Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Ted Cruz in Political Free Fall

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This blog thanks Ted Cruz for finally showing what a smarmy Havana Assassin he is, in his bloodthirsty lower European and Cuban passions come to the surface, as he imitates Obama with the murder of friendly Muslim leaders in the Mideast, in the same way Cruz betrayed the Rockefellers and Bushs after they befriended him.

Yes Ted Cruz is in trouble, and has started to make assassin calls against Donald Trump in Iowa, claiming that Mr. Trump is not "Conservative Enough" according to Ted Cruz substandards.

Well let us see in Mr. Trump did not hand out gifts to invading Mexicans.

Mr. Trump did not stab Ted Cruz in the back, saying he was waiting around for Cruz to get out of the race to inherit Cruz voters.

Mr. Trump did not vote for Obamatrade.

Mr. Trump did not sell his soul to Big Billionaire.

Mr. Trump is not a Canadian national.

Mr. Trump is not Dual Citizen.

Mr. Trump does not have parents from different nations.

Mr. Trump's paretns did not spit on America and immigrate to another nation for money.

Somehow the kind of "conservative" Ted Cruz is, looks like the kind of liberal Obama is, and what Ted Cruz is as a Birtha.

Ted Cruz is in trouble politically. He has tried to seduce all of you to falling for his lies, and it is not working. So the real Ted Cruz, the whore of Big Billionaire is now going to try and destroy Donald Trump.......just like the GOP elite and just like Hillary Clinton.
Now how is any of that going to help the Republicans in winning in the general election by Treacherous Ted Cruz, running attack ads, which are going to be used by Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and the DNC against Donald Trump?

That is the fraud of Ted Cruz. He does not give a blessing or damn about America. He is in this for Ted Cruz and his Billionaire dictator backers just like Barack Hussein Obama.

For the good of America, what is left of her people, send a resounding message and dump Ted Cruz. Put him away with that other establishment trash in Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and Carly Fiorina.

Ted Cruz has proven what he is. When the chips are down, he is no John Wayne American, but instead is the sneaky political bastard like Benedict Arnold going British and selling out America for his pot of gold.

Ted Cruz is in political free fall in polling numbers as people are dumping him. After Obama and that treacherous Niki Haley attacked Donald Trump last night, American poured onto Twitter and became Trump followers in adding him in record numbers, beyond what the entire other candidates have.
That is why Ted Cruz has become the Havana Assassin of politics in he has lost, and now he is trying to stick a knife into Mr. Trump with more Ted Cruz lies.

Nuff said