Saturday, January 30, 2016

Ted Cruz right on Schedule

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is interesting to observe the Ted Cruz voters with all their venom, defending their Rafael the Birtha by shouting down and harassing Donald Trump voters, as they defend their fantasies they have created like a batter wife, but then Heidi Cruz seems under the same spell after being driven to suicide in Ted Cruz selfishness.

I predicted here that there was a duel between Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz in who could be most loathsome. One day it is Ted Cruz using Veterans, the next it is Jeb using a dead invalid. Now on scedule Ted Cruz has crawled out from under his rock again, to now use Iowan's personal voting information, send it out to them and their neighbors, chastise them and then threaten them with exposure for not caucusing.

This is probably the most insane thing a politician has carried out, in invading voter's privacy, call them unAmerican for not voting, threatening them.......and thinking Iowans will show up and support Candidate Cruz.

Privacy violation?

I have watched as you have, these political advisers, who are supposed to be helping candidates, instead destroy them as the stooges who brought down John McCain and Sarah Palin, and yes Hillary Clinton in 2008 and 2012, but it is something to watch this caste take out Scott Walker, then Ben Carson, neutralize Jeb Bush in that buffoonery and now watch that Harvard genius of Ted Cruz, being led out and destroyed.........because Ted Cruz was never meant to be anything in this political theater, other than to lose to Marco Rubio, and under orders to fracture Donald Trump's base in order, as the establishment billionaires promised Cruz that he would inherit Trumps' voters (they would never have anything to do with the fraud of Cruz), but this is the fiction that keeps Cruz as the marionette.

This is all about Marco Rubio rising. It is way Senator Pig Nutter and Senator Sasse were fondling Marco, and why Glenn Beck stabbed Ted Cruz in the back making a fool of him, and why Ted keeps making these politard decisions.
Sure Ted Cruz gets his polling, but it is rigged, and he believes the feedback, that if he blackmails Veterans that they will love him as will all Iowa........because the numbers say so from his expert handlers.

Seriously, Cruz signed off on the voter intimidation, but it was a soft cell and not this, and now the advisers are telling him that it was all mistake.

So it comes down to for Cruzlings, is their Ted either a thug voter beater bashing Vets and terrorizing voters, or is Ted a moron who can not pick a staff who is not working for the billionaires, has not figured out he is fall guy for his backers, and still thinks he is the smartest man in the race, when in effect, he is in a photo finish tie for having his head up his ass as far as Jeb Bush.

The Cruz voters should really just stop being mad, because they are as stupid as their Ted Cruz, the only difference is Ted lied to them, and Ted was lied to by the very smart people. The Cruz voters can now either go down in the sunk ship of Ted, or they could get the only revenge they have in voting for Donald Trump to neutralize Marco Rubio, who has always been the poster boy alternative in this.

Let Ted's carcass rot by the political road, as by God's Grace we will neutralize Mr. Rubio in time too in amusing ways. I am just being honest to the Cruzlings as Ted has not, nor have his billionaires who Ted pants for really. I am telling you the only game plan you have. Ted Cruz is a loser and has already lost. It is time to move on or your psychotic nuttery is going to destroy you.
Just appreciate the revenge Donald Trump is going to unleash for you on Glenn Beck and all those who have made you feel sad, in the powerful elite.

Time to be adult and learn to play chess when Queen Ted is dead.