Friday, January 15, 2016

Cruztitution: Ted Law

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry has been ridiculed and mocked by the Fogbow types, but I challenge the liberals where they are in genuine honesty, as in the Obama Birther issue, this blog has not yielded for any Latino quick fixes for GOP victories and has taken a scorched earth stand against Rafael Ted Cruz.
The reality is that 25% of Republicans are stating the same thing about Ted Cruz, as the Constitution is more important than anything. If 25% of democrats had loved America and stood against Obama, America would not be in this grave it is in now.

By God's Grace Donald Trump is going to be the President, because while democrats would not admit to their mistake on Birther Hussein, they are at 20% not going to make the same Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders mistake a first time.

Rafael Ted Cruz is no more Conservative than Barack Obama is conservative. Rafael Ted Cruz if he was not hiding what he is, would be called by his American Christian name of RALPH CRUZ, instead of Ted.

Ted Cruz was beyond weak at the GOP debate. Ted Cruz was an American hater in not apologizing to New Yorkers over his attack upon their American Values, and his great point was stealing Donald Trump's mandate of eliminating the IRS in filing  taxes on a post card.

Donald Trump is the American in the room, and Ted Cruz is the "me too" foreigner like Birther Hussein Obama Chin.

Ted Cruz is a Dual Citizen, and in this race, Hillary Clinton has standing to file legal statutes as much as Harry Reid, and they will file, refile and file, again until Paul Ryan and Mitch  McConnell roll over and remove Ted Cruz from the White House.
What is Ted Cruz going to do then? Be like Castro in calling out the police state and shooting everyone who does not bow to the Cruztitution of Ted Law?

America, you are in trouble, and more trouble is coming than you ever dreamed. Obama has looted the American debt, and those traitors Ryan and Pelosi have holding the robber's sack. There is a global depression coming. Gerald Celente of Trends, can term it a recession, but that is not what this is. This is GLOBAL IMPLOSION arriving in this 2016 AD in the year of our Lord.
Latin America is in recession. China is moving toward a cheap Yuan in order to export to expensive American dollars to survive, as their markets collapse.
The world is deflating at the base oil price. The stock markets are going to continue to degrade. People like farmers are being gleaned.....meaning everyone who produces is not going to have the extra money to generate purchasing items from the bottom up.

What is taking place now in these Stock Market plunges is a company like Amazon is buying up their own stock to stop a free fall. The money is coming from banks........and a bank like Citibank is owned by Saudi Muslim Arabia, as it like JP Morgan is buying up what is left of America by this debt they will foreclose on or "trade off" for corporate control.

You have to face the reality, that the Obama Super  Depression, was fed 18 trillion dollars of Obama looting, and now Double Dip Depression is on the horizon. It is going to take a Donald Trump in the White House to be an FDR to calm American fears, and to be a Ronald Reagan to keep America functioning and not drawn into a major war.
Because we are facing a global trade war, and trade wars always spike to hot wars.

Walmart is imploding, and that means the poor people have no more money, as that is what Walmart serves, and now Obama is importing millions of more invading terrorists, giving them regime credit cards with more debt, and none of it is working as the collapse and deflation is imploding globally.

It is going to take a Donald Trump to hold America together, because Rafael  Ted Cruz has in order to try and win piss ant Iowa, stabbed mega power house state New York in the back, in thee most disgusting of ways. Attacking New York Values, from upstate Conservatives to downtown New York, in a people who showed in 9 11 what the best of America is.

Ted Cruz can NOT win the Presidency, over his being a Birtha, and the fact that in one verbal rape of New York, he has destroyed every chance the GOP had in Pennsylvania to New York to Virginia. Rafael Cruz can not win in having wiped out Virginia, New York and Pennsylvania off the electoral college, as he sure in his Mexican is not going to win California or Florida, and I doubt like hell with Republicans abandoning him, he could even win Texas.


I am going public in stating I WILL NEVER VOTE FOR RAFAEL TED CRUZ, no more than I will ever vote for Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. I am not alone in this.

Rafael Ted Cruz with his Cruztitution fantasy document that says he is legitimate to be President, when this illegitimate can only be Canadian Prime Minister, and God help the Canadians that, that never happens, as they have enough problems with that lunatic ruling their now.

No one but Donald Trump is going to be able to deal with the major problems which America, the West and the World faces in:

1. Obama terrorists imported.
2. Massive debt.
3. No employment.
4. Border Security.
5. Nuclear Terrorism
6. Vladimir Putin

I will put this plainly, in America is now approaching a decade, since the Obama 2008 engineered depression. In 1929, this repeated, was degraded by FDR for more power control, and world war started at the end of 10 years. We have before us, if the above six are not remedied in working with Vladimir Putin, there is going to be world war with weapons unleashed beyond nuclear, biological and chemical weapons murdering billions.

It is going to take an American to fix this by God's Grace. It is going to take a Donald Trump and not more Obama glory hole in Biden, Sanders or Clinton and not more Obama Birther in Rafael Ted Cruz.

You children either be adults for the first time in your self indulgent lives and do what is right this time, or you are going to find the horror of Nagasaki and Dresden over your dead bodies.

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