Monday, January 11, 2016

Facebook Media

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

JB shared this link with me, and I appreciate it, as Facebook is now leaving such a heinous trail of scorched earth, it looks like a crematoria on their pages in the horror stories of Mark Zuckerberg in how this nemesis of all things American, is terrorizing Americans.

There is a sadistic pattern in this in Zuckerberg just nukes pages for no reason other than they are Conservative. In one amusing incident Jews put up two pages, a Muslim and Jewish page, with the same content and links, and just like the Jewish elders selling off their own to the Nazi's, Zuckerberg nuked the Jews and kept the Muslim hate on Facebook.

I am going to point something out here which is important in this. When the Aryan Nations were robbing banks awhile back, there were websites like Storm Front, run out of a trailer house, where the webmaster was thrown into prison for inciting violence.....when he did nothing of the sort. There were people though on his site mouthing off about doing things, and for that, he went to prison.

There is absolutely no difference in Mark Zuckerberg allowing homo terrorists to post bakers addresses to harass them or leaving Muslims from San Bernadino posting their hate and shooting up a Jerry Brown liberal enclave which is disarmed, as anything the Aryan Nations never engaged in, and were blamed for.

Mark Zuckerberg belongs in federal prison over the crimes he has enabled on his site, when the Aryan Nations were jailed for lesser crimes.

I contacted Facebook media again, and I will be ignored,  but it is something a Journalist does, as they have now ignored my contacts several times, including a direct forward from their Irish attorney in the case involved there.

I repost their reply: Auto-reply
Press (No-Reply) []
Sent: Monday, January 11, 2016 6:59 PM

Thanks for contacting Facebook’s press office. We know you might be on deadline, so we’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible. Not a member of the press? Try our Help Center if you’re experiencing any of the following issues:

·         My account is locked
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The Facebook Newsroom is also a great resource where you will find the latest press releases, photos and b-roll, key company facts, a timeline of Facebook's history, and other news-related items.

If none of this describes what you’re looking for, try our general Help Center or consider posting in our Community Forum, where thousands of other people on Facebook are answering and asking questions.

Other resources for:

* Advertisers: If you’re an advertiser or are interested in advertising on Facebook, take a look at our Advertising on Facebook center
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Thank you,
The Facebook Communications Team

As you can decipher all Facebook does is waste people's time and they receive such a volume of complaints from users, that they have to have this type of non answer. To put it plainly, it is a given that the only writers who ever get a story from Facebook, are the ones who are chosen and contacted for the propaganda being spewed out.
The only real stories on Facebook come from the Lame Cherry or other sites that post the realities of the draconian fraud which Facebook is.

What I advocate in this is simple. I want Donald Trump as President to unleash the Justice Department on Facebook for terrorizing Americans. I want every site or identity which was blocked by Facebook to be paid damages extracted in billions in dollars in fines to Facebook. I want Mark Zuckerberg in prison, along with his cronies at Facebook who have been carrying out this censorship campaign. I want this for Amercan, Europeans and Russians, who are being spied on by Facebook for purposes of intimidation. I want this because if Donald Trump does not unleash Justice on Mark Zuckerberg, this stooge is going to be working with those billions to destroy Donald Trump and Americans.

The point is now to make it a talking point. To bring it up to Congressional Delegations and make it a GOP plank that internet terrorism by Corporations is not going to stand. Mark Zuckerberg divested of billions and sitting in prison for twenty years is a step in the direction the Western peoples need to have happen for their protection.

Enough voices join, and it becomes a movement that the politicians will gladly devour Facebook over.

A Conservative was banned from Facebook over porn. The porn was a photo a lilac bush.

Nuff said