Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Peace in our Time

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

"With constantly improving facilities for travel, it is to be hoped that the world may build far greater and more lasting peace and security so that more and more people will be able to visit this remarkable meeting ground of three continents."

Historian Nelson Beecher Keyes
1961 AD

1962–1970 North Yemen Civil War[28][29][g]  North Yemen 100,000–200,000
1962–1975 Dhofar Rebellion[12]  Oman 10,000
1963 White Revolution (Iran)[12]  Iran 100
1963 February 1963 Ba'athist Iraqi coup[30]  Iraq 1,000
1963 8th of March Syrian Revolution[31]  United Arab Republic
1963–1967 Aden Emergency[32]  Federation of South Arabia
 South Yemen
1963 November 1963 Iraqi coup [30]  Iraq 250
1964 1964 Hama riot[33][34]  Syria 70–100
1966 1966 neo-Ba'athist coup d'état in Syria[12]  Syria 400
1970–1971 Jordanian-Palestinian Civil War[27]  Jordan 2,000–25,000
1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus[19][35]  Cyprus 1,500–5,000
1975–1990 Lebanese Civil War[36][h]  Lebanon 150,000
1976–1979 Political violence in Turkey, 1970s[37][38][39]  Turkey 5,000–5,388
1976–1982 Islamic uprising in Syria[40] Syria
Syria Syria
1979 Iranian Revolution[41][42]  Iran 3,164–60,000
1979–1980 Consolidation of the Iranian Revolution [i]  Iran 10,171
1979–1983 Saudi Eastern Province unrest[43]  Saudi Arabia 182–219
1979 Grand Mosque Seizure[44]  Saudi Arabia 307
1980 1980 Turkish coup d'état[45][46]  Turkey 127–550
1980 Sadr uprising (1980)[47]  Iraq 1,000–30,000
1980–1988 Iran-Iraq war[19][48][j]  Iran
1984–2013 Turkey-PKK conflict[49][verification needed]  Turkey
 Iraqi Kurdistan
1986 South Yemen Civil War[50]  South Yemen 5,000–12,000
1986 1986 Egyptian Conscription Riot[51]  Egypt 107
1986 1986 Damascus bombings[52]  Syria 204
1987 Iranian pilgrim riot (Mecca massacre)[53]  Saudi Arabia 402
1987–1988 ANO Executions  Lebanon
1989–1996 KDPI insurgency (1989–96)  Iran 168-503
1990–1991 Gulf War[36]  Iraq
 Saudi Arabia
1991 1991 uprisings in Iraq[47][54]  Iraq 50,000–100,000
1992–2000 Muslim Brotherhood terror campaign[55][page needed]  Egypt 1,300–2,000
1994 1994 civil war in Yemen[citation needed]  Yemen 7,000–10,000
1995– Islamic Insurgency in Saudi Arabia[citation needed]  Saudi Arabia 300
1998 Operation Desert Fox[26][27] (Iraqi no-fly zones)  Iraq 2,000
1999 1999 Shia uprising in Iraq[12][56]  Iraq 100–200
2003–2011 Iraq War[57][58][59][60][61][62][k] Iraq Ba'athist Iraq
Iraq Iraq
2004 Qamishli massacre (2004)[63][64]  Syria 30–100
2004–2014 Shia insurgency in Yemen[65][66][verification needed][67]  Saudi Arabia
2004– Iran-PJAK conflict[68]  Iran
 Iraqi Kurdistan
2006– Fatah–Hamas conflict[69][70]  Palestinian Authority
Flag of Hamas.svg Gaza Strip
2007 Nahr al-Bared fighting  Lebanon 480
2008 2008 Lebanon conflict  Lebanon 105
2009–2015 South Yemen Insurgency[71]  Yemen 2,100+
2009–2010 Iranian election protests[72]  Iran 72–150
2010–2015 Yemeni al-Qaeda crackdown[73][74]  Yemen 3,000+
2011 Egyptian Crisis (2011–14)  Egypt 4,000+
2011 2011 Bahraini uprising  Bahrain 100+
2011– Yemeni Crisis (2011–present)  Yemen 3,000+
2011– Syrian Civil War  Syria 220,374–313,374+
2011– Sinai insurgency  Egypt 1,000+
2011– Iraqi insurgency (post-U.S. withdrawal)  Iraq 22,000–30,000
2011– Syrian Civil War spillover in Lebanon  Lebanon 675-700
2011– Spillover of the Syrian Civil War  Syria n/a

Thee above is from Wikipedia, and apparently the Obama regime in war starting was so immense that it wore the keyboards out at Wiki and the writers collapsed in exhaustion in 2011, to never recover, as now there is:

NATO bombing ISIS
US protecting ISIS
Russia bombing ISIS
Jordan bombing ISIS
France bombing ISIS
ISIS genocide in Kurdistan
ISIS genocide in Syria
Saudi Arabia at war with Yemen
oh yes, Libya in civil war and terror war

Let us just end with that, as I do not want my keyboard wore out nor to collapse from exhaustion in recording the volume of Obama wars in the Mideast.

For the record, Jimmy Carter made Middle Peace his hallmark priority. Bill Clinton advanced it. George W. Bush attempted to advance it, but Barack Hussein Obama Chin blew it all up.

The fraud of the press in this is immense, as there was a constant litany of "Mideast Peace" in harping at Ronald Reagan over this, but we never hear the press demanding such from the Obama regime, for the simple reason Obama has so obliterated peace, that it can never appear as he is the messiah of war.

Nuff said.