Wednesday, January 13, 2016

How to resolve the Ammon Bundy issue Peacefully

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Last night I was listening to an old Patriot Journalist on the Rense Program, who had contacted Ammon Bundy and urged him to stand down. None of that surrender appeals to Westerners and I know that once those Patriots are scattered to the Oregon border, the FBI is going to slam them to the dirt and put them into custody until Armageddon.

In that, I began a search in trying to find a way to resolve this issue, and I believe I have come up with a way.  So if you and your groups are looking to do something positive, save lives of law enforcement and the Patriots, this is what I am asking you to do.
It must be understood in all of this, that the minute the FBI starts blowing the brains out of these folks, it is not going to be like Ruby Ridge or Waco. It is going to be different individuals, setting up sniper shop, and pot shotting all of these feds of the police state across America in a big problem, because lone snipers, firing one round are never caught and live to snipe another day.

What I believe will work, is for the Republican controlled Senate or House, to have an oversight committee investigate all of this. This touches interior, justice and whatever, as it is a wide range of fields.

The key in this is for a Congressional Staffer to visit the Ammon Bundy Patriots and make this offer:

Congress will grant all of them immunity to the date they leave the occupied buildings, and in that the FBI nor anyone else can prosecute them for anything they have engaged in ever. In return for the peaceful exit, Congress will investigate this, in hearing the Hammond's story, the law enforcement story, and the Bundy Patriots in what this is all about. Joel Skoursden or whatever the Patriot Journalists name is, could appear, as he has the background on this and understands the entire framework of the issue.

This will give the Patriots a voice and venue for their issue. It will slow down the BLM and have the FBI stand down, and it can then be a matter of lives being saved, that a GOP President in 2017 will address and redress this issue, including the Hammond's being fined and that debt causing them to lose the ranch.

This is a win win, except for the Clinton radicals who want Americans murdered by the regime. It is how it could be and should be handled.Harry Reid could probably be enticed to not politicizing this, and gain glory in his Nevada in keeping those peoples rights secured. The GOP could be seen as peacemakers, and as the West is mostly GOP country, this is a win win issue for them.

The key is contacting your Senators or Representatives and asking for hearings with immunity for these Bundy Patriots and that will get the FBI to stand down, and no one loses face, and another American bloodbath does not take place.

That is what you can do. Some of you are connected enough that you know key players in Congress who might listen, if they could see a better deal in it for them. I do not want American slaughtered, and I do not want the survivors unleashing on the FBI as we need the FBI on American's side, and not pointing guns at all of us. It all hinges on immunity before Congress for these Patriots to save face, and gain the voice for an investigation into these rancher's grievances which go back to the 1970's in the Sagebrush Rebellion.

image Obama is not going to grant immunity nor pardon. Obama Justice wants these people dead. The Sheriff can only grant immunity to the county line. All that is left is the People to get their Congress to grant immunity for testimony before Congress, and then this can be hashed out before the public and the blognet.

Nuff said.