Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Ghost of Jeb Bush

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Most of you who have been on sites, have noticed something markedly different in the Ted Cruz supporters, as they are acting like Rand Paulbots, in appearing on sites, voting like they have computer geniuses in knowing how to spoof vote tabulators on Drudge to drive up Rafael Ted numbers, and are quite the bastards and bitches.

You might recall the Ted Cruz supporters from the start of this, in they were quite Tea Party cordial in being strong on their points and yet nice, and yet for some reason they somehow morphed into these rabid animals.

This is why you have the Lame Cherry about the wood pile to tell you what is infesting the trash heap.

When I first started this in bringing about the political end of Jeb Bush, his little nasty ass followers started stealing my best lines and I took it to them in doubling down, and Jebus simply fled with his ilk. You might take the hint in why I am referencing the there is  the same Jeb Bush policy of sending in his nasty snatch the Bernie Sanders poser above, who was arms crossed at CNN, in hiding them as Ted Cruz supporters as the Jeb Bush strategy of the brokered convention.

Do you really think Ted Cruz polling numbers spiked as high as they did, or was it that the Jebcavers were all ordered to respond they were voting for Ted Cruz, as part of the plan to attack Donald Trump, and make a contention between the Trump and Cruz people, as  has been accomplished.
After the split in the first primaries, will come the "Trump is fading" and the polls will show Bush is gaining ground as his paid operatives will be stoking the polls again, to create this illusion.

The main problem in this is the nice Tea Party people who are Patriots, are not that rabid for Cruz alike the Paulbots, in once they are finding out what Ted Cruz is really, they are abandoning him, and it appears like they are gravitating toward Donald Trump and a smaller percentage to Marco Rubio.
That is what is taking place in Ted Cruz's numbers are plummeting, and are only being held up by the Jebcavers and is why one sees that bizarre spike in Jeb's numbers in some polls at him around 9% and then falling, as Cruz's numbers are higher.

I inquired on this, and Ted Cruz has no idea that this is what his behind his "spike" in numbers. Being the ignorant intellectual with a massive ego, he thinks this is him, when it is really the Bush pollsters rigging the polls to start this phase of the operation.
I believe that the Bush people really f*cked up in this, as they have all along, as they spiked Cruz two weeks earlier than he should have, as it gave the Lame Cherry two weeks to hammer the reality of Ted Cruz into the public mind, and we have now shaved 10 points of the flitter voters who vote for someone new every week, to flee Ted.

For the real Cruz supporters, your candidate will have a reckoning in being destroyed in this, in the not too distant future, because after his purpose of pissing off the Trump group is accomplished, Cruz's numbers will tank, and having played his part for the establishment gay billionaires, he will be rejected by them, in favor of that grinning baboon Jeb Bush....who if you notice has been around the fringes trying to act presidential again.

Jeb Bush is like Hillary Clinton, the less you see, hear and find him around, the better you can tolerate him, and the Bush strategy has been to fake elevate Cruz to do the fighting for him, ruin Cruz in the process, fillet off enough Trump support, and then attempt to gather in that 1% group of all the other candidates to make himself that 27% player to drive it into a brokered convention.

Now you know what is behind what you have been watching. This is not to say that all Cruz supporters are nice, as there are a few foreign tards in that group going 3rd world in being abusive, but for the most part, the trolls you are observing are not all the Cruz Corp out minding sites as Obama's paid trolls did. There is an influx of the Jebcavers in these ranks, and they are the ones behind the rapid rise and fall of Ted Cruz.

I just do not like these George H.W. Bush operatives, no matter who they put up as a straw man from John  McCain who gets sabotaged by the Rovians from the inside, Mitt Romney destroying the now dead Fred Thompson a wonderful Conservative, and now Ted Cruz, all so the original Pepe named Jeb, would steal the GOP nomination.

I will leave off at that in this exclusive, as I do not want to clutter your brains with more facts, as all that is important is you know that Jeb Bush is still the political assassin schemer, goading Havana assassin Rafael Ted Cruz to do the dirty work, and the most important part is I am asking the Ben Carson, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul voters to vote for Donald Trump. For those who are wondering why I did not list Marco Rubio, at this point I want the rook of Rubio in the race to siphon off votes from Jeb Bush and be an attack dog against Jebus.

That though is the chess board before you, and I want the Cruzlings to understand, that I do hold you in esteem. I hold you values in high regard as they are my values. I simply will not stand around and let you and what is left of America be hijacked by this fraud, as all of our lives are literally going to be ended if this Bush operation succeeds, or if Ted Cruz is the strawman to install only satan knows what is festering in the democratic party.

This is not over, and still can go either way. By God's Grace, you have gotten this far, and we need to not be manipulated by the cartel and their cronies, but ride Donald Trump out of this Obama Abyss to a GOP nomination, and then we unleash on the Obama drone candidate.

Oh and last inquiry says, some of these trolls for Cruz are Bernie Sanders operatives.....allot going on here which solves everything if you just vote Donald Trump.

Nuff said