Wednesday, January 6, 2016

When You Are His Child

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Sandy wrote this note to me and I just received it. I wanted to respond to her, because people who have things that matter, always think they will lose them, but we never lose love.

Lc, as soon as i read tonight about kim jung un, i went straight to your blog . You confirmed my fears. I'm hitting my knees to beg God to save my grandbabies. I don't believe He will. I believe in my heart and sense in my spirit that He's given us over...I've never been able to watch sad movies, i cried and cried when i saw bambi and ol yeller as a child. I am so afraid. What do you do to keep on keeping on? Please forgive me, i don't want to sound like a whiner...i feel like giving up but i don't know how. I feel like running away but i don't know where. I needed to reach out -i hope you and tl are ok, i bet y'all feel the same. What can we do lc?

I have always thought said that "Dying is easy. It is the living which is hard to get to the dying." I do not want though people to be morbid of events or situations. I am reminded of the words of Job I read by the Holy Ghost a few days ago, in how his flesh was rotting and he had maggots on this skin. There have been people, most people in this world, who die like Joan of Arc. There is though the reality that Billy Dixon, the Westerner, who noted as he sat in a buffalo wallow with a man who had been shot through the chest by Indians.
They had stuffed a hanky in his chest to stop the air from blowing out when he breathed. The man wanted to kill himself, as he was going to die, but they stopped him.

It was a cold night, and it was wet. It was though as Billy Dixon noted, that death is nothing to fear, as when death comes, it wraps itself around a person as God has designed it, in the body becomes warm, the person is relaxed and comfortable, and one just drifts off in peace.

Certainly the people of Hiroshima were gone in the wink of an eye, but in that, the human nervous system is not fast enough to register such events, and it overloads, and things are over before people know it.

It is hard watching things suffer. I am watching the suffering of the animals here. I am sick inside dreading the cold as I fear one animal is going to die. It will be a time when the shivering stops and they drift off to death again.

I do not fear death. Death means to a place like my dead pets and the family I cared about, are in Heaven. A place no one and no satan can ever inflict upon me again. It is a reality where money or mansions will not matter. It is a reality where the Light in me is the riches in Glory in how it has been developed in each of us.

I always counsel, what Christ taught. Today has enough worries in it, so do not worry about tomorrow.

Tomorrow if the weather holds, I have to with TL and Mom, engage in a visitation of our dead neighbor at their Church. It is something I dread like dentists. She though if in Heaven is better off than her suffering family. When my Sister was killed, she returned when my Mom was in distress and told her this, "It's alright Mom, it's alright".

I believe God, when God says the Righteous will live and will behold His Will accomplished. I  believe that each of us, whether it is you reading this, or your children, grandchildren, and I suspect pets, all decided before being born here, as "spiritual lights", what they would  go through to Glory or shame. I believe that each of us in that unbeforetime, is given the absolute choice of what we are allured to. I mean by this, that everything has a frequency from God, to gold, to sex, to power..........and that soul we are responds to the stimulation and we decide then in free will what we are going to become.

That is predestination and we decide, and this life either lifts toward God or spirals to hell.

TL and I discuss this often enough, that I say, "I do not think I signed on for all of this", or, "How stupid was I?" None of this seems worth it, but it will all be forgotten in the pain here. I feel like someone has rammed a huge stake into my chest and is repeatedly plunging and twisting it.  I really can not be hurt, but I become hurt by the innocent suffering............I mourn the apostate in the evil they are and the waste of their life.

What you do in life, is live it as each moment is the last time you will be here. You find the joy in knowing you have a relationship with God Who Loves you. You are a Spiritual creation, and will never die. You will shed this body that you are shedding most days as your organs renew, your blood renews, your skin are constantly being renewed and you have no fear in that, so do not fear the time when Christ is there, as that is where you are going back to in your true home.

The world has had numerous people of great power and they all died and failed. The modern versions will die an eternal death and fail too.

I remember the children of Beirut when it was blowing up. They were resilient little creatures. Buildings were in ruin. Artillery was deafening, and there were these little ones laughing and playing as this was normal life to them. You will be surprised in what you will be accepting as normal.

If you have the resources, I would build a storm shelter, with air filter, and things to survive. I am not talking about bankrupting yourself as most could do something in a root cellar or basement. I know nuclear effects, and the fact is that most people if they simply protect themselves from radiation, their animals, a food supply for them, that even with a close hit, in 7 days you will be relatively safe. Even in direct hit zones, a month would make the area safe as radiation half life.
I will not go into the cobalt situations, as that is a roulette as much as an atomic bomb detonating, with the debris and radioactivity thrown up, and in a storm, falling out in a hot zone rain or snow. The odds are against such things, just like in tornadoes people survive when others died.

Each of you can look up what type of military bases, power plants, cities etc.. which might be a target in your area. You can look at the winds and know where storm fronts come from.  If you are in a ground zero zone, it might be prudent to start thinking about not being there. I will note that the large H bombs have a 150 mile blast zone, meaning not that all is obliterated, but in that area things are affected. If you think of it in Putin terms in his city under a mountain, all of these culls are going to probably not make it, from radiation poisoning, drinking dirty water, and exposure. Give it about two months in your not being stupid or allowing your stupid relatives to get you killed in stupid things like "needing to get out" or "sharing things with culls", and you will probably have quite a playground around you, of some pretty Patriotic, Christian and Astute people as neighbors in 15 mile type not so close neighbors.

As for Mr. Kim Jung Un, from a logical and tactical standpoint, as he is logical and tactical, his primary reasoning would be to survive in this bunker. His primary operation would be to cleanse South Korea, in a cobalt bomb, with the threat of giving the American west coast a dose of such gamma radiation, if the Americans do something stupid.
Like reality, Peking has use for H Bomb Kim, because it gets the Americans off their Korean peninsula and Okinawa and the Philippines. There are leverages in operation here, in Pyongyang has a purpose in use. Just like no one realizes that Iran and Korea have a working nuclear program joined, and if something happens to either Tehran or Pyongyang, then terrorists get the H bomb to even the playing field.
A terrorist is not going to bomb your tea house. They will hit liberal multi million population centers.

On a different note, America has for the military a network of caverns and tunnels connecting all of America. America is  a gopher hole, and is why the elite are not busy worrying about building you a civil defense shelter. The apparatus will survive in this network, you just have to figure out how to be a gopher in your own hole. Radiation is an odd creature in it only goes in straight lines. It will not turn a corner to get in a door to get at you.

I need to post this, but Fear not little children, Christ Who is in you, is greater than all the evil that is in the world. This is only the start. What troubles you now is something you will laugh at, like your crying as a child over spilled milk. You are resilient in Christ and in reality, your regime is more of a threat than Kim Jong Un. Kim though as other powers will be arrayed to make your regime less of a threat to you.

In your weakness, God is revealed all powerful. Trust in Him for you are His child.