Sunday, January 10, 2016

Ted Cruz's Missing Link


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Ted Cruz enjoys making a mockery out of United States Constitutional Law in posing with his registered Canadian Birth Certificate and admitting to it. No one with Dual Citizenship in their past or present, can ever be President of these disUnited States. That is the Law in the Articles of the Constitution.

There have been more questions now about the birth certificate of Ted Cruz's mum, which has been released, as much as excuses about his mum being a registered voter in Canada, which is more evidence against Ted Cruz being guilty of crimes against America.

There is something missing in this though, and that is the one document which would clear all of this. Call it Ted Cruz's Missing Link.

See if Ted Cruz's Cuban father, soon to be Canadian citizen, and Ted Cruz's mum, living and birthing Rafael in Canada...........yes Ted Cruz's real name is RAFAEL, and there is no Ted in the name, but only Eddie........if they were intent ever to legally to RETURN TO AMERICA, and not be Canadians, they would have filed official papers with the United States Embassy, alerting the Americans, that Rafael was an American child.

This document is missing, as the Cruz's had renounced in 1970 American Citizenship and were intent on living forever in Canada, until marriage mishaps took place, and then little Rafael appeared across the US open borders like Birther Hussein Obama, back in America.

That is why Mrs. Cruz, the mum, was asking little Rafael whether he wanted to be Canadian or American, as Rafael Cruz was both, but mostly Canadian.

The one MISSING DOCUMENT IN THIS, which would have given legal standing to Ted Cruz in being an American, never was filed, so Ted Cruz is Canadian.

Let us remember that mum Cruz was not asking nipple sucker Ted at 1 year about his birth certification, but when he was old enough to make the decision.....which was probably when she weaned him just before college at Harvard.

Ted Cruz is a Birtha. Ted Cruz is a fraud, a usurper of the United States Constitution.

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Do you people really miss the obvious tells in Ted Cruz? Who does he choose to sit with in Congress, but Lindsey Graham and John McCain. He has always been their ringer.

Those are the links Ted Cruz can be linked to in where his politics really are. The duo who hate Tea Partiers and call the GOP base for Trump, the "crazies".

Ted Cruz can produce no American documents of his being American at birth. He likes producing deflections like a good intelligence operative, telling you he is for you, all the while he is sitting with his political group in the Senate. The duo to take down Bush in revenge and Trump for the installment of another strawman to install another cartel choice.

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