Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Heidi Cruz Driven Suicidal By Ted Cruz

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) (C) kisses his wife Heidi Cruz while standing ...

          I wouldn't hug that bastard either!!!

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Inside Edition has broken the story that Rafael Ted Cruz drove his wife Heidi to such severe depression, that the Mrs. was found by police, parked along a dangerous highway, and they radioed in that they thought she was a danger to herself.

Heidi Cruz, had no support from her husband after leaving her high power job at the Bush43 Administration, was packed back off to Texas, where she almost ended her life.
The wife had given up everything, in being the most powerful woman in the marriage, and Washington, where she was dragged back home to be with her husband.......Ted Cruz, Solicitor of Texas.

Think of it, you worked for everything.........the Rockefellers, the Big Jew bank of Goldman Sachs, the Bush White are an American, and if you stayed on the road, you should be Senator  Heidi Cruz of Texas and President Heidi Cruz............and you get dragged back home, chained to the baby maker bed post, and told to smile pretty, so Taco Ted can pull an Obama and steal the White House again.

No wonder Heidi Cruz almost took a suitcase of overdose, almost headed her beamer into a semi, almost found a long drop on a short rope, almost slipped with the razor shaving her legs and slit the wrists, almost took a Smith and Wesson between the tits, as her life was over in being married to Ted Cruz.

I mean, her life was not enough, as Ted then  took out loans from Big Wall Street and Big Bank, putting everything Heidi Cruz had sold herself for in hock, and that little cock Ted has just has lost all it's shine in marrying something exotic.
It makes one wonder how many times Muchelle Obama had her head pulled out of the toilet bowl trying to drown herself only to be rescued by lesbian Val-erie Jarrett.

Heidi Cruz though was rescued, by Texas Police. It is too bad they could not rescue her from Ted Cruz though, and find her a nice Caucasian American who could appreciate her robust body and rotund appetite for her personal glory, and she would be the American running for President, and not Ted Cruz.

I do have sympathy for Heidi Cruz in being made to give up everything for a Ted. The reality of the Ted Cruz for Ted Cruz voters is, do they really want someone so selfish that they drive their wife nuts, with their finger on the 3 AM button?

I made up my mind some time ago, the answer to that is NO.

I just sort of feel bad that I was not there for Heidi Cruz when the preacher asked if there was anyone who could show good cause why Ted Cruz should not get to dip is dick into her. It could have saved all of us from this Green Eggs and Ham insanity.

At least we know that Heidi Cruz will be voting for Donald Trump, so she can get her life back.....or what is left of it after Ted Cruz.

Heidi Cruz Likes Donald Trump's 'The Apprentice'

One show has earned the praise of Heidi Cruz, Ted Cruz's wife: "The Apprentice," starring Donald J. Trump.
New York Times1 day ago