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A week or so ago I heard an expert on Jeff Rense's program praising the wonderful and honest people of North Dakota in their oil boom, but with the reality that Saudi Arabia in stealth loans is gaining control over that oil supply in bankruptcies, and there is that matter of the GOP Governor Jack Pimplerimple lying to Americans along with Lutheran Social Services about how many Obama terrorists are being dumped into North Dakota, that the following "honesty" of North Dakota looks more like something of ISIS oil flowing into crooked Turkey.

This starts off at the North Dakota oil Commissioner, of the Department of Mineral Resources, a Lynn Helm, who used to be employed by Big Frac, and now regulates Big Frac or ....well here is the story.

See the Baakan Oil Field of shale oil, does not know boundaries. It is in Montana and the Dakotas. Inside the Dakotas there are Indians, and in North Dakota there are the Three Nations, the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara or MHA who have their own Reservation. This is the same group of Plains Indians that Obama was sniffing around promising things, off and on.
MHA is basically like all Reservations, it is allot of land, not many Indians, millions in BIA tax dollars, mob casino money brought in by John McCain and Joe Lieberman, and in North Dakota, a great deal of oil.

I make the point in this, with the Obama regime from Citibank providing oil welfare in short stock options to Saudi Arabia and now Indians being millionaires from oil in North Dakota, why in the hell is not the BIA ended, and Americans set free from subsidizing these Obama voter enclaves as they are richer than you or me.

Here is the story, Lynn Helm for three years was reporting that 330,000 barrels of oil were flowing off the Indian Reservation. The North Dakota Department of Revenue was showing and paying the Indians for 215,000 barrels of oil a day.
The Indians knew that only 215,000 barrels of oil were coming off the Reservation wells.

Now enter the 100 billion dollar various oil companies that Lynn Helm was publishing these numbers for, as people like Nation Rapist Warren Buffett who owns BNSF railroad were building rail heads into the Indian Nations to carry out 330,000 barrels of oil. It did not end there as pipelines were laid for that much oil, and with that comes all the infrastructure of housing, food provision and stores.

It appears it was BNSF which first noticed something off in this, as their tanker cars were not being filled and returning partial or empty, and BNSF is not paid to haul around empty tankers.
Literally for 3 years, there were 3 million barrels of oil going missing each month in the Baaken.

We know the Indians were being paid for this oil which was being pumped correctly on their lands. Dr. Kate is very familiar with this region and their peoples, and could more intimately address the issues there. She was denied employment by the Obama regime, in literally run out of North Dakota from representing Indians, in one of the worst bits of Jarrett Racism ever on display.
I would simply add to this, I know enough Indians, that they are tight lipped in never knowing anything, are as crooked as any race for a better deal, and if they thought they were being screwed over, they just kept quiet as the cut given is better than no cut at all.

The infrastructure put into the Indian Reservation was immense. It was deemed like Afghanistan a honeypot of wealth. The North Dakota regime was stating in their figures that over 30% of North Dakota crude was coming out of the MHA area. The real numbers were around 13%. That is a huge discrepancy and more than what Lynn Helm can call a "mistake" and a problem of a spreadsheet not being marked correctly.

What this entails is a reality of investors bought oil rights on the Indian Lands, with the expectation that they would be paid for wells pumping 330,000 barrels of oil a day. It was over 100,000 barrels of oil less a day, and those companies are furious because they made investments based on a structure of 9 million more dollars a day funding their very expensive companies now going bankrupt or being bought up by Saudi Arabia via Citibank.

Project that 9 million a day to an entire year, and you can understand how this is kind of a large sum of cash in 32.5 billion dollars which disappeared from their oil leases.

Something is off in this, as yes the oil is tallied like dairy milk shipments into one big reservoir, and that is how you get the North Dakota oil production numbers for the day or month, but the Department of Revenue knew the entire number, knew the Indian number for taxation and royalties, but oddly with all this knowledge, Lynn Helm did not match the numbers to the taxation reality, and kept up the ruse that Indian lands were productive.

The real area of the massive oil strike is Keene, North Dakota, which is American land and not Reservation lands.

