Wednesday, January 27, 2016

America's Political Prisoners

Editor's Note: The FBI is live tracking this photo from Oregon Live, in all who copy it from that site and use it, are being directly reported by the spyware. It is the explanation of why this photo was playing magic imprint all over this blog, until it was resaved.

America's Political Prisoners

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have been re assessing the Lame Cherry, because I know I am alone here, in thousands of you are nothing but armchair patriots who expect me to endanger my life, and face the fate of the Oregon Patriots, as you live your lives of luxury. None of you are worth it and that is the fact of all that you are.
The few people who would stand by me frightened, I am not going to put through that, as they have families, are sick and should never be put into that position, as I will not put upon people like that.

What I have waited for in this, was a mistake in the cover up of the murder of LaVoy Finicum, and it came today. The FBI held a propaganda press conference and the one thing which would have acquitted their actions and proven Ammon Bundy a liar, never appeared.
THERE WAS NO DASH CAM or SHOULDER CAM VIDEO showing how LaVoy Finicum died. That is the proof.

Did we not all just hear that image Obama was mandating that all law enforcement were to be wearing mini cams to record all they did? And yet where among the Oregon State Police and this FBI ambush of Americans stopped at a stop sign, is any of this video or radio feed? None was presented to ruin Ammon Bundy and  refute him as a liar. That means the FBI is hiding what they did from the American public.

Twice Ammon Bundy was able to get the story out of what happened January 26th, 2016, one day before the birthday of the senior citizen, LaVoy Finicum, father of 11 children, and the story matched each time, in Mr. Finicum had his arms raised in the air, announced he was unarmed, and at that point he was murdered by the FBI and Oregon State Police.

I have been monitoring this, and noted last night that FOX radio was telling the entire world that the occupation of the refuge was over in the events of the night, and yet today we are hearing the FBI has begun a siege of these Americans to terrorize them, in starving them out in armed intimidation.

Let us not forget that the FBI mock stood down, to lure out Ammon Bundy, and this group of Americans, who were going to a public meeting in Grant County Oregon, where the Sheriff there was going to Constitutionally protect them. This is why the Bundy Group was ambushed as the FBI could not touch them in this county, and the entire information clamp down would have undone in this operation.

Review what took place today on Talk Radio. There was a complete black out on Big Koch, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. It is too early for Levin, but Levin is too busy trashing Donald Trump and like Ted Cruz telling Americans to surrender to be assassinated, that the worst event since Ruby Ridge in terrorism against Americans by the DC regime is going unchallenged.

Pete Santilli, the only Journalist loyal to America to be on the ground covering this has been arrested. An American Journalist arrested, and not one word from the Obama puppy press New York Times or any other media, who are owned  by this Conglomeratism raping and murdering Americans.

Without any video proof produced by the FBI or Oregon State Police in this first press  conference, the guilt is now on the regime and their police state. All credibility for the FBI has been shattered as they were in on the murder of LaVoy Finicum. The Truth is Ammon Bundy has never been caught lying once, and he would know what lying would do to his credibility, so therefore the reality is, there is an FBI cover up of the Burns Oregon Event, and the only person who has been trustworthy is Ammon Bundy, because it was the FBI in operations pretending to militia people and threatening locals as has been proven, and it was Ammon  Bundy who has been telling the Truth from the start.

Oregon is about Hillary Clinton and her cronies, using the BLM to drive Americans off their land, in order to sell mining rights on that land to nation rapists. That is the documented proof. What is taking place with Ammon Bundy is the same type of policy which eradicated the American Indian. The only difference is, the American Christian Government of that era in seizing lands, gave millions of dollars, millions in food, shelter, education and lands to the Indians, but the Obama Clinton Cruz regime in this modern era just murders Americans or puts them as political prisoners into an 8 by 10 foot cell.

Make no mistake, that American Genocide is taking place. Make no mistake that Ammon Bundy and these people are American Political Prisoners who should be secured for protection by International Courts as they are every bit the equal of Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Barack Hussein Obama Sr.

The Constriction phase will now take place in Oregon, in a seige starvation of Americans on their own lands and in their own nation. The most certain sign of the next phase as I have stated will be the rolling in of armoured assault vehicles to douse these Americans with some nerve gas to drive them out into the winter cold, where they can be chased with frosted lungs and bloodied feet by Hummers and SWAT attack helicopters.
I can tell the fringe press is scared, really scared now. This regime intimidation is complete and the next phase of this operation is to so terrify Americans, that they will never stand up to the conglomerates again in having their wills shattered, just as the American Indians have been reduced to this 3rd world communist group serving Obama.

