Thursday, January 28, 2016

Regime Bonuses for Murdering Americans

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You do know that Obama regime pays a bonus to "law enforcement" for murdering Americans right?

You know that the FBI in Oregon is "law enforcement" which in the pay scale pays bonuses for "hazardous pay" when the FBI has to shoot old senior citizen cowboys with their hands in the air right?

You do know that is why the Oregon governor was bitching about the "costs in dealing with the refuge situation" in hundreds of thousands of dollars, had to do with "law enforcement" getting the bonuses of "overtime pay" for "hazardous duty" right?

You do know that and are aware that the entire Citizenry of Burns Oregon was terrorized by the FBI and "other agencies" in a massive psyops operation, which closed down schools for "security precautions" and had FBI agents pretending to be Patriots who were abusing town folk in order to turn the people of Oregon against these Patriots right?

You do know that the mole who led these Patriots into being shot at and murdered, is being paid a bonus to having completed their part of this operation right?

I want each of you to consider this, that just like in Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany and Obama FBI state America, that what was done to LaVoy Finicum can be done to you.

Now you might be making excuses that you are just hiding under your bed or you have connections or you would never occupy anything, but this is not about doing anything wrong. This is about if a federal or state uniform wearer orders you to do something, or has orders that you violate, they can put a sniper round right between your eyes, just like that FBI hero did to LaVoy Finicum, received his bonuses, and his comrades back slapped him for a great brain shot, and his superiors noted glowingly in his record that this agent shot an American in the head, proving all of their target practice, in which you paid for the bullets and are paying the bonuses to shoot Americans in the head, is exactly paying off.

I want you to consider when you hear the Obama regime purchased 1.5 billion rounds of ammo, with your tax money, that some of those 40 S & W cartridges were inside LaVoy Finicum. We are never going to see the autopsy photos of LaVoy Finicum with that great head shot, because those are just for the private trophy walls of FBI agents.

You do know that the FBI, other agencies, the Oregon State police and the governor all celebrated after what took place in Oregon right? You do know that they soothe their consciences with the same Nazi protocols "of just following orders" and that it was these American's fault for going on lands which are American People's lands and it was LaVoy Finicum's crime for driving away from "law enforcement" who were shooting at him and other Americans.

You do know that it was "law enforcement" who fired the first shot at a Patriot who had surrendered, had his hands out the window, was pleading to "law enforcement" to let the two women out first so protect them right?

You do know that "law enforcement" either deliberately missed or missed the head shot on this young man in the pick up, and as LaVoy Finicum was attempting to find the protection of the Sheriff, that "law enforcement" opened up on the vehicle DRIVING TOWARD THE PROTECTIVE CUSTODY OF THE SHERIFF RIGHT?

I want you to review this, as most of you could care less as proven by your lack of support or donations here, in LaVoy Finicum, was on his land, and when "law enforcement" decided to "end this situation" with the excuse of peacefully, that any American would violate those rules, because "law enforcement" started firing first, and when these Americans fled to find protective custody their vehicle was sprayed with bullets, roads were blocked, and when LaVoy Finicum understood that this was an assassination operation by "law enforcement" he approached them telling them to shoot him, because LaVoy Finicum knew he was not going to make it out of there alive.

"Law enforcement" was never going to allow LaVoy Finicum to be arrested. There were prepositioned snipers in trees, whose only purpose is to take out Americans with head shots.

All of this shows premediation in actions, not to apprehend Americans, except the one person who was supposed to be arrested for a show trial in Ammon Bundy and that is why he was escorted to his position behind the gunnery range, and LaVoy Finicum, with the FBI forensic psychological unit having worked up detailed profiles, knew exactly which actions to initiate, so LaVoy Finicum would react exactly the way he did, so they could put a bullet in his brain as an example to terrorize all of you to keep your mouths shut.

So you get this, as none of you have figured this out, or care. The FBI coordinated this to allow these Patriots to beleive they had the Consitutional Right off of the refuge of Free Assembly. A meeting was set up in another county to lure the Patriots off the refuge, whereby these two vehicles met a convoy of 40 some men in black, in passing by the convoy swung around and stopped the Ammon Bundy vehicle to obtain the prize for the show trial.

Other road blocks were set up, and LaVoy Finicum stopped and was immediately fired upon by "law enforcement"  as they attempted to surrender. LaVoy Finicum then attempted to find the safe haven of a Sheriff, drove into an ambush prepositioned to provide the coup de grace if the other ambushes failed, and then murdered this American.

People like Jeff Rense and Joel Skousen were confused as to how so many rounds could be fired at a vehicle and no one inside was harmed. If one understands ballistics, the answer is obvious in "law enforcement" was firing low velocity ammunition with bullets designed not to penetrate the light metal of a Ford pick up.
Now why would "law enforcement" be shooting light loads?

If you swat a dog with a newspaper is it going to come to you or flee? If you poke someone with a stick, are they going to come to you or flee? The evidence manifests in this, that after Ammon Bundy was apprehended alive, in giving up as a "coward and traitor" to the movement, that a group of martyrs were to be created.
You create martyrs by shooting at them to flush them into a kill zone, which the FBI stated they set up in a remote location deliberately. Once the vehicle reaches that location, a sniper has orders to take out the main objective and any others who offer 'resistance'

"Law enforcement" then hauls everyone away. Lets two people go, the Bundy driver to post odd things of confusing stories to what the eye witness is reporting, and blame LaVoy Finicum for all of this and his own murder, all to psychologically terrify the public, which all of you are, except the moron who rejoices at this, thinking that this several hundred thousand manned strike force is not one day going to be turned on them.

You did know all of this right? You know the Congress will not do a thing in investigating. You know that Rush Limbaugh and his mic heads for Big Koch in all the Hillary and Cruz conglomerates stealing these mineral rights out west are going to bury this story right? You do know that this is "legal" and no one is going to be arrested in "law enforcement" over this right?

You do know that they pay bonuses to murder Americans right?

You do know that Muslim terrorists in the Mideast under Obama's Rules of Engagement can not be fired upon unless they fire first right? You do know when liberal Occupy Wall Street does the exact same thing that the Oregon Patriots did, that the FBI protected them for the Obama regime right? You do know that "law enforcement" in America shoots Americans first whether they are surrendering or not right, in complete opposite to Muslims and liberal radicals right?

How Much Does an FBI Agent Make? - LewRockwell

How Much Does an FBI Agent Make? By David Hathaway. ... danger pay, hazardous duty pay, foreign COLA, and post differential and maybe a few other things like Sunday ...

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You do realize when "law enforcement" murders you and everyone is cheering or like you just sitting in luxury, that your body like LaVoy Finicum is going to be naked, filleted, photographed, FBI agents making jokes about it, while your family does not know where you are, and will probably be handed an urn as "law enforcement" cremates you to cover up your murder.

You know this information right, because what they did to LaVoy Finicum and over 100 Americans this year they will do to you.

FBI agents get danger pay to go to parties -

WASHINGTON - Taxpayers were billed an average of $45,000 in overtime and extra pay for each FBI agent temporarily posted to Iraq over the course of four years ...

If LaVoy Finicum is not too busy in his Heavenly rest, I hope he haunts like all these hundreds of other dead Americans, their murderers to drive them insane, just like Patrick Swayze did to his murderer in Ghost.