Saturday, January 23, 2016

Fred Trump and the KKK

The Glass is always Trump Full

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If you have missed, the latest smear of Donald Trump in the "sins of the father", it was propagandized by Boing Boing and the Times, about an arrest of Fred Trump, then 21 years old at a parade, in which an altercation took place with the KKK, or Ku Klux Klan.

Beyond the smear, I am going to reconstruct what really happened on that day in 1927 AD in the year of our Lord.

The parade was in fact a march in support of American Soldiers. Interwoven into this was the murder of two Americans in New York in a most savage manner.

The Klan had been banned by the ruling thugs of New York as in the Boss Tweed scandal which Theodore Roosevelt would battle this criminal ruling class. The Klan who then had 6 million members, both north and south, marched in this parade, and according to them the Irish coppers tore down American flags and started beating on people in the parade.
The people were defending themselves and fought back against the Irish paddies and that is what the arrests were focused on.

It should be noted that Fred Trump, was discharged, meaning no charges were filed AS THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE AGAINST FRED TRUMP BEING INVOLVED.

The real story was closer to Fred Trump was marching in support of two Americans named Amoroso and Carisi who were Italian immigrants, and had been murdered on the streets by Anarchists, when Irish Catholic cops started beating the hell out of Protestant whites in religious hatred.
The murderer arrested was Adamo Mastrangelo, again an Italian.

You need to understand something lost in this, and that Irish mics were hired to intimidate New Yorkers. The Italian immigrants of that era were deemed filthy degenerates.
Look back to that year and you have 1927 and you will find decades of violence being unleashed in America by these Anarchists. The press spiked a lunatic to assassinate President Theodore Roosevelt as they did not like this outsider Republican. The Anarchist was code for MARXIST or COMMUNISTS. These socialists were all raising hell all over the world, and in the Jewish cartel in Europe, were calling for the genocide of Germans, and  that is what led to the rise of Hitler and the Second World War.

So let us review the detainment of Fred  Trump. He was in a parade which WAS AGAINST THE MURDER OF ITALIAN AMERICANS who were pro American, and murdered by communist agitators.

This Italian on Italian violence was one of the communists murdering two Italian Americans who would not submit to the anarchy.
Into this, we have the KKK Protestants, fighting for the one American Flag, the one English language and the one Public Education for all, being assaulted like the Oregon Patriots by the police state, and in this case it was the Irish Catholic busters.

So what Fred Trump, the American was standing for, was Justice for two dark skinned Italian Americans, who most people thought were animals and treated as such, who had been murdered by communists in America.
As Fred Trump was not Ku Klux Klan in any evidence in the least, it is connect the dots reality, that he was in this march, saw the Irish Catholics start beating the hell out of these Protestants and stepped in for Justice in keeping some Citizen from having his head cracked open by a police billy club, and that is how Fred Trump ended in custody.

Once things got sorted out at the police station, he was released in being innocent.

That is until some Donald Trump haters decided to dig this story up and through innuendo and conjecture  create a smear on the Trump family.

Fred Trump was standing for America and was attacked in the same way his son, Donald, is standing for America, and being smeared and attacked by the same goon thugs. 1927 and 2016 prove that nothing have changed, and how much America needs Donald  Trump in the White House.

The suppression of all American rights began with the aristocracy in New York. Disarming the public, use of the police state to brutalize the Citizen, as the regime imported slave labor to exploit. All of that is exactly what Donald Trump as much as Fred Trump sought and seeks to end, and protect Americans from being murdered on the streets in 1927 New York or 2016 San Bernadino.

I have become disgusted with these horrid attacks upon Donald Trump and his family. There simply must be a reckoning when Donald Trump is President by the Justice Department, with those guilty of this sedition and treachery, facing trail and execution when found guilty, as these are direct actions of overthrowing the United States in the smarmiest leftist insurrections.

Fred Trump was the finest of Fathers and Americans. When his son, Donald, needed discipline, he enrolled Donald into a military school to help guide his passions.
I think of another smear against Fred and Donald Trump, in the wife who caused Donald's brother to kill himself, sued the family trust for more money, when they were living in luxury over a disabled child. The Trumps were smeared in this, but the fact is Donald Trump helped these relatives, and Fred Trump had every right to with hold an inheritance from a woman who drove his son to suicide.

We are now in a world where standing up for Americans who were murdered, for the Flag, for English, for Education and for America are evils. That is what Donald Trump is standing up for again, exactly like his Father.

Fred Trump raised the finest of Americans in Donald Trump, and in that parenting raised the finest of of Americans in Donald Trump to be President in 2017, to rid America from these feudal aristocrats, their police state thugs, their smarmy smear artists and their murderous leftist terrorists they imported into America.