Thursday, January 21, 2016

Carpet Bomb Ted Cruz

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is none so blind as the Koch Party minders running the Tea Party.

- Lame Cherry

Ted Cruz Drops Truth Bomb About the Bible and Killing Islamic Terrorists

I am going to take something apart here, not as the New York Times "whining" about Ted Cruz carpetbombing terrorist now "whinnying" from the Koch Party propaganda on the Tea Party Journal.

To start this off, in revealing what a Miltard Rafael Ted Cruz is, carpet bombing was an American invention of sorts in World War II, which in burning up cities murdered hosts of Dresden Germans and Tokyo Japanese CIVILIANS, but accomplished little for the war effort.

This reached climax in Vietnam where the B 52 dropping 2000 pound bombs in groups, created a carpet bombing which cost millions and accomplished nothing.

Ted Cruz might have a great one liner for Tea Party braintards who can not think past the Cruz ade they are slurping down, as it sounds  good, but terrorists in the Mideast are among the civilians and among the sand, and bombing in pattern accomplishes nothing except flushing terrorists to immigrate to Europe, Africa or America, where they can hide among the population and murder us up close.

So you get this point, Ted Cruz military strategy against terrorists in carpet bombing them, is  going to cost you money, make Ted Cruz conglomerates a fortune, endanger American Soldiers, and bring terrorists to your homes.......and I will add produce more San Bernadino murder sprees.
That is what Ted Cruz policy will do in making the situation Rafael Ted now has joined the Christian Bible to all of this, justifying every Islamic rape and beheading of Christians in being the enemy.

I am not saying that something should not be done on ISIS. I am not saying that Islam needs an excuse to murder Christians. What I am pointing out is Ted Cruz is retarded when it comes to military doctrine, foreign policy and proper verbiage which does not justify terrorists in their actions against Christians.

Ted Cruz is a pussy. If Ted Cruz wants to kill terrorists, then drop Neutron or Thermobaric bombs and obliterate everyone, after you have removed all the invaders which Ted Cruz was handing out gifts too just the other year in Texas in rewarding them for coming to America.

One is going to have to solve the terror reality in White America and White Europe first, as no one cares about Negroid Africans, and then implement a complete strategy to dealing with Obama created terrorists for the world dope and oil trade.

I am going to help you Cruzlings to discover something about your Rafael Cruz, in perhaps pointing out a Lame Cherry policy in dealing with terrorists safely.

The first thing Lame Cherry would order as the first popular girl President was the CARPET SPRAYING of all the coca and opium fields with herbicide, to deprive the terrorists of their income.
The next issue would be blowing the ISIS oil pipeline into Asia which is managed by the Rothschilds, to deprive them of money.
Next, the popular girl would create a storm front or call it Operation Desert Wind, where I would juice the terrorists into a kill zone, in thinking this was our last stand and we were losing, to bring them all in.......and then I would bring in artillery, carpet bombing, snipers and thermobarics to kill every living thing there.

Yes I already cut off all welfare payments to Cruz invaders, so they left America, and I deported the roaches hiding in the hotels to my Lame Cherry no man's lands in the deserts of Africa, with full RFID tags inmbedded in the invaders.........

I will leave this at that, so get through your Cruz dope heads, to understand that is how an adult begins correct foreign policy in solving a terror problem in stealth, while not endangering each of you with carpet bombing and slathering Jesus on your murdering people.

Ted Cruz's policy will NOT work. It is ignorant. It is arm chair. It is Obama 3rd world. All it will do is flush terrorists to more terrorism, and now has the Muslim charge that this is a Christian war against Islam, and not the correct reality of Western Peoples at war with Muslim genocidists.

Ted Cruz is quite the ignorant ranter and these Big Koch minders pushing more spending of billions in the Pentagon in these perpetual money pits for the elite prosperity and your economic rapine is reprehensible.

Ted Cruz is the Barabbas of our day. The rabble is drawn to his propaganda, while they scream to crucify Donald Trump, Sarah Palin and whoever else dares to point out that Ted Cruz is not only naked, but stupid.

I am telling you Cruzlings, that if you piss this up, you are not going to get Donald Trump to save you, but Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden or Jeb Bush in the White House, as you are doing exactly what Big Koch has Ted Cruz in this race for, and that is to produce CONGLOMERATE and not Conservative values.