Thursday, January 14, 2016

Rubicon Oil

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

FOX this past week was once again bragging up the Obama Super Depression in not jobs  this time, but in how much gasoline prices have fallen and all of the fortunate sheep were saving 700 dollars a year.

Excuse me, but there are recorded interviews on Charlie Rose, by Obama officials, stating that they wanted to see gas prices rise from George W. Bush 1.87 per gallon for the their green energy projects to make their high costs matched by high gas prices, and in case  you need reminding, gasoline rose to 3.50 to 5.00 dollars per gallon in America.

The reality is, that this Obama regime, in focus, the multi millionaire Obama family owes every American family at least 700 dollars per year, or you should be demanding a 5000 dollar rebate for what Obama stole from your bank accounts.....not to mention his high food prices, his increased  taxes, and that damned rationed death of Obamacare.

In case you need were told that Canadian sand oil needed 100 dollars be barrel to remain operating........and at 34 dollars it is still making profit.

You were told Saudi Arabia needed 100 dollars per barrel to remain solvent..........34 dollars a barrel and they are still operating.

You were told that American shale oil needed 80 dollars.......then it was 60 dollars to remain profitable in order to is 34 dollars per barrel and they are still sinking in wells and making a fortune OFF OF YOU!!!!!!!!

So the reality is, you people are worth robbing, as none of you will join into groups making this an issue. Hell Paul Ryan and Obama just financially ass raped your children on that 2016 budget, funding more terrorists into America, and you just take it.
There is talk of "primary Ryan". Well big whoop there Mutton on the hoof, because Ryan is going to retire to a 5 million dollar a year job, with full Congressional medical and retirement for life. You want Paul Ryan to pay for this, you push for People's Courts to drag his ass before YOU, and you try him, sentence him, seize every blessed penny he has, and then make his children responsible for paying off that debt at hard about drilling oil wells by hand, that should cheapen up drilling costs.

Do the math in this. Obama was gouging you for 100 dollars per barrel with his high priced crude for 7 years.............and I suppose you never caught it, that the sabateur of British Petroleum in the Deep Water Horizon Gulf Gusher, ended up at GENEL OIL which is a Rothschild oil conglomerate........that Obama has employed to steal oil and gas out of Iraq and Syria, to be sold off the table into Turkey........where all that cash is being funnelled to the Great European Banks.......but you just figure how many hundreds of billions, to trillions of dollars the West has been robbed of, because of what Obama and the Cronies have been up to in absolute CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY, crimes against humanity.

Profit is not a crime, but robbing people by setting artificial prices is a crime, as deep as Warren Buffett in his illegal monopoly owning US railroads.........that is another nation rapist who belongs tried and hung, along with George Soros, buying up Ukraine and trying to make Americans bleed more or get fried in a nuclear war for his stolen assets. ALL OF THESE predators are dangerous and fiends against humanity. They belong after trial, hung by the neck until dead, as a weakened America has brought this terrorism inside America as Obama's regime created ISIS for this oil and dope trade marketing.

All of this is not going to fix itself. All of these murderous criminals are going to murder you, or mind zap or murder any leader you look to, to save you, as your being saved, means these criminals are going to be prosecuted. This is going to degrade and it is going to be bloody civil war or bloody way by invasion.
Literally it is going to take Julius Caesar crossing the Rubicon, meaning when the Republic becomes a criminal state, and makes a criminal out of the greatest hero Rome had, that this hero of Julius Caesar to save himself, and what was Rome, had to invade his own nation, and destroy those opposed to him.
Caesar though made a mistake, in allowing the conspirators to live, and Cassius murdered Caesar with others on the pretence of defending the non existant Republic. It took then Augustus and Marc Antony to slaughter Cassius, to install the Republican Monarch of Augustus to rule Rome, as Caesar had intended to save the empire.

The world has changed. Your being lied to about oil prices and your entire leadership in every Western nation, being nothing but criminals engaged in Corporate Terrorism, criminalizing each of you, as they continue your genocide, is the proof, and no one knows what to do about it.

There will be an era of blood. Rome proved that as all societies have when the corrupt rule and the people are made dead. The rising up always appears to late, and it is either an invasion or civil war which reckons the situation.

The entire world is dying. You can feel it and most of you refuse to look upon the corpse, but you can smell it. This is the Age of Death in what the Abyss of Obama was, a global grave. It will not be easy and Biblical accounts foretell that if God does not shorten this time, no one would be left alive on this planet, as the WMD's are going to be unleashed with things you Terminator never dreamed.

The world is led by abortionists, committing genocide against the masses, and the masses having no stake in their own murder, are helping to tear down this carnivore system of death.

I am reminding you about gas prices in how you have been lied to and robbed. They tell you lies to rob you about the necessary prices........and when prices drop, they still are making fortunes off of you, and none of them go bankrupt.

You remember that.