Sunday, January 17, 2016

New York Values

Whitesboro seal

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry has new and joyful exuberance for New York Values, after coming across this story from Whitesboro, New York.

This village has as it's historical seal, a White Man strangling a Red Indian. The question was put to a vote about keeping it, and only 200 of the 3000 residents cared enough to come out and vote, and of that 200 they overwhelmingly voted to keep their historical symbol of what Indians think is a White Man killing a Red Indian.
Other Whites think they are wrestling, but all the same I like this quote:

This week, residents of Whitesboro, New York, voted against changing the village's official seal, which depicts a white European settler strangling a Native American.

While only about 200 of the 3,000 or so residents of Whitesboro came out to vote Monday, according to Whitesboro mayor Patrick J. O’Connor, those who did overwhelmingly voted to keep the seal as it is, the Associated Press reports.
"Political correctness, who cares?” voter Scott Hastings said to Skyler Srivastava for WKTV News. “This is our village, who cares what the world thinks? I want to see this settled today, once and for all."

That is real New York Values, in who the hell cares what the world thinks, as it is their New York.

See Rafael Ted Cruz can backstab Donald Trump and New Yorkers like a Havana Assassin, and he attacks New York Values, and here are New Yorkers telling the world to piss off in true American fashion in they are keeping their Indian Killer City Seal.

Let's see, the North Dakota "GOP" pussies bowed to the NCAA in removing the name the Fight Sioux from their college got the entire GOP bowing to Obama crimes over being cowed to take on a Designer Negro over racism charges, and then Class Warfare Cruz...........but in all of this we have real New York Values not backing down, flipping the bird to the world, and keeping their Indian Killer Logo, the Great Seal of Whitesboro New York.

Yes Right Wing New York, making Donald Trump look quite centrist, and showing the ignorant world of Rafael Ted Cruz that New York has more than Cuomo dictators on the left.

I really do love New York Values.