is going to cripple him as President if he were to displace Donald Trump and somehow steal it back from Hillary Clinton, and that is the issue of Ted Cruz is a Canadian.

Please do not go into shutdown on this, because what I am about to lay out is the reality in all of this which you are going to have to face.

Ted Cruz grabbed power by having his wife con the Rockefellers in she worked for them, and wrote the white paper on the North American Union which would end these United States. Ted Cruz jointly was conning the Bush family to gain power, and when he arrived at Washington, he made his wife quit the CFR adn he stabbed the Bush family in the back, because  his real backers were Big Billionaire, as he was sent in to displace Sarah Palin at the Tea Party.
As a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, I am going to point something Kennedy out in this, that if you were in CIA, the red lights would be going off. Ted Cruz's old man was a Cuban revolutionary who somehow survived with Castro and got out of Cuba.
Cruz is a nobody, but got into Harvard, the prime Obama recruiting ground of the CIA. Given how Ted Cruz winds his way through things, and stabs powerful people in the back without their retaliation, I believe Ted Cruz is closer to the Grassy Knoll group at Dallas in his backers than anyone has ever considered. He looks like Bill Buckley in being a CIA  handler.

Ted Cruz is not all powerful though, as you can hear John McCain mentioning that Canadian birth and Rand Paul saying Cruz is to be Prime Minister of Canada as that he is qualified for. McCain is the billionaire mob money and defense establishment, and Paul is that Wall Street group who takes out Conservatives so the Romney's can be nominated, as that is what Ron Paul's job was in politics.
What I am pointing out is Ted Cruz has major Birtha problems on the right in some of the most devious backstabbers in politics.

This might not seem that big of deal to the Cruz supports, but the liberal democrats are on record already, stating that they are going to file lawsuit after lawsuit, and those lawsuits are going to go before Obama federal judges who protected him from Orly Taitz, and a Supreme Court which in Roberts and Kennedy have bent over for Obama's sodomite regime.

So project this out, in you know what is coming. Ted Cruz wins in November. The next day, the democrats file an injunction questioning the eligability of Ted Cruz as a Canadian. The Obama judge agrees, and the case works it's way, taking months to get to the Supreme Court. More papers are filed stopping Cruz from being certified by the electoral college in being a Canadian.
Every GOP stooge is backing this, and the electoral college refuses to certify.
This gets thrown to the GOP stooge and pro Hillary Congress..............they refuse to certify Ted Cruz, as the press absolutely goes scorched earth against Ted Cruz, and every Birther, including this blog once again is standing for the Truth in Obama was illegitimate, and Ted Cruz certainly is.

Ted Cruz may never get inaugurated and the entire GOP vote will be thrown out for fraud, so the next highest vote getter would probably be certified by the chummy GOP with Hillary Clinton, and if Cruz gets into office, he is going to be hounded with impeachment hearings in Congress, as once again, the Bush Rockefeller group hates this fringe Billionaire group which is backing Ted Cruz.

See Obama had cover. Ted Cruz has absolutely no judicial nor political cover. He has a faction in intelligence and Wall Street, and that is not going to save him.

I desire to examine Ted Cruz's birth, because that is vital in all of this.

Ted Cruz was born in Canada. That means Ted Cruz like Barack Obama, being registered under British Commonwealth, means that child is British. Under British Commonwealth Law, a child born of even an American mother, is still British, because it falls to the father, and Ted Cruz's sperm donor, was Cuban, so the precident in British Law is Ted Cruz is protected with British Rights.
This is why Cruz stated his mum asked him if he wanted to be Canadian or American, because Ted Cruz was already Canadian and in order to transfer to American rights, he had to publish this fact.
I can find no evidence that Ted Cruz ever published this fact to the public, no more than Obama ever did. British or Commonwealth Citizenship just does not expire. Once you are British you are always British.

For American Law, that means the reality, that Ted Cruz is not native born, a natural citizen.

I will note the other examples in this in John McCain was born in the Canal Zone to American parents, which was American Territory, which makes him a natural citizen.
Barry Goldwater was born to American parents in Arizona Territory which was American, which makes him natural born.

I have stated that Marco Rubio is a special case in both his parents were born in Cuba, but Cuba was an American Protectorate like Puerto Rico and the Philippines due to the Spanish American War.
That is why Anna Chin, the wife claimed by Barack Obama Sr. who he told immigration had "gone back to the Philippines", and she claimed she was "American", in being the birth mother of Barack Obama jr., is of the same type as the Rubio parents, but in her coming to America to be an anchor wife for Barack Sr., had a disqualified child, as Birther Obama was registered in Kenya as British, renounced his citizenship for Indonesian Muslim upon his adoption, and then was smuggled back into America, where Barack jr. was taking college grants from the US Government as a foreign student.
That is why Obama is disqualified as much as Ted Cruz.

Rubio, who I am not supporting, but I deal in legal Truth, is elligable to be President, because he was born in America, to Cubans born under the American Protectorate, who immigrated to America. That makes Marco Rubio native born.
This situation changed when Castro took control of Cuba, for Cubans born in Cuba were no longer under American status,as much as Filipinos are no longer of American status.