It is a matter of following the money. Someone in the least was fudging these numbers, so companies would go in to Indian lands and develop resources their in infrastructure, meaning jobs, meaning Walmart or whatever, which would never be put in, because the oil is not there.
If the Indians were only being paid for the exact amount of oil being pumped, then no kickbacks were involved in that part, but again 100,000 barrels of oil a day were credited to them, when obviously this oil was coming from American lands. If the royalty checks all match, then nothing was being stolen from White investors in North Dakota or landowners. But if there is that large of discrepancy in this one field, then it begs to be investigated just how closely is all of this monitored, because what if the reality is there was another 100,000 barrels of oil a day being pumped on American lands, and no one was paying royalties on it, and like Obama ISIS in Syria and Iraq, that oil is ending up at the refineries, and only God knows where it is being marketed in oil laundering.

The last is speculation, but when that much oil is being moved around on paper, and it does not exist on Obama Indian lands, and the difference is being made up on American White lands, and apparently no one is bragging about how much more royalties or revenues were flowing into those counties, then it begs for a Federal Audit from the GAO, as all of this starts looking like Obama ISIS oil laundering, and a scandal called Oilgate that goes from Bismark North Dakota importing terrorists for Obama to the Obama regime in Washington DC.

What this looks like to me in knowing how the gears of the Obama regime work, is this:

Barack Hussein Obama, has been busy with reparations for Asian immigrants in granting them nation status and showing up on their reservations, being dope, gambling and voting block areas of crime.
Somewhere in this, it was decided by the regime, that one of the kickbacks in the North Dakota oil boom, being profited by Obama Buffett and Obama Wall Street, (remember this was planned as Buffett started buying oil railroad oil lands cheap before the oil boom.) that the Indians would get a "stimulus" or development package worth billions, and the way it would be paid for, would be to allow drilling on tribal lands (requires Obama signing off on this in regime oversight), but inflate the oil coming out of the Indian lands, so these private companies would be suckered into hiring Indians and building all the things which could be used for tourism.
Indians never develop their own lands, attempt to lure in businesses like Walmart, so this was the package the Obama regime worked out and it looks like Lynn Helm of the oil industry was part of this, as there is not any way in hell you could miss 3 million barrels of oil a month, especially if BNSF rail was bitching about empty cars for three years.

Helm is a South Dakotan, who worked for Texaco and Hess Corporation, another oil company.  Helms claims he does not hold oil stocks and his retirement packages are not an issue, but in his background, there is not any way in hell or heaven, that he was not aware of this much oil missing and being made up by the industry he was employed by.

This opens up all sorts of questions in the real amount of oil being pumped out of North Dakota, and what kind of debt North Dakota is criminally responsible for in these corporations sank a fortune developing a region which has 1/3rd less oil than what the regime up in North Dakota published oil production records on.

Put it this way. Say you buy a donut shop, and the city shows you tax records that says that shop is selling over 300,000 donuts a day, and you buy that company and make improvements based on those amount of sales. As time goes by, you notice that you are selling only 200,000 donuts, but other businesses like the coffee shops are building based on your huge sales......and everyone notices that the money is not there.
That is called FRAUD and not a mistake, and you end up in prison for 25 years to life for that kind of crime.

It is always a matter of following the money. It appears someone wanted money dumped into Indian lands to develop them. It was not oil, it was not white people, it was not the regime in North Dakota. The only culprit who has been sniffing around in this from the start was Barack Hussein Obama and Val-erie Jarrett in promising Indians allot of things.

With this Obama regime, where there is oil smoke, there is ISIS or someone getting oil kickbacks the regime is coddling. That is what this scam looks like as it definitely was not a spreadsheet mistake, as criminal fraud was involved.

Now you know the Lame Cherry exclusive in Dakotagate. A deal was worked out with Obama shale, Obama Buffett, Obama Wall Street, with enough false information, so corporations would be suckered to make a sweetheart development in an Indian dead zone.

The FBI needs to stop terrorizing Patriots in Oregon and move about 2000 miles east to North Dakota and investigate exactly what their boss at 1600 Penn Avenue was up to, as Hillary Clinton's emailgate is huge in that story being leaked by Val-erie Jarrett, but the image Obama has oil laundering going on from his ISIS folks to his Indian folks in North Dakota, and it is time for the FBI to investigate this from Obama shutting down Canadian oil pipelines in 2009 for Buffett Rail to haul oil, to the current Dakotagate scheme.

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