Monday, January 11, 2016

The Real Crude

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Insiders are looking for crude to level around the 25 dollar per barrel range very soon, perhaps this week. There is the matter of the Iranians dumping millions more gallons of Obama treaty crude onto the market, so a reality is going to manifest in 1.00 a gallon gasoline in America, in areas not blitz taxed like cigarettes.

This is the first real break since Obama and his Nation Rapists were unleashed on Americans in 2008. It is an Obama effect, which is the most amusing of all. Who but natural born Muslim Obama, could walk in for the cartel, and destroy the monopoly of OPEC in oil terror, and dope their turbans up with poppy, and those Koran morons are destroying themselves.
What could be better than tens of millions of raping Muslim fighting males, exported to the west in the idea of Caliph, but ending up dead and all these Muslims not having.........well any fighting men to take on a billion Chinese looking to expand.
Obama is the ultimate abortionist in Islam. Death by Islam, death by dope and death by oil.

I am all for this, and desire Donald Trump to begin announcing an energy plan for America in 1000 new oil wells drilled a year and 100 new coal power plants across America in three years.

Cheap energy in America, and let foreigners foot the bill.

I can only hope the Crude Crash, pulls down the entire stock market, and deflates the Obama inflation, so people can afford homes of their own, and keeping beef prices high, as I need the money on that commodity, and odds are futures will spike on that and precious metals, when the markets deflate.

I have to go now.