Monday, January 11, 2016

Rush Limbaugh Certifies He Picks Boogers for Ted Cruz

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Congratulations my children, as Rush Limbaugh tried to brainwash you today, and was forced to mute a very intelligent caller from California, who was educating the Limbaugh audience that Ted Cruz according to Supreme Court rulings had already been nullified to run for President.

For Limbaugh to be so vehement in his fiction, means Big Koch is pushing him hard, as Donald Trump and all of you are getting through the lies of Ted Cruz, and more importantly, Ted Cruz is sinking in the polls fast.

The context of the call to Limbaugh was Minor vs. Happersett, which is a most interesting case, and Limbaugh had no damn half brain idea what the case even was. It was a case in which a Missouri woman wanted to vote in the 19th century, and the Supreme Court ruled according to the Privileges or Immunities Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment that while this woman was a Citizen of America, she did not have the right to vote as that was not yet law in America in woman's suffrage.

See Ted Cruz has rights in America, but when the Constitution does not give him the right as a Dual Citizen, not Natural Born, to run for President, he can not run for President on American Rights alone.

It was amusing in this, as Limbaugh brought up again that 70,000 word blog saying Cruz could run as a legal opinion, but that is NOT LAW, nor does it make anyone have rights just because some blow hard types out a hundred thousand words.

Limbaugh really gave a big FU to his audience today as he snottily told this caller that he was wrong, and then threw out, "Cruz is a citizen".

Ted Cruz is a citizen, but that is not the issue. The issue is a Dual Citizen can not be President, and Limbaugh obfuscating the issue in a partial fact is disingenious and he knows it, but his Big Billionaires are pressuring him, and Ted Cruz did dump a fortune into Limbaugh's coffers in all those ads Cruz ran.

I desire in this to address the issue of Natural Born or Native Born. Limbaugh tried to cloud the issue on this, but Natural Born is like Porn, you know it when you see it.

Natural or Native Born, means one thing, and that is defined as having been born in the United States to residents of the United States. It means you are a native. It means that your parents did not adopt you, and haul your little ass to Indonesia, make you Indonesian Muslim and then smuggle you back in like Obama.
Nor does it mean you register the kid in Kenya, because daddy might be dictator someday, and then put in a fake birth abstract in Hawaii when the elite decide they are going to make you President.

It means your parents did not move to Canada, one from Cuba and the other America, birth a kid in Alberta, NEVER REGISTER that child as American, and the smuggle the kid back into America, after the marriage goes south, and you figure America is a better deal than Canada.

All of that is a betrayal of America, and bespeaks exactly what Obama and Cruz are about. They are squatters like all these invaders who are just looking to make America in their 3rd world image as stealing everything, while lining the voting booths with foreigners and neutralizing Americans.

America and Germany are both being destroyed by these half breed foreigners, importing invaders to the demise of their Native or Natural Born Citizens. Russia and Ukraine paid with millions of dead with Georgian Joe Stalin ruled there.

That is what the Founders were protecting America from in these dual loyalties, as the President can only have one loyalty and that is to a Christian Founded America of a Republic, where the majority governs and the minorities have rights. That Christian system worked well, because the Christians were not making enemies of the state of every group, like Obama is now made of Christians.

The good news is that Rush Limbaugh and his Big Billionaires have tried to slip Birtha Cruz in and Americans are not going to be dimwits like the Obama crowd in voting for that fraud.

Ted Cruz is defined as Mitt Romney, a foreign birthed American who betrayed America for a better sexual and economic deal, and when things went bad, they smuggled the brat back into America, and was given US Citzenship. They could be live Obama, a fraud politician from their state, but none of them belonged in the White House, and that is due to Dual Citizenship or leaving the country, or parents of foreign extraction.

As this is an issue the cartel is using to overthrow America, let this then be an issue defined specifically by the People.

Simply put, from this day forward Natural Born, means only an American born on American soil, to two, male and female only, parents, no clones, not 12 homosexual group creations.

It is a disgrace that Rush Limbaugh has done this to America, in this deconstruction of the Constitution. It must be rectified before we have nothing but Mexicans and Muslims in the White House, genociding Americans in this gulag.

I keep warning you to not  trust these people and now you witness they are no different than the Obama trash destroying America deliberately. If they loved America, they would not be doing any of this attacking Americans or shredding the Constitution.

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