Friday, January 29, 2016

The Real Reason Robert LaVoy Finicum was Murdered


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As another Lame Cherry Exclusive in matter anti matter.

If you look at the time line in the Oregon Patriot Resistance, nothing moved from the federales, until LaVoy Finicum put up a Youtube video showing the BLM had illegally taken Paiute Inidan artifacts which were being degraded. Immediately after this event, propaganda appeared about the Bundy Group "rifling" through artifacts and ludicrous charges by the Paiutes to Loretta Lynch of selling Indian artifacts.

The key to all of this is Charlotte Roderique's entrance into this, as a tool of the FBI, as something was revealed in this seemingly innocent outreach to the Paiute to return their possessions, because the Indians stated the artifacts basically were of no importance which seems strange, but it lies at the heart of this entire murder of LaVoy Finicum, for the Bundy Group was lured out from the refuge to meet with the Sheriff of Grant County and a promised meeting with the Paiute leadership.

Remember that point, in the Paiutes were used to lure LaVoy Finicum and others into the FBI ambush.

When Rodrique created this letter to the Attorney General and Director James Comey which is suspect in her having the understanding, but was generated for her, the federales had to move immediately, as in this letter gave the FBI the right to murder Americans to enforce "Paiute Rights"

4000 Native Artifacts (Mistreated by the BLM) - YouTube

(Charlotte Roderique) ... FBI Cancels meeting w-Bundy, Burns Oregon Hillary Uranium deal Exposed - Duration: 14:51. Bravo Von Muller 711 views. 14:51

Paiute Tribe: 'It's not about possessing' artifacts ...

Paiute Tribe: 'It's not about ... "This is how the Native American heritage has been treated, I don't think it's acceptable," LaVoy Finicum said in the video.

The Hammond Ranch is situated like all of this country, upon contested land. When the Paiute were removed after a war, there was never a ratified treaty by the US Senate with the Paiute settling these lands. The Paiute were paid for these lands later, but the Paiute have remained sovereign and have the rights to this land, above ground and the mineral rights under this land.

That is the key part in this, is it is about billions in dollars in land, mineral and water rights. When this Malheur Refuge started, it was based upon another Oregon Stand Off in the BLM driving gold miners off their claims. It was the same group which would appear with the Bundy's.

When the BLM stole the Hammond Ranch, as they have other ranches, they were acquiring all mineral rights to those lands for sale too. This area has mercury, oil, gas, uranium and other marketable resources, including geo thermal energy.
There are not enough Paiutes, as there were never enough Indians in America to populate all of these lands, so one has to observe other Obama sovereignty grants to Indians from Hawaii to North Dakota.

If you will remember the Lame Cherry exclusive in the North Dakota oil bust, there was the issue that the Mandan Hidatas and Arikara tribal lands were over valued in the amount of oil which was being produced there. Americans were suckered into building massive infrastructure on this reservation  thinking billions would be generated to cover their costs. Instead false government information, caused a complete upgrade of Indian lands in a massive welfare project by the oil and gas industry independents.

Enter into this the Clinton Foundation, with their donations from Russian and Canadian uranium mining interests, and the Oregon Energy, formerly Uranium, one is interested in developing a yellow cake uranium operation.

Put it this way, the BLM seizes land in this constant bi polar insanity of rape the land of resources and bunny hugger the land, and when the Indians have that land, who to the last tribe are all community organized socialist Obama voters, the Indians, like John McCain and Joe Lieberman mafia Indian gaming casinos and the dope labs, along with being a new breeding ground for Mexican illegals, donate money to the liberals and vote in massive vote fraud for democrats only, and the Indians  reward is ...a minority cut in these billions which funds their quasi fiefdoms.

This is, as what all of this is about, is having taken the Indians off the land, put white slaves onto these wild lands to make them produce, and now in a new globalist scheme, getting the whites off the land in genocide, and then the conglomerates farming the land with robotics, or in these "Indian Lands" making certain that no more JD Rockefellers arise as oil tycoons to become competitors, as the small share will go to the communist voting Indian tribes.

This is why the Burns Paiute Indians appeared, because they have been promised all along that white Christian Conservatives would be driven off the land.and the Indians would be rewarded with great wampum.

That is what Robert LaVoy Finicum with Ammon Bundy blundered into. They thought they could find a political ally in the Paiute, as the Patriots were returning artifacts being degraded by the BLM, but these Indian Obama Marxists already had the ally they had sold their souls to in the Obama regime, with this promised sovereignty as wards of the new world order, being paid a royalty for whatever the globalists are exploiting the world for.

You will notice that all of this has been covered up, but the stories were there from the start of this. This is about a real conspiracy, and is why the FBI was charging Pete Santilli with "conspiracy" as that is exactly what the FBI, Loretta Lynch and the Paiutes were involved in.

It is more than an FBI mole leading the Bundy vehicles into an ambush.

It is about the Paiute Indians who LaVoy Finicum had reached out and been rebuffed and slandered, "reaching out" to LaVoy Finicum in an operation which was as focused on murdering Mr. Finicum as General George Armstrong Custer was the target of mass murder at the Little Big Horn.

That is what Conspiracy to Commit Murder is defined as. There has been a regime conspiracy to get American ranchers off their lands, annex them by the BLM, to sell the mineral rights to conglomerates worth trillions of dollars across America. In the murder of LaVoy Finicum, which by evidence now appears to not have been just a murder of an American Patriot, but a direct between the eyes sniper assassination to retaliate on an American who had unknowingly exposed this entire Indian Ring of the 21st Century as the Indian Ring which had General Custer assassinated with his command in the 19th century, and that group who led this cowboy, LaVoy Finicum to his murder was the Obama voting Paiute Indians, who are going to gain a fortune in these stolen American lands by selling them to Obama crony corporate stooges in foreign interests.

Trader post scandal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The trader post scandal, ... who exposed the Fort Sill ring ... Custer was rumored to have anonymously aided the New York Herald in their investigation into Indian ...

American energy is owned by Russian interests and the North Dakota shale is being stealth acquired by Saudi Arabia via CITIBANK loans.

Now you know the real reason, Robert LaVoy Finicum was murdered. This was a State initiated assassination of the Obama regime and these Obama voting Indians.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. There is no one else who would break these stories. The conglomerates behind this, their Indian allies and the police state have just started this American Genocide, and you will be next. An appropriate donation from you rich people who can afford it in that large amount I keep harping on, should be what you think your life is worth.

Once again a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, what are you going to do without me? Get information from Megyn Kelley?