Friday, January 15, 2016

The Evil of Islam, Philosophy, Intellectualism and the anti Christian

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It is possible to write and read yourself to death.

That is the diagnosis of what led to the death of someone you have probably heard mention of, in St. Thomas Aquinas, because this Italian aristocrat in one of his works, the Summa Theologiae, contained 60 volumes, as in it was larger than the Enclopedia Britanica, and it was a theological work on Christianity, for teaching.

This work actually sat next the altar with the Scripture for a number of years in early Christianity, because it was deemed that complete of work. It dwarfed the apologies of Jewish Talmud and Islamic expansions.

What was unique about this work is that Thomas Aquinas as much as the early Church had three opposing forces to the Gospel, and that is the reason for this examination, as history does indeed repeat itself, as the three things which endangered humanity were:

1. The anti Christian in the anti religious or athiest.

2. The Aristotilian or Greek philosophy of humanism.

3. The Arabizing factions or the Islamist.

These could be summed up in Plato, Aristotle and the Arab philosopher Ibn Sina. While each could advance human thought, each separate from God, succeeded in the satanic plan of driving people from a communion with God.

One can witness in the 21st century thee exact same satanic forces arrayed against the Gospel, in the Christ Deniers, those who mock and persecute Christians, those who choose psychology, their own morality or Marxism to replace God, and the well funded Oil Islam. All have the same underlying force of Jewish commerce promoting itself while feeding off the body politic, as disorder is profit.

The worst of the conditions is now that the Church in all of it's Christian forms is the exact thing which Christ Prophesied in the Revelation, because He said the last Christian Church would be neither hot nor cold for Him, the Gospel, and He simply spits them out in being that distasteful.

None of this is new, and what the Holy Ghost leads me to read in throw away 60 dollar book, no doubt given by some quasi intellectual or some false read follower who thought having a book like this on their shelf would make them superior to others, is a reality that St. Thomas Aquinas battled those against the Church, the human dogmas and Islam, because it was the right thing to do in 1252 AD in the year of our Lord, and it is the right thing to do in the 21st century, as Christians are persecuted by a religicide formed by the special interests of commerce, Christ deniers and cartel powers, intent on the genocide of humanity.

It is Onward Christian Soldiers, it is St. Paul fighting the Good fight of Faith, it Word of God in Revelation, upon the White Horse with Sword drawn. You had this world as a Christian to worship in peace, because others fought against the forces arrayed against those Christians being persecuted and slaughtered as the family of God is today.

Each of you, needs to flush your mind of the propaganda which has imprisoned you and is a police state which assaults you in your hearts each moment, not allowing you to be you, as your Christian Virtue has been turned against you. You are  told Christ is a whipping boy and that you are turn the other cheek, which were contexts of that time 2000 years ago, but not of an age driving Islam out of Christian Europe in the 1400's or driving the Vatican out of Germany in the 1500's.
Jesus is the One who took the whip and drove the bankers out of the Temple and Jesus as the Angel of the Lord has removed by force millions in battle, because He is the Lord of the Battle.

The Christian is as Their God, Merciful and Just, living in Grace, being wise to the ways of the world as Christ taught, and being armed as Christ told His followers.

It is an evil to harbor and be persecuted by those anti Christ forces of philosophy, religion and political dogma, when God expects His children to resist in Him against all this evil. God did not raise up martyrs to be slaughtered, but raises up deliverers to install again the Way of God for people to live, and the Martyr arises in that resistance.

Joan of Arc was not out grazing sheep, but was out in the fields of battle, as was Martin Luther.

Thomas Aquinas was the eminent intellectual warrior of his age, answering those forces arrayed against Christianity, and defeating them in university.

This is not a battle call to any of you, but it is a teaching, to right your minds with thoughts you should be having, and thinking, which are thoughts that are correct, right, good and true.
You have been void of the Truth for far too long. The first step is teaching you to be children of God, in the same way God led the Israelites 40 years in the Wilderness to purge them of their slave habits. You do not have 40 years and for the survival of a remnant of civilization, you must right your thoughts immediately and continue on this course every day, not in the propaganda of the world, but in Christian Patriotic history which is Faith, intellectual and intelligent, to raise to the One True Thought, out of the abyss of putrefied dogma.