Wednesday, January 27, 2016

More Bernie than Bust

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My children and my brats, do you know who and what you are facing in Bernie Sanders really? The best all of you could accomplish is saying he is an old man and you heard he is a commie. Your understanding is akin to the always experts on the Soviet Union in the 1960's who kept watching bomber flights over the Kremlin on  Red Day, and mistaking one flight in a loop for a dozen.

The Russian  Times opens doors which the Obama puppy press will not, nor will Matt Drudge. Now ask yourself why is it, that they do not want you to know who Bernie Sanders is. No I do not mean the creepy 60's radical like Bill Ayer's who wrote a sex paper that women like to be raped, but the Bernie Sanders summed up in the quotes of Caleb Maupin. Maupin can hide behind behind vogue and vague terms in what he really is, but this supporter of Bernie Sanders is the Trotsky of the modern age.
Something historical is being employed by the cartel and America, as something that would have gotten Bernie Sanders Kinged as in Martin Luther King jr'd for being a communist back in the day.

This is not some shadowy communist party in America backing Bernie Sanders. This is the Neo Radicalism in all that murky and clever cartel and George Soros verbiage a century old, which the people in American cities experienced like Fred Trump marching against two Americans being murdered by anarchists and the people of Moscow heard as Trotsky sat by the Christian serfs whispering to them revolution, they could believe in, but became the Soviet nightmare.

Bernie Sanders is emerging and becoming identified with a mass movement for raising the wages of the low-wage workers, the mass movement against racism. He is becoming the candidate who is most identified with people who are politically… frustrated with the emerging low-wage police state

In the US we have a mass movement right now of people demanding the minimum wage to be raised to $15 per hour. And Bernie Sanders has embraced that movement. There is a mass uprising right now against police brutality and racism.

For those who do not fathom this, Bernie Sanders is everything Barack Obama hides in his nefarious agency restructuring and executive orders. Bernie Sanders is more than anything that Hillary Clinton could ever stoop to be in being a Rockefeller Republican minder of Bill Clinton, because Bernie Sanders believes all of this warped Marxism will succeed when it has failed across the globe.

Understand that Bernie Sanders is not important in this, as this is the realm of the Bill Ayers and Caleb Maupin, the sons of Trotsky in master manipulators of the livestock who bleat and bawl, in focusing on 15 dollar an hour wages and the mass movement against racism, which the Obama regime created to make this an issue.

If you look at the Bernie Sanders voters, they are the pasty white zombies. The perfect blank slates for Caleb Maupin to write his thoughts into. This is where the master brush of the Trotsky masters paint in being employed by the elite who can barely masturbate correctly, and that is why the rely on the Maupins in Wall Street Occupation or defining those bleating Sander's voters into being a flock of their only use, just as they were for Obama in being cover for stolen elections to install this image of the foreign fag.

It must be wonderful to be a Trotksyite, among these mutton entres, the crippled old geezer billionaires needing suitcases of Viagra, and this senile Bernie Sanders, as appendages to the Maupin brain.

I have a little insight for you Americans, especially those on the right, a revolution is coming, which is calling for the revolution of Ammon Bundy to be exterminated as you little children and brats, have abandoned them to being murdered by the state.

Do you get it now that Obama cultivated the field and now Caleb Maupin is tending the thorns to choke you out of existence and this is the reality, either you are going to save yourselves with Donald Trump, or you are going to die. I apologize for not sugar coating this, but you should be aware that you are dealing with adults who like Trotksy have picked their Lenin as a front man, and they will rise to glory as Lenin fades.

Supporters of US Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders cheer as he speaks at a town hall campaign event in Clinton, Iowa on January 23, 2016. © Mark Kauzlarich

 Prisoners of the Obama Low Wage Police State

Oh to be Trotksy, a pasty white old man, a pasty old Jew and pasty white sheep who think they are more intelligent than the wolf, and all the are is bbq.
15 dollar an hour jobs and the conglomerates will raise 15 dollar a gallon gasoline. Stop racism and the police state, and the regime will rape your ass by Islam while the cops  take the pictures.

What will it be my children and my brats, are you going to be bbq too.

I prefer to be the one at the table and not on the platter.

It’s as if Trump is courting Lady America with wine, roses and his alpha-male persona, while the Establishment candidates are lead-tongued nerds promising a tent with NSA surveillance, a bowl of soup and squatters on a burnt-out lawn.

See Americans know they are in an Obama gulag, the difference is Bernie Sanders hosts want to be replaced with Latin Jesuits and Muslim Arabs, ruled by white Marxists,  and Donald Trump's Patriots desire to rule the hosts in their own lands and not be exterminated by them.