Friday, January 15, 2016

Crossdresser Ted Cruz


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is a reality that the more light you shine on Ted Cruz, the more disturbing this confidant of........

Serial marriager, Viagra Suitcase Rush Limbaugh

Homo Hannity

Billionaire Ghoul who took over Breitbart after Andrew was assassinated............

just how creepy Ted Cruz is.

As more information comes out about Ted Cruz at Harvard, we find out why the college women of Harvard were creeped out by this pervert, because Ted Cruz was the original Bruce Jenner.

Ted Cruz was a crossdresser in college, literally. He would be arrested now for stalking in what he engaged in, as it was bizarre.

Cruz would dress up in women's night time attire, and then go into women's dorms and prowl around. Once would be a cute prank, but from inside sources on this, Ted Cruz was making a habit of this perverted misbehavior, and this is why the women at Harvard, started to plead with his roommate to get Cruz to stop appearing as Tami Cruz, as it was disturbing.

In Forensic Psychology, there is something missing inside of Ted Cruz which sets boundaries. It is obvious this Canadian Cuban had very low self esteem. He hid in intellectualism to bully people, but it was never enough to be attractive to women. So his idea of intimacy approached, invading women's privacy, dressed as a woman, to have contact with women.

There is a line in misbehavior, which sets off red flags. The Ted Bundy who kills his first cat, and then moves onto people. The Bill Cosby who gets his first woman drunk, and then finds power in taking things from women sexually, by drugging them and raping them. The Cat Bugler who breaks into people's homes to "look at them" and when discovered, panics and murders them. The Ted Cruz who dresses up in women's night things and finds he likes it, and continues on creeping people out, and if not stopped either melds into a Bruce Jenner or becomes a serial rapist, to get what he desires from women.

The question people need to answer is, do they want someone who was so unbalanced in college, that they were dressing up as women? That part is still there in Ted Cruz, but now that he has a wife, you will notice he has taken on the Texas cowboy boots and plaid shirt persona, to become the "American" which he is not.

Ted Cruz is telling you by image he is a fraud. His clothing is his confession. He is exactly like Birther Hussein Obama, in being anything and saying anything to anyone to get what he wants. He is a chameleon. Obama was just having sex with men, and Ted Cruz was crossdressing in trying to get close to women who wanted no part of him.

It is the fact now, that you can not believe a damn thing Ted Cruz tells you, because one year is a Bush man, the next he is a Rockefeller man, the next he is a Tea Party man, the next he is an Obama man, but the pattern of stealth in Ted Cruz seems to indicate he is no different than Obama in feudalizing and federal dictating everything in absolute power.
Ted Cruz is an Obama twin politically and an Obama congential sexual deviant psychologically.

The people in Iowa have got to get this right in giving Donald Trump a clear victory, and relegating Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz to the political trash heap, because they are both Obama men, like Lindsey Graham and John McCain.

That is crossdresser Ted Cruz. That is the story hidden in his college days. This was not some Animal House prank, but more like John Lithgow dressed up as a creepy woman.

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