These are the things which Ted Cruz is going to have to fight out in court. It is going to smear him, and make everything he does illegitimate. There are going to be Democratic burn downs like Ferguson across America, and marches in DC that are going to rival Vietnam.
What is left of America is going to come apart, as Democrats under Nancy Pelosi did this to gain power in using Cyndi Sheehan against George W. Bush in the Iraq War with absolute success.
.....and the fact is like Watergate, the GOP insiders are going to be sticking the knife into Ted Cruz along with Democrats.

Ted Cruz will be impeached or forced to resign, with terrorists blooming all through America and China and Russia challenging America at every point.

Ted Cruz will so obliterate the Conservative movement, because all that will be left is the John McCain wing in power, that you can forget about every issue you care about, and that Ted Cruz is handing toys to Mexicans over inviting them to stay in America......but wait, now Ted is telling Mexicans they have to leave, because it is politically necessary.

On the evidence, Ted Cruz is a fraud. Anyone who gives gifts to Mexican invaders and votes for Obamatrade, is not Tea Party, but a minder. I believe that 100%. What I need, as it is necessary for the good of America, is for the Ted Cruz voters to weigh the above, not with being hurt in being betrayed, and certainly not in being humiliated by what I have posted here, but for the good of America.

Each of you know political hell is coming to America if Ted Cruz finds his way into the White House. The liberals will take their courts and rip him to shreds along with the Tea Party. They will remove him with a great deal of blood and so impugn him and the GOP right, as was accomplished against Richard Nixon, to the great harm of the Republican party.

In this, John McCain and Lindsey Graham are going to be plotting along with this, to ruin all of you, as they want you silenced so this patrician GOP will rule over you in the same laws as Obama imprisons you with.

Those are the facts of the future, and now you know it, and it can not be denied.

Ted Cruz if he was American, in knowing what was coming, in the Birther Movement, would never have gotten into this race, and exposed Conservatives to this. Cruz does not care as he is bought by money interests and is an intelligence operative.

I know the Ted Cruz voters care about American deeply, and it is going to be up to them, to not allow this to happen. The best solution to all of this is to give Donald Trump such a huge margin in the first 3 states in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, that on Super Tuesday he seals this as the winner. That way a united front can neutralize any GOP elite brokered conventions, and we can focus on wiping Hillary Clinton from the map, and not be faced every day, with Hillary Clinton talking about Canadian Ted Cruz, and Saturday Night Live weekly draping Ted Cruz in the Canadian flag.

I am not writing this to disparage Canadians. I like Canucks. My great grandparents came from Nova Scotia, after their parentage had been forced out of America in the Revolution, as they were Tories. I know Canadians and the Western Canadians are mostly American imports from 1900 in that land grab of that era, and I like Canadians, as they do not do what Ted Cruz does in muddying the waters.

I want you to listen to this closing, as it is important. When I started this 2016 campaign, years ago, I told everyone that Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton were the stooges. Just a few months ago, all of you armchair experts were saying like you had thought it up, that Jeb and Hillary were the nominees and it was over.
I begged different, and made the move as I knew there was a way to stop this, and I told everyone my objective was to stop Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton. We are close now to this objective.

I first moved to support Gov. Scott Walker, but when he betrayed America like Ted Cruz in going for Obamatrade, I cut him to the wind, as I am not going to fight for frauds.

When Donald Trump appeared, I  told all of you, that he was the horse to ride us out of the Obama Abyss. That is what was vital to me, in stopping Jeb and Hillary first, as the unknown of Donald Trump was better than the knows of Jebus and Hamrod.
Since then, I am convinced in Reverse Speech evidence that Donald Trump is real. Everything he espouses is what he believes. He is a flag wearing Yankee Doodle Dandy at heart.

My objective is simple. Defeat everyone, get Donald Trump into the White House, get our people who are Conservative Americans into key cabinet posts to dismantle this civil service criminalizing Americans and implementing the Bush, Clinton, Obama despotry, and then work on the three things Donald Trump is focused.

Stopping the invasion.
Jobs and getting Conglomerate trillions back inside America.
American Security based upon a working peaceful relationship with Vladimir Putin.

All of this form the fabric of America. It is necessary for every Ted Cruz voter to understand that what they are building is going to fray and destroy what is left of the weavers like myself, attempting to fix this. You will break the loom with Ted Cruz, and there are not going to be any spare parts to repair this, as this is all this dire now due to what Birther Obama initiated.

America needs what you believe in. I need you for Donald Trump's American fabric, to make certain Mr. Trump is reminded to always be person like Ronald Reagan he has grown to be.
We need you to make this weave bullet proof.

It is an adult decision you have to deal with now. Your loyalties to America were taken advantage of by someone who fooled the Rockefellers and the Bushs, and they are masters of deception. I want you Ted Cruz voters home with Donald Trump where you can gain the power you are looking for, because you come home now to Mr. Trump, and he is never going to forget people who joined him when he needed them.

You have Donald Trump. Now you mould him to the best of your ability to pull your plough, and look for an uber Conservative as Vice President, to cement this all into place.
It is going to be more difficult without you, and easier with you. You will eventually be voting for Mr. Trump, and logically you should do it earlier than later, as the earlier we present a united front, the more leverage we have in the art of this deal, to get the billionaires to give back more of what they have stolen from you.

You take the easiest ground to gain what you are after, you do not carry around 190 pounds of Canadian Taco, which you are going to have to unburden yourself with later.
Donald Trump is doing all the fighting for you, with Ted Cruz you are going to have to fight for him.

Just vote Donald Trump, so we can focus on building our lives during the Great Tribulation.

nuff said