Thursday, January 28, 2016

Terror Flight: American Airlines Flight AA 109

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

A not reported incident on a British Flight to America of AA 109 of a Boeing Triple 777, had it making an emergency medical landing, back to London, when the correct procedure would have had it land at Iceland.

What the story is, is that most of the crew became very ill and were passing out in the front of the jet. Some passengers started turning pale and becoming very sick also.

Nothing was found or reported the cause, as the jet was gone over when it landed.

I did some inquiry, and inquiry points to something was in the cockpit, call it a chemical weapon, like those air fresheners which heat up and give out a scent. The crew smelled something "electrical" and that is what this was.

Inquiry states this WMD was filtered out of the cockpit and into the Flight Attendants in the front of the plane, before being filtered out to not enough concentrations to harm people.

Inquiry states this was French origin, in retaliation for the Obama regime dumping all those Muslim terrorists into Europe. This was a Muslim terror event.

This attack was designed to kill the pilots, as the plane would continue to fly on, for a grand American media event, as no one would be able to enter the cockpit and the plan was for it then to crash or be shot down to every one's horror.

I leave this at that, as we do not want to waste time on real terror, when the FBI is overwhelmed shooting holes in old cowboy brains like LaVoy Finicum, the real threat to the world in returning property to Indians, standing for American rights and yes helping  troubled children.

Let us get our priorities straight as LaVoy Finicum is the danger who never never harmed anyone.

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