I am re assessing this blog, as this is the game changing event which I warned of. You evil rich people could have funded the Lame Cherry internet vision media, which would have been out there, and none of this would have happened, but instead you kept your millions. Now the thin line of people like myself are crumbling or they have you sit and listen to the braying against Donald Trump and none of these traitors in the media will tell you a blessed thing, or stand up and speak out like the Ministers being assaulted and murdered by the British before 1776 or the Priests in Russia after the Revolution.

The few Patriots in America are now alone telling their story, and know that you are not a Patriot, so stop deluding yourselves as you never supported this blog. You are the menace who reported me to Facebook and murdered all the animals around here. You are these Cruz and Bush Tories, the Benedict Arnolds of the modern age.

An American was murdered by the police state one day before his birthday. If the FBI is so righteous in this, then let us have image Obama line them all up, with the Oregon State Police and hand out Presidential Medals, and let us construct a monument to them on the spot that LaVoy Finicum's blood stains the ground in Oregon, for saving America from the menace of a senior citizen broken down old cowboy, who was unarmed and had surrendered.
Let us have a Pennsylvania Avenue Parade for the FBI. Let us name schools, hospitals and airports after these police state heroes who pumped 3 rounds at point blank range into an old man, as these are the heroes to emulate and we should all name our children after.

So why is the FBI and the Oregon State Police not showing the evidence of their wonderful deeds? Why not expose Ammon Bundy as a liar and turn all American against him? Why not give them the victory parade for all of this and a White House ceremony?

Why hide in the shadows? Why take another day before holding a press conference in getting out the information, when if what they did was so righteous, they should not be hiding in those shadows?

The Lame Cherry is calling for again, a Congressional investigation into the entire Hammond situation, the links to Hillary Clinton, the death of LaVoy Finicum and now the operation to terrorize and starve Americans who are on the lands which these American taxpayers have purchased with their tax money.

Where is the video proof? Is it so Sheik bin Laden, that the American will be told they can not handle it, after we have seen Col. Khadaffi beaten, sodomized, murdered and displayed? Is it we can not handle the footage of the death of LaVoy Finicum, because we could not handle the gang rape of Lara Logan and Chris Stevens by Muslims?

Where is the video proof? Or is it the proof that video matches what Ammon Bundy reported to the world in that LaVoy Finicum had surrendered and was murdered exactly, as the persistent rumors have said for years matched what the police state did to another old man in Gordon Kahl, a generation ago?

The press is not going to report on this, the American Congress will do nothing, and the fringe press is intimidated, and most of you have pulled  the cell door behind you and locked it, as you expect others to stand up for Americans while you pretend you care.

Victoria Sharp Eye Witness Account

FBI Justifies It's Actions Without Proof

Shootout Between Oregon State Trooper and Army ... - ABC News

Oregon State Police released shocking footage of a deadly shootout that took place between a state trooper and an Army veteran after the officer pulled the man over ...

Odd how there is video of the Oregon State Police gunning down a veteran, but there is no video released to back up what they HAVE NOT SAID happened to LaVoy Finicum.

If you need this pointed out, NO PATRIOT PULLED A WEAPON OR FIRED A ROUND, or  that would have been the story blared out over the press. It would stand to reason there was as on Benghazi night, that there as a live feed to FBI headquarters to Director Comey's office and his staff as much as dash cams which are mandatory for the Oregon State Police. It would also stand to reason, that all of this, from the radio calls to the digitals have now met with unforeseen  technical difficulties and have been erased.

The regime is telling you exactly what happened out there and what has been covered up, and it is corroborating what Ammon Bundy has told the world. LaVoy Finicum is not going to be the last to die in this and only the first, as the next time the police state is going to have to have several of their own start firing blanks to make it all legal and for prime time.

Watch the video of LaVoy Finicum. Does this look like an American who is dangerous and should have been gunned down? An old cowboy who was trying to save the Paiute Nation's tribal treasures being destroyed by the Obama Clinton Cruz regime?

Keep digging on this in understanding this, because these are INDIAN ARTIFACTS, as in the Paiute have monetary rights to this seized lands mineral rights which would bring them billions of dollars. That is a certain reason the Obama police state was agitated to shut this down in murdering LaVoy Finicum as native artifacts were being destroyed and that is the legal proof that the Indians were never compensated for these resources.

LaVoy Finicum Protector of American Indian Treasures