Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Penis Awards

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I never get to play in awards. I never get a Noble Peace Prize. I never get a Pulitzer and I now have found out that I never got a Hugo Award.......which looks to me like a penis, but lots of people apparently in science fiction want one.

Theodore Beale Interview - Edenstar Books and Games

This is really rough stuff, as that Vox Day, that Minnesota guy named Theodore Beale, whose old man was a tax protester, which sounds like a Gordon Kahl call to getting killed by the feds.........Joseph Farah used to or still does print his stuff, but he called Teresa Nielsen Hayden a "fat frog". That is really rough language apparently in the sci fi writers group as they all got upset.

I thought maybe she was French or something, but you can decide what she looks like.

Teresa and Patrick Nielsen Hayden

The accused fat frog is on the left, and the husband with her name is on the right, in case you have difficulty in figuring out in bearded lady worlds of Obama gender, who is who.
She just sort of looks like a frumpy pushy broad like Chef Marion on Victory Garden who people thought looked like a fat frog, but never said it.

Anyway let us continue on this lust for being the head penis or lusting to win the penis award.

John Scalzi was in this fight too as some head nut being dethroned, and replaced by some other head nut, but they all seem to have a thing for penis looking awards.

– John Scalzi nyerte el a rangos Hugo-díjat a hétvégén. Scalzi ...

I could understand maybe a fat frog wanting a light saber dildo............and you could play that Electric Six, cock sucking light saber blues, as that is one of my favorite tunes, but all the same.........

I digress.

This is the big nuts in Steve Gould now at Hugo.......yeah no recorded remarks in what he looks like.


I doubt I will win any award for my Claymore Trilogy, in fixing that Japanese Anime series, because I had no idea this was such a big deal. I only wanted a Nobel because you get money out of it.......lesser money with the Pulizter so I don't care about that stuff as what can you do with small awards now but just look at the money.

I just checked in you get nothing but this light saber penis in a Hugo. It must be something sexual for wives and homosexuals, as there are not allot of Vikings around in sci fi writing, as I think this could be used as a kind of maul or a spike to the eye or something, if it did not break.

I tend to just read one science fiction in Starman Jones, every once in awhile, and that is enough for me, as I am too poor and too busy to read anything but journals now. I only did Claymore as I was so upset the Japanese killed Teresa of the Faint Smile and then let the changelings get away......and never followed up with an ending. The Japanese tend to do that like in Cowboy Beebop and things.
It would be nice to be able to write a nice sci fi something, not for an award, but just to write it as I like reading my stuff, but this all takes too much energy in creating the blog, and the poetry I used to write in volumes no longer flows either.

As I have probably ruined my chances at winning the fat frog award or whatever the light saber penis is, I should wrap this up, as I have a sick little boy to go check on and make sure he is tucked in, in the very cold outside. We have a dual in I tuck him in, and goatikins uncovers himself in being hot........cats are now sleeping on his blanket too as this is turning into an assembled zoo.

I have to say this though, that I think science faction should have Nordics with large breasts in them, made by genetic manipulation of humans by satan.....yeah the real story is not fiction, but all things should have women with large breasts and are pretty, as it just is something which would fit with light saber penis awards.

See everyone would like awards like this, or at least allot of demon influenced people have these clonewares showing up, and why I never see them or get awards as I am not a receptor. Got to go now, as the almond eyes have really jacked the curve in reality.