Sunday, January 24, 2016

Donald Trump: The Three Trillion Dollar Man

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With the choice of Donald Trump before the American People and the world, it is a choice of responsible liberty to prosper and the choice of slavery to be in debt.

The Citizen has to understand the basics of Donald Trump in the coming elections, because it is their reality to have money or not have money.

What I desire each of you to remember is the 50,000 dollar non tax bracket of the poor in America. That means most of you reading this, are not going to pay income taxes with Donald Trump as President.

That means no IRS.

That means no Obamacare penalties, because if you are not filing income taxes, the IRS can not collect Obamacare penalties from you.

That means at a tax rate of 15% for income tax which you are now paying, if you earn 30,000 dollars a year, that money goes back into your pockets. That means 4,500 dollars is going to be in your bank account after Donald Trump is President.

Would you think it a pretty great deal, if you found 4500 dollars in your checking account? Seem like a huge amount now wouldn't it.

I desire all of you to consider these things in what a Trump Presidency is going to bring to you if you are rich or poor.

With Donald Trump, there is going to remain cheap fuel prices for your car, that means thousands of dollars more available for you to pay off your home or to upgrade to a new car, which is something no one can afford now.

Do you understand how Donald Trump, allowing poor people who are in the hundreds of millions to keep their money is going to produce an economic surge in the income tax abolishment from the start?
It is going to mean poor people buying things, which are things which will be made in America, meaning good paying American jobs for Americans, and not these Obama Clinton Cruz invaders.

95 million people, not worrying about the IRS in how much they make, are going to work hard to pick up extra money from 25 to 30 thousand a year poverty jobs to get into that 45 to 50 thousand a year braket for couples, and they get to keep all that money again, just like in the good olde days.
Think of 95 million people, purchasing 3 trillion dollars worth of American merchandise more in not paying it to the IRS. Take 95 million times 4500 dollars and you get almost 3 trillion dollars available to consumers.

This is not going to be any limited deal, because Donald Trump is going to be building electrical power plants again, in coal, which is cheap, and dropping your record Obama electric bills to cheap levels again.

In the grande scheme of things, if you factor in what Donald Trump as President, in your voting for him, standing for him, your one little ballot check by Donald Trump's name is going to net you around 6000 dollars as a bonus, instead of pimping it to the regime. You literally are going to have a Government which you can support, as it will not be robbing you.

Do you think that 3 trillion dollars extra spending into the economy, might raise a bit more tax revenue? Of course it will, as corporations will be selling things as well as small businesses which will pay taxes on that money. You get your new car and Ford pays the taxes.....sounds like a real American deal there in the art of the deal, and it is.

Now factor in 95 million people not getting food stamps in billions each month and you understand that Donald Trump is not making debt or increasing it, but decreasing debt and in an expanding economy, is increasing government revenues by NOT RAISING TAXES on anyone.

Donald Trump is the 3 Trillion Dollar Man. Those are the real numbers in most of you are going to be getting thousands of dollars more into your bank accounts by the regime not stealing your money, and your being terrified also of April 15th in the IRS hunting you down and throwing you into prison.

Donald Trump is not just going to take America back. Donald Trump is going to allow you to take your money back and keep it.

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