Sunday, January 24, 2016

Stick in the Fork the Cruz is Done

 Here Ted let me destroy you as this was all Planned

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

OK, Glenn Beck is either the most sadistic asshole on the planet or he is nuts as Marcia Clark trying to get OJ Simpson to try on shrunk down blood soaked gloves.

I note this, because why would anyone who is a stooge for Big Koch, put their Ted Cruz before a live audience with a gotcha question on reciting the Oath of Office for the President, and then make the fumb ducker stand there with his hand raised as Beck pretended to be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?

Here is the Cassius Beck moment for Rafael Caesar, and I will explain what just took place in Iowa:

“What is the oath of office that you have to take?” Beck asked Cruz after the Texas Senator joined him on stage after Beck’s more-than-half-hour-long speech endorsing Cruz.

“What—what?” Cruz replied.

“Dear God, if you don’t know this, everything else—“ Beck joked. “When you raise your right hand, what are you going to say?”

“I pledge to honor and defend the Constitution of the United States of America,” Cruz replied.
Technically speaking, that’s not the oath of office for the president of the United States.

Did I not tell you just yesterday that when Ted Cruz is finished being used as a foreign tool to chisel away points from Donald Trump that these billionaire fags who are backing Cruz to get Jeb Bush the brokered convention nomination, that they would destroy him?

Yes the Lame Cherry did, and when you notice that the establishment Des Moines Register just backed Bernie Sanders and Marco Rubio..........are you getting a more complete picture of what I was getting at in this intrigue?

Seriously, this Cruz Moment in Iowa, set up by stooge Glenn Beck, is meant to take Ted Cruz's remaining polling numbers, shake them up, and drive them into Marco Rubio's column, as Iowans have proven they are play with a new toy each week, and this is designed by Beck to create a spike in the opposition to Trump forces.
Get this, this story was run by Breitbart, the very site promoting Cruz in fraud polls for over a year, and suddenly at the last moment, they like Brutus rushed in and knifed Cruz in the back. I almost feel sorry for this smarmy Albertan, as this pompous Harvard bastard never saw it coming. I mean the fucktard of fuckups in the clustefuck of Ted Cruz just took place in Iowa.

Americans will be filled with revulsion over what Cruz did in taking a faux oath of office......which this foreigner had no idea what the oath of office is. Iowans will be furious, as Cruz just flipped them the bird in being President in not needing Iowans to decide.

I actually applaud the establishment billionaires, as everyone was looking at the Trump assassination, and Ted Cruz was so mind controlled, that he never saw this coming, and Judas Goat Glenn Beck, led the sheep to the slaughter, and Breitbart did the hallil to make it all kosher.

Rafael Ted Cruz, trusted a bunch of backstabbing white fags, who only invited him to the prom so they could get their Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio into the White House or the VP slot. Cruz has never been the choice as I have warned all of you, and like Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson, John Kasich etc... they are all just hyphenated voting blocks to balkanize until another Mitt Romney can fall down to defeat to Hillary Clinton or Bibama.

I am sorry for the Cruzlings in they have had a tough few weeks, in the Sanders and Bush troll rapists have been giving them a bad name, and now Ted gets led out on stage and Glenn Beck shoved a big stiffy up his Cuban keester, to put an exclamation point on it.

Honestly, if I was Ted Cruz, I would do some major harm to Glenn Beck for pissing on me in public, as Beck relished this destruction of Cruz, like making Ted watch as a cuckold as Beck and the boys gave it hard to Heidi in all of her holes.

It is pretty tough to be a brown skin foreigner, and be led out on stage and anal raped by your owners, to prove what a pawn you are. Is the same thing image Obama got when the San Bernadino shooters got to give Islamist Obama the Benghazi effect.

I think that about wraps up the Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, except for asking the Ted Cruz voters to come home to Donald Trump to seek your revenge on this group who just humiliated you, and exposed what politard Ted Cruz is. This is not your fault in being taken advantage of. Cruz was meant to manipulate you, and he did. He was chosen because he is thinks he is brighter than he is, and Glenn Beck just proved what a moron he is.
If you will support Donald Trump, we can stop this. Then when Mr. Trump is President, you and I can push hard for a number of Justice Department investigations, and with you bitching at Congress to give President Trump cover, we will get Glenn Beck and all of these feudal billionaires behind this.

For you Cruzlings, I am sorry that your Rafael Cruz was taken down like this like a retard. This was really Nigger Knocker mean, even if Cruz deserved it for manipulating you. The cartel behind this though, does this all the time and are the most accomplished in the world at using your best emotions against you. I just want you back behind the Trump lines where you will be protected and I will watch over you, as right now you are exposed and dead meat, as your brand has been tainted as a pariah in the things Ted Cruz did, and the Sanders and Bush stooges have been engaged in making this all nasty.

This is no time to defend the sunk Ted Cruz. It is no time to get angry or to go off and sulk. Now is the time to get up and strike, and the only weapon you have is  Donald Trump to take these frauds out and to punish them. The fight for Cruz is over. It is time to have Donald Trump fighting for you. The stronger you make Doanld Trump, the more pounds of flesh you Cruzlings can carve off of Glenn Beck in Federal Court.

Remember General Ulysses S. Grant's two maxims. "Lick em' tomorrow" and "Move by the left flank". Get up and keep moving with the General you have going forward in this war for your life, as your Rafael Cruz just died on the battlefield by the hands of your own traitors.