Thursday, January 28, 2016


LaVoy Finicum with hands in the air Surrendering

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In what is George Orwell's 1984, the world is being told that by the FBI's Special Agent in Oregon, that LaVoy Finicum did not have his hands raised and he was a danger. The actual footage which you can see with your own eyes, reveals that LaVoy Finicum, a 55 year old cowboy, has his hands up, is trying to walk in deep snow that stopped his Ford pickup, and as he is trying to move, an armed person comes from behind him, and shoots him down.

As the video continues, it shows that Mr. Finicum, exactly as the eye witness stated, had his hands in the air, was alive yet in his arms are moving in surrender, and he is then murdered by the FBI.

There is absolutely no doubting any of this in this horrific footage which is absolutely disgusting as it shows the FBI are liars, that their stooge Mark McConnell was putting up lying FBI propaganda on Facebook blaming Mr. Finicum, and that all those involved in this shooting are guilty of murder in the first degree.

Trying to divert that there were guns in the vehicle, when Mr. Finicum had absolutely no firearms in his hands which were raised in surrender as he floundered around in deep snow is beneath the FBI in this Tehran propaganda.

I found two other disturbing things. There was a SWAT helicopter which was deployed in this, and at one point in the first stop at which the Finicum vehicle was fired upon and raced away for their lives, that there IS a massive red laser on the topper.
You can not see police lasers on firearms at that distance, so this brings up the extremely chilling reality, of the military was involved in this, as this red laser was painting the Finicum vehicle from above. Thee only reason that type of device would be used it is estimated is there was perhaps an armed Drone with a TOW missile painting this pick up for it being blown up.

Drone Laser Painting Vehicle for TOW Missile strike?

In the military, spotters are used to paint targets with lasers to guide in precision bombs. That red light painting the Finicum pick up is there for a reason, and it begs the reality in like Oklahoma City, did the FBI and BATFE have TWO missiles in their magazine, and was the FBI prepared to drone these Americans with a predator strike?

What is equally horrendous in this, is NONE of these vehicles look like law enforcement vehicles. This looks more like a wacko group of armed assassins in their vehicles are not marked, nor are any of these "law enforcement" personnel wearing identifying uniforms or FBI on their persons in bold letters.

LaVoy Finicum shot and on the ground, alive, with hands still raised

This video makes me so sick that I feel like vomiting. The FBI released a video which they lied about in saying it does not show what it does, and then it shows an old man blasted off his feet as he is struggling to walking in hip deep snow, and he is alive on the ground with his hands raised, and the FBI then finished him off with multiple shots. One of which was between the eyes, and I can tell you that snipers can not fire bullets at 90 degree angles. The shot between the eyes now is evident was administered on the ground.

This calls for more than just the indictment of FBI Special Agent Greg Bretzing for prosecution, but this now demands the indictment of Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey who signed off on this public murder of an innocent American.

FBI Video of their murder of Robert LaVoy Finicum